Monday, December 18, 2006

Kabul Express - Aacha Film. I-Like is Stupid

Kabul Express is a laugh riot.

Arshad Warsi is too good. He had these oneliners with weird faces that made me laugh a lot. He has one scene where he and a Taliban fighter argue about who is the best all rounder?? Kapil Paaji or Imran Khan. With a gun on his head and trigger in the Taliban fighter's hand, he has the balls to talk and even argue, how Kapil was better than Imran Khan. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.

They ask for a taxi and they get a ride on a tank. They ask for breakfast or lunch or dinner or a snack, they always get "Kebabs". Arshad carrys a pack of cigarettes and everyone in Afghanistan love Indian cigarettes and he hates sharing them. The movie is fun. :-))

Story is too good. Its more related to international politics and how Afghanistan has become a victim of it. How the children are suffering. How reporters can do nothing but hope, hope that one day the world would look at the cold desert of Afghanistan and be bold enough to say "yes we have brought misery to the people of Afghanistan". The photography is pretty good and would really appreciate the crew as they had the guts to make a movie in the war torn country.

There are no songs. Thankfully. Back ground music is by some new guy.

John Abraham should do a lot of stage dramas to improve his acting. He looks like a tree stujmp being paid Rs 3.0 crore for traveling to Afghanistan. Expressions man exprssions. Girls love you because of your looks but start acting now. Please.

The movie has emotional touches. The Taliban fighters emotional bondage with his daughter. Its also talks about the emotions of a non Indian muslim (with an AK 56 with him) telling an Indian muslim "you people don't understand Islam!!" Dont want to tell the story, unlike Babul this is pretty good. :-) The movie is a must watch.

Arzoon told me abt a website where I can download some mp3 songs and mp4 videos for free. Just wanted to discuss that. The site is It has an exe file which when downloaded, adds a side bar to your I-Tunes.

You need to make a profile in I-like and then you will have things like; profile, playlist, friends, related, etc etc. If you get a new msg from I-Like or friem friends you can read them by logging in I-Like. You can add friends and then exchange music. Also once you are on the site you can download few songs which are free. You can listen to a lot of songs online. Like they are all stored in the database of I-Like. You can find people who have the same choice of songs as you have. If you are playing a Pink Floyd song it will tell you that you can also listen to Doors, Eagles, Deep Purple, Rolling Stones, etc.

If the song being played has a video you can view it through YouTube. You can't download songs for I-Pod.

Observation: It is a site good for people who have less songs, who want to exchange songs with fellow listeners on I-Like. I have tried it for two months and doesnt seem to test my grey cells. If you have a wide choice of music then it might be very helpful for you to exchange songs. People with a niche music following would not be of much help.

Conclusion: Not really of great help, I would prefer asking freinds in office for mp3 and mp4.



Thursday, December 14, 2006

Montyyyyyyyy!!! Montyyyyyyyy!!! Montyyyyyyyy!!!

Monty Panesar and Sajid Mahmood are playing for England in the third Ashes test match. Guys from South Asian origin playing for England. Now we can say, we are going to rule you guys. Khi Khi Khi Khi.

Ok to be serious. Monty has screwed the Ozzys and that too royally. While I write this the score is 176 for 6 and monty has taken three Ozzys to the bed with him. Took wickets of Langer, Symonds and Gilly. Go Sardar gooooooooooooo.

This is what someone said on BBC.

He's done it! He's done it! Long live King Monty Panesar. The script, it seems, had already been written. First ball of Monty's second over, Justin Langer misses a pretty straight one and it takes out his middle stump. The bearded genius wheels away in jubilation - they've never seen anything like it before. He doesn't get close to a high five. Who cares, man?

Monty doesn't seem to be a great athelete but his sheer enthu to spin the bowl touches the whole cricket world.

and read this somewhere. The great Monty Panesar seduces Adam Gilchrist into a tentative push forward and the ball comes off bat and pad and is caught at short-leg by Ian Bell. Can we have a new vote for Sports Personality of the Year?

Toooo muchhhhhh. Who cares if India wins or loses in South Africa there is too much "Lick my ass, I am Sharad Powar. Lick my ass, I am KPS Gill. Lick my ass I am, Priyaranjan Das Munshi. No No lick my ass, I am Dalmiya" kind of politics in Indian sports. I just hate it in India.

I am going to follow Ashes. Go for it Pomsssssss.



Monday, December 11, 2006

Babul Sucks, Indian Hockey Federation Sucks Even More

We watched Babul on Saturday night. Its about widow remarriage.
Salman Khan dies, wife Rani Mukherjee becomes sad, she has a friend and the friend is asked to marry her by Rani's father in law.
  • After watching Babul, Mujhe mere Babul ki yaad aa gayi. I started crying, "Papa Papa, please take me out of this movie theater. "
  • John Abraham needs a mask. He is expressionless. He needs a director who says, "John please close your mouth when you are not saying any dialog" His mouth was always open.
  • My view on John, "John start learning dance. John close your mouth. John cut your hair. John close your mouth. John stop doing movies and walk the ramp. John will you close your mouth now??"
  • Story writer needs to be creative and has to be sent to 5th Grade first. He should be asked to write an essay on "MY FAVOURTITE ANIMAL". He literally seems to be living in 1980s and has written a movie which is in Rishi Kapooor and Jitender era.
  • Very poor direction. Salman Khan is shaking himself and director doesnt even notice that. After watching a flawless direction in movies like, DON and Omkara, I was getting irritated.
  • Someone please tell Amitabh Bachchan should stop acting in crappy movies. He has enough money now. His son is acting well and is earning well too.
  • Salman Khan was so horrible that director didnt know what to do with him. He put a oxygen mask on his face and killed him.
  • The father-in-law wanted his daughter-in-law to remarry so he forces the friend-of-daugher-in-law to marry her. The friend sings songs about the female even after 5 years of staying away from her. He sings hindi songs in Europe though. Poor friend. Poor europeans.
  • The dialogs which Salman Khan says in 1st half, are repeated by John Abraham in second half. The movie looks so faltu.
  • Rani Mukherjee needs a fashion designer.
  • Amitabh Bachchan needs rest.
  • Plus points of the movie. Cool Audi Car, Cool Merc Car and Hema Malini. All three look beautiful.

No need to see Babul.

Indians drew their final match in field hockey competitions in Asian Games. It means that they are not playing the semifinals. It means we are not in top four teams in Asia anymore. It means someone is not taking up the responcibility and saying, "WE NEED TO CHANGE THE STRUCTURE OF INDIAN HOCKEY!!" It means I am going to protest against KPS Gill when PHL starts in Chennai. Anyone who wants to join me please mail me. I am dead serious.

One minute silence on the death of Indian Hockey.



Friday, December 08, 2006

Oye Chak De Fatte Jaspal Rana

We know Indians have been doing good in Shooting lately. Abhianv Bindra, Mansher Singh, Manavjeet Singh Sandhu, Raghavedra Singh Rathore, have been doing pretty well in the world scene. And I am not really a shooting guy so dont know many of the Indian present greats. But when ever we talk about shooting we say Jaspal Rana was good. Not "IS" but "WAS" good. But he has turned the tables in just 48 hours. He didnt win an Aisan games gold since a long time and when he did win, he won 3 in 2 days. Awesome man awesome. And he also equaled the world record.

Our Jaspal Boy won the gold today in the men’s 25m centre fire pistol and clinch his second individual gold medal in consecutive days, Indians won the as well as team gold also in men’s 25m centre fire pistol. Liu Guohui of China got silver and some Thai got the bronze. This Lui guy has the world recond on his name. And our Jaspal Equaled it. By the way Jaspal had been suffering from high fever since past week. Awesome man. Awesome.

Korea claimed silver and China bronze, in the team even for 25m centre fire pistol.

Check out the medals table.

span style="color:#000000;">
Indians can win gold in Mens doubles tennis, women's team tennis, women's singles, women's doubles, mixed doubles, also a lot of medals can come in atheletics. So we are going to improve a lot on the medal's table hopefully.

All the best Indiaaaaaaaaaaaa. And Ganguly is back with a bang. He score 83 in his comeback match.



Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Play Monty Duncan

I am a great fan of English cricket because of the county and because different kinds of people playing there today. Although they have great fan following they still are not world beaters, just like India. We can see from England that, yes sports indeed does bring people closer. Monty Panesar - Indian Origin, Kevin Pietersen - South African, Sajid Mahoomad - Pakistan. People of so many religions playing together in an European country.
I am a great fan of Monty Panesar because of two things. First is his killer instict and his dedication towards spin bowling. (He is a horrible batsman though) Second his belief in his culture and religion. He has proved that believeing in religion is as important as having belief in ones prefession. He has his beard and supports a turban, which is very sacred according to Sikh religion. Felt a little embarassed.
I also believe he should be in the England team today and playing and not carrying drinks on the field. Ashlie Giles should be sitting out. Also Chris Read should be keeping wickets in place of Geraint Jones.

Read this Joke on BBC.

Duncan Fletcher: now Geraint, are you sure you are not going to keep droping the ball and getting out to silly shots ?
Geraint Jones: does it matter - im the best ever !
Duncan Fletcher: Paul, now this is a tough one, are we going to pick Monty or go with your room mate and drinking mate Giles ??
Paul Collingwood: yeah thats a real hard one, gonna have to be Gilo i think, now any one for scrabble ???
Duncan Fletcher: yeah that sounds good to me, Monty be a good boy and fetch the red bull

I also have photo of Monty Panesar on my desk. Its a mask which can be cut out. He looks funny though. Check this out.

You can download more posters from this Link

And now my parents are behind me, "If Monty can grow his hair and can be a gur sikh staying in England, why can't you?". Everyone, "He stays in a cold country and doesnt sweat like a pig where as I do"



Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Romy Veerjee extends Virdee Parivaar

I alyways wanted to adopt a girl. I mean I always wanted to have a baby girl but yes adopt one too. But sometimes I feel, I wont be able to perform the duties of a good father towards a child who is not biologically mine.

But right now I just want to get inspired by this man. He is my cousin brother Harbinder Virdee. We all call him Romy Veerjee. We lived in a huge family of 8 kids and he was the eldest. My dad's elder brother's son.

In the courtroom with the judge. Just look at the girls. He He He He He

Romy Veerjee was in India, in May this year to take Anjani with them. They finally got the adoption legal according to US norms. Congrats veerjee and bhabhiji. Everyone in Kharagpur is proud of you :-)

Anjani and Suhana on the judge's chair

And I just wanted to share this news with everyone and anyone who wants to get inspired. News Covered by Local Nespaper in Lyon. Click Here.

One Big Happy Virdee family



Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Death In Gaza

Watched "Death In Gaza" few days back. Its a documentary about a western film maker James Miller who was killed by Israelis in Rafah.

Rafah is in the southern Gaza strip (Palestine) and bordering Egypt, so there is loads of arms being smuggled into Palestine for the Hizbullah militia who are fighting against the Israelis. The Palestinian government doesn't stop Hizbullah as they are fighting the gorilla war against Israeli army. Palestinian government thinks its a war against oppression and imperialistic US and Israel.

Initially the documentary was to be made keeping in mind the kids of Palestine. What they want to do today? Why the kids are ready to die today for the country? Why do they all want to become martyrs? Why they think being a martyr is more than anything today? How the kids help Hizbullah in the gorilla war? But the movie ends when James Miller is shot by a Israeli bullet (not by accident I say).

Its a very thought provoking and a very sad movie.

The movie shows how Israeli army tries to flush out the militants from the hideouts and during the shootings kids are killed. Focuses on how mothers are crying in front of their 10 year sons to not talk about being martyrs. Focuses on how kids play games keeping in mind that the Israelis are bastards and they should be killed.

I always had a soft corner for Israel because they have been struggling since dark ages. But after this movie I think Israelis are getting a treat of the fruit of hatred they are growing in small towns of Gaza. Don't know - cant say, but Israel is an imperialistic country which is trying to bring pain to the next generation of kids in Palestine.



Thursday, November 09, 2006

Convert Videos for Your IPod

Here is the Print Screen of my I-Tunes. Well the funda was that I had been trying to get conversion toools all across the internet and didnt find one. Ok Ok I found a lot but non was free. Every tool said I need to pay some $30.50 or more. Some shit like that.

I just searched the Apple site and wolllllaaaa, I saw the new I-Tunes. Say hello to I tunes 7.0.2. Now this has got a lot of additional features. One of them was which I had been looking for. There is a conversion tool, with which I can convert all the videos in mov, mpeg, 3gp, wmv, wav, vob, 3gp, asf format to mp4 format. Check out my I Tunes. :-) Today I am a happy man.

There is a flaw. The conversion thing is very slow. Like a 5 minute .mpeg video takes some 50 minutes to convert into .mp4 format. Below is the print screen of the conversion happening in I-Tunes. Today I am a happy man.

Just wanted to know if we can download some videos on ITunes in India. When I connect to ITunes Store, they show some Apple Japan page. If anyone has any idea please do let me know. Till then conversion (or rather slow conversion) zindabad !!!



Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Read The Paper, Don't See News on TV

I am pissed. I am fucking pissed.

I watch shit on TV. Infact there was shit on TV for ages, just that I didnt see. I used to watch sports. I started watching a thing on TV called News Channels. Believe me they show shit on TV. I mean these news channels show god damn anything.
Sa Re Ga Ma reality show proceedings. TV reporter : We have reached Chuntu's house. Chintu is going to sing today. Chintu's mom is praying. We all should pray. If you want to vote for chintu then please SMS CHN to 2525. Lets all pray for Chintu.

2 questions. Why the fuck is this channel not showing news? Who the fuck is interested in this reality show? India????

Aaj Tak
This fuck all news channel is showing Big Boss reality show proceedings. Ok Big Boss is some shit show where some shit losers are kept in a house for 3 months and then every week someone is kicked out. Its like the reality show in europe, called Big Brother. Big Brother is nothing but full of sex and it comes live on TV.

People my concern is not with Aaj Tak, but with news channels showing whats happening in Big Boss. There is a bar dancer, a bihari actor, etc, who the fuck is concerned with what is happening to them in a house?? There are bigger things happening in India.

Star News
They show who is the champion in a laughter show on Star TV. They show for 72 hours live telecast of a kid who fell in a hole. Don't make a huge issue out of nothing. To be true why cant they go into the deep villages and find out why farmers are dying in Vidharbha, Andhra, Tamil Nadu??? Is it because of drought or because of bastard money lenders?? Please find some news which is of national concern.

This is not what we all want. I dont want my kids or my younger brothers and sisters to see this shit on TV. I would want to watch some comedy or some sports thing on TV. But yes there are some duffers who want to see this. So go see.

My deepest concern is that news channels should show news and not whats happening on ZEE TV or Sony TV. I think the next thing could be Star News showing what happening in "Kyun Ki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi!!!!"

Me and my friend were talking sometime back and she said Aaj Tak was showing something called as "Naadan Don". It was a story about some kid in Gujrat, who ran away from school because he didnt do homework and created a scene of getting kidnapped. Who was blamed?? The Director of Don and SRK. I think I would first slap the reporter, then the editor of Aaj Tak who made this story and secondly that kids father. Reporter was slapped because he brought this news, editor was slapped because he said "Ok this can be shown on national TV" and the father because he is is not a good father. I am sure the kid was taken to the movie by his dad and also sure that the dad doesnt know what are the kids subjects this year.

So all said and done I just want to say is "PLEASE SHOW NEWS ON NEWS CHANNELS!!" and there is a humble request please don't show Dharmender commercials; where he says "Jeevan Sariya. Malik Ki Meher! Meri Mohar"

Jai Raam Ji Ki



Thursday, November 02, 2006

Office Parking

This is kind of office parking we all can only dream off but my office provides. You park your car in the lift and then move away. Zoooom your car goes up in some 4th floor. It is wow. :-)

Was very busy with a marriage so was not able to post anything for a long time. Well it was my marriage. :-) Got married to Trupti on 27th september. Yahooooooooooo... I am shadi shuda insaan. :-)

Check out our wedding photos.

Wedding on 27th September

Reception on 28th September

Our first Diwali together 22nd October

Thanks from both of us for the good wishes :-)



Thursday, September 14, 2006

Indians Finished 6th in a pool of 6 Teams

We lost 6-1 to Holland in the final league match in world cup hockey. With this, India did the worst performance in the world cup ever. Losing all its matches and drawing one match against the minows South Africa.

Saaauttttttthhh Africaaaaaaaa??? We drew with South Africa?? They play rugby not field hockey. We are hockey world leaders. How can we draw with them??? My dad would curse everyone in nthe team and the coach and the IHF mother fucking chief KPS Gill. Well dad we were never a great team in modern hockey.

Ok we won 8 olympics golds so what??? We didnt win anything once the modern hockey started. We didnt win a single champion's trophy, neither the world cup. So there is so problem with the way we play our hockey. Simple. I can see that.

This is how we can make India win the champion's trophy. Just shut up and listen KP S Gill. Start hockey league. Not PHL its a joke. Have 3 leagues, like league 1, league 2, league 3. Every league has 10 teams. Develop clubs and small stadiums with 1000 seating capacity for the teams with the help of corporates. Start the league after diwali and end it in March. Its not very hot in India during that period and cricket is played during that period. If you want to popularise the game play it during the cricket season and compete with it.

The teams must travel to the club like in European Leagues. Away game and home game. Involve some airlines in this. The airlines might not need to spend a penny on advertising. Hockey is still popular enough a sport that people can follow it.

Today we do have some existing clubs and teams. Air India has a great team, so ask Air India to make a turf for the team. Air India is fucking rich enough to have three teams. Show the players some money. Say that the prize is 10 Crores for league 1, League 2 it can be 7.5 crores and league 3 it can be 5 crores. Clubs of football like East Bengal and Mohun Bagan also have hockey teams today, they also can set up turfs for the club if they need to participate in the tournament. The clubs can sell the merchandise and all that. Small tournaments can happen round the year. Popularise the game. Bring money into it. Once the money comes in you can have more foreign players coming in. More exposure to Indian players. Clubs can have a free hand which player to buy and which player to sell, who is the coach. Come on Gill do something. Since the day you have been the Indian Hockey Chief we havent won a single tournament at world level. Our best performance in Champion's trophy has been 3rd in 1983. If you cant do anything for the show you are running you need not run the show. Believe me I can do a better job.

Today every Indian player should be motivated to play rather than just stay on the field. One of the former Indian captains, Ashok Kumar, said, "It just did not appear as if the team had gone there to play seriously. We were let down because of a lack of proper game plan and uncertainty in the team." When we go in the field we dont have proper game plans because there is no one in India who has played on truf since childhood. But we have great coaches across the globe who can help us. Believe me Indian very never good in modern hockey.

We should first stop blowing trumpets of 8 olympics golds because non were won in the modern era. (ok 1980 gold was in modern era but there were teams like Cuba, Nigeria, etc etc) The game has taken a 180 degree turn.

We should look towards hockey as a country which is trying to learn and not like arrogant bastards. Yes we still have a great pool of great players but were are no where compared to the great three, Australia, Germany and Netherlands. We should first get a decent coach and then, try to win Champions trophy in next 3 years. If we can achieve that then we are on the right track. And please Mr Gill give some meat to the players, they look like they are not fed. Feed the poor players. Give them someone who can say, "this is nutritious diet, dont eat this, eat this, etc etc"

Inter IIT is being held in IIT Guwahati this year and no one knows the status of the hockey field there. If the university games are not taken seriously, we can never play hockey seriously either.

Jai Raam Ji KI...



Wednesday, September 06, 2006

We Need a Draw

India starts its campaign for the Hockey Worldcup today. First Match is with Germany at 7.00 PM today. they are shwoing it live on TEN SPORTS.

India have a very good team but they are without their ace penalty corner specialist Sandeep Singh. We still are good though.

Germany has ben doing good lately but we have defeated them in recent history. If India is able to draw with Germany and Netherlands we are through to the Semifinals. We need to atleast draw with Germany today. Come On guys.

2006-09-06. 15:30 (German Time) versus Germany
2006-09-07. 14:00 (German Time) versus England
2006-09-09. 13:00 (German Time) versus South Africa
2006-09-11. 13:00 (German Time) versus Korea
2006-09-11. 13:00 (German Time) versus Netherlands

We can defeat England, South Africa and Korea pretty easily. We need to concentrate for the first 15 minutues really hard and then Germans will buckle under pressure. We have great defence and mid field. Please Mr. Gaganajit dont miss chances this time. Just get into the "D BOX" and hit. rest all is taken care. Lot depends on today's game. Come On India.

Indians Training in the Stadium

Bismillah-E-Rehman-E-Rahim, Baba Nanak Sukh Raakha, etc etc are there. Just score goals.

Today's match is a difficult one, but if we can draw this match, then it is downhill till the match against Netherlands. And may be we can peek till we play our match against the Dutch.

All the best guys!!! Chak Do Fatte!!!!!



Saturday, September 02, 2006

Best Photo

I went for a break on Thursday while in office and there is some huge construction work going on. I saw these pipes there and clicked a photo. Looks great. Clarity is less because it is just 1.3 mega pixel camera on my phone.

Dont know what to name the photo. Photo looks awesome though.

This is the best photo ever taken by my camera phone. Awesome hai yaaar. Its just pipes but if you try to look dhyaan se there is some light at the end of the pipe. Mast photo yaar. :-)



Friday, September 01, 2006

Arre Dewano Mujhe Pehchano... Main Hoon Don...

DON is coming. Watch the promo here.

Everything looks so cool. Like ekdum stud types. I think Farhan Akhtar can make people act. He made the career of Saif work and now he wil make the stammering SRK act for a change.

Way to go Farhan. Music's been released in India and few sites from Pakistan have already given you the opportunity to download this album for free. Click here for download.


Thursday, August 31, 2006

New ADIDAS Showroom

There is this new Adidas showroom which has opened up in T Nagar near GRT Grand. Me and Kini went there to check out some sneekers. Its the second biggest showroom in Asia Pacific Region. Well its different. Simply because they tell you which shoe you should buy. Technology I say.

Ok "The Funda". They make you walk normally, like you are having a casual walk in the garden types. Then they ask you to put your right foot first on a sensor plate. They map out where you are putting more pressure on your foot. Similarly they ask you to put your left foot and then they again map the pressure areas. Like, is it the sole or the front part of the foot which needs more support and cusion.

All that fundas for free and then they ask you to check out some shoes. Costly ones ok??? The sales guys havent asked the budget yet. Smart asses I say what.

The sensor plate

Maping of the foot

The pressure areas are shown here.
They photos were taken by the camera in my phone, so didnt come that great.

There was this sales guy Wasim. Bloody what stud guy he is. He was with us all the time and was asking me "Sirji aap Punjab se ho? Sir Ji aap bhi kuch le lo. Bahut badhiya samaan hai. Sirji shoes hain toh fir t-shirt le lo. Sirji sweat shirt le lo"

Bloody stud only.

Kini Bola, "Sala bahut aage jayega yeh aadmi." Sometimes Kini thinks he is someone like Dabur Seth in Deevar. Worsht!!!

Had a nice time. If you get a chance please do pay a to visit this place. Its a different experience. Its like my girl friend telling me what I should to wear or not wear and what I will look good in. ;-)

Ultimately Kini said,"Because of the shop I spent the double of what I had planned to spend before entering."



Some Silly Sardar Jokes

Interviewer: what is your birth date?
Sardar: 13th October
Which year?
Sardar: Oye ullu ke pathe _ _ _ EVERY YEAR

Manager asked to sardar at an interview : Can you spell a word that has more than 100 letters in it?
Sardar replyed: -P-O-S-T-B-O-X.

Teacher to Sardar: Write your best friend's name in English.
Sardar wrote: ' Beautiful Red Underware'
Teacher: What?
Sardar: His name is Sundar Lal Chaddi

After returning back from a foreign trip, sardar asked his wife, "Do I look like a foreigner?"
Wife: No! Why?
Sardar: In London a lady asked me Are you a foreigner?

One tourist from U.S.A. asked to Sardar: Any great man born in this village???
Sardar: no sir, only small Babies!!!

Lecturer: write a note on Gandhi Jayanthi So Sardar writes, "Gandi was a great man, but I don't know who is Jayanthi".

Sardar was doing experiment with cockroach, first he cut it's one leg and told WALK. WALK. Cockroach walked. Then he cut it's second leg and told the same. Cockroach walked. Then cut the third leg and did the same. At last he cut it's fourth leg and ordered it walk! But cockroach didn't walk. Suddenly sardar said loudly, "I found it. If we cut cockroach's four legs, it becomes deaf".

When sardar was traveling with his wife in an auto, the driver adjusted mirror. Sardar shouted, "You are trying to see my wife? Sit back. I will drive".

Sardar went in a hotel. To wash hands he went to the washbasin. There he started washing the basin. Seeing this, the manager asked what was he doing. Sardar pointed towards the board "WASH BASIN"

Interviewer: just imagine your in 3rd floor, it caught fire and how will you escape?
Sardar: It is simple. I will stop my imagination!!!


Sunday, August 27, 2006

Kerala is Beautiful

Believe me people, Kerala is beautiful. Above all its clean. One feature of every Mallu, they know they have a very strong accent and they really really don't mind repeating what ever you ask them.
My client : We need to fix this problem before we star the next assignment.
Me : Sorry sir.
My client : We need to fix this problem before we star the next assignment.
Me : excuse me sir.
My client : We need to fix this problem before we star the next assignment. What to do saar, I am Mallu you are sardar. 2500 kms of communication gap. Ha Ha Ha Ha

They smile man. Anyways check out few of the photos I clicked from my camera phone.

My Client's factory . It was between those hills and looked beautiful. Very very beautiful.

Factory 1

Factory 2

Factory 3

On the way from Hotel to Office I could see these Rubber Plantations

Palm trees is some Mallu house

See the greenery :-)

See See Drain on the side of the road :-)

Going back from client's place to airport :-)

Kerala was different this time, but I saw one more thing, even the Mallu aunties wear loongi like men. That white loongi and not saree. :-) Equality between the sexes :-)



Wednesday, August 23, 2006

To Hell With Cricket !!!

There is this awards thing in sports, which happens in India every year for best performing sportsmen and sportswomen. And suddenly I realized Cricket is not the only sport we play. Great to see that Cricket for a change has taken a back seat or rather I should say other sports are getting recognition.

I feel olympics is the the the most important than anything on the earth when it comes to sports. Can someone tell me why do we play sports like Billiards, Snooker, Cricket, Chess, Kabaddi, Golf, etc etc which are not recognized by the world??? The Chinese have mastered the art of which sport they should participate. They win bloody medals like anything in gymnastics and swimming and long distance athletics. Advani is going great guns in Billiards but does someone recognize the sport in Brazil or Korea??? Its just for people above 90 years.

Come on Government of India invest in a sport where you can say, "We are masters of this sport!!!" One name missing from this list of sportsmen is Adrian D'Souza, Indian hockey goalie.

List of awardees (taken from Hindustan Times):

Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award

Pankaj Advani - Billiards & Snooker

Arjuna Award

Tarundeep Rai - Archery
Dola Banerjee - Archery
Manjit Kaur - Athletics
Aparna Popat - Badminton
Anuja Prakash Thakur - Billiards & Snooker
Akhil Kumar - Boxing
Surya Shekhar Ganguly - Chess
Anju Jain - Cricket
Viren Rasquinha - Hockey
Ramesh Kumar - Kabaddi
Gagan Narang - Shooting
Shikha Tandon - Swimming
Soumyadeep Roy - Table Tennis
Sushil Kumar - Wrestling


Sunday, August 20, 2006

Mallus, I am back !!!

Hello Mallus,

I am coming to Cochin again. ;-)

Bloody fools I dare if you make me sick again. Bastards you made me sick and fooking poked needles in my arms and my ass. As if you were dying to look at a sardar ass, but you might not get a chance this time. I am carrying pills with me this time, wont fall sick.

Hey some of you Mallus think, you will say things to me and I will not come to Kerala??? Thrrrrbbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrttttttt to you... and also ,,/, to you...

I am going there because it is just another project. I am not , I repeat, I am not interested in the fat females and their facial hair or their big ass or the huge stomach, which was just spilling out of their sarees. I am just going there, completeing a project and coming back. No love and affection. Got it???

No kazambahoooooooooooo or any pork or beef or human meat, just bread and jam and bananas and other fruits. U cant make me sick this time.

And who ever says anything to me, I will throw chillie powder on the hairy face of their girl friends.

Hey seriously you mallus are a hairy race. Looks like God did some practical joke on you, threw all of you in a place which is bloody hot, gave a lot of fat and then lot of hair and then asked you people to say "god's own country!!!" so that you guys dont run away from Kerala. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

chal mallus, see you once I am back !!!



Tuesday, August 15, 2006

No You Are Not Welcome

Fell Sick on the second day of my Kerala Visit had to come back to Chennai. High fever and some shit. Bloody fever crossed 105 deg F. I thought I was dead.
Anyways now fit and fine with huge amount of weakness. Got to go there again to finish the unfinished business.
Few things about Kerala.
  1. It is green
  2. Everyone had a bloody mush. I mean everyone, even the girls.
  3. Everyone is fat.
  4. Gurls are fat, have curly hair, have facial hair, have hair on hands and arms more than the Afghans, eat all the time, don't wear jeans.
  5. You cant say from the menu what you are eating.
  6. You are screwed if you are a vegetarian.
  7. Mallus eat chicken curry with anything. Even with bloody idlli at 7.30 in the morning.
  8. They dont eat sambhar but have something else. Dont know what it is called, I call it Kazambahoo. Looks swahili by the name.
  9. Mosquitoes know you are a bloody non mallu. Carry Odomos with you always.
  10. You start using the word , "excuse me", "sorry", "can you repreat", etc etc again and again. They have an accent so strong you can't understand anything.
  11. They can eat anything and call it as non veg. I saw everything which is eatable on the menu card except "humans"
  12. They eat hot food. Blooooooooooooooooooody spicy food I say.
  13. Carry a bottle of water with you always.
  14. Mallus drink more liquor than an state in India. Congrats mallus, now you are educated drunkards.

Rest after my second trip. I fell sick the second day and I had to rush back to Chennai. Just alive you can say. The mallus must be laughing, "sala sardar aaya tha ek, uski halat kharab kar di aur usko bhaga diya"

You mallus I will be back !!!

Loved the greenery though...



Friday, August 04, 2006

Guys Fundes !!!

After a lot of girl funde here is something about guys funde. Here we go:

1. Guys don't actually look after good-looking girls. they prefer neat and presentable girls.

2. Guys hate flirts.

3.When a guy says he doesn't understand you, it simply means you're not thinking the way he is.
4. Guys may be flirting around all day but before they go to sleep, they always think about the girl they truly care about .

5. When a guy really likes you, he'll disregard all your bad characteristics.

6. Guys go crazy over a girl's smile.

7. Guys will do anything just to get the girl's attention.

8. When you touch a guy's heart, there's no turning back.

9. When a girl says "no", a guy hears it as "try again tomorrow"

10. You have to tell a guy what you really want before he gets the message clearly.

11. Guys love their moms.

12. A guy would sacrifice his money for lunch just to get you a couple of roses.

13. A guy often thinks about the girl who likes him. But this doesn't mean that the guy likes her.

14. You can never understand him unless you listen to him.

15. If a guy tells you he loves you once in a lifetime. He does.

16. Beware. Guys can make gossips scatter through half of the face of the earth faster than girls can.

17. Like Eve, girls are guys' weaknesses.

18. Guys are very open about themselves.

19. It's good to test a guy first before you believe him. But don't let him wait that long.

20. Guys hate it when their clothes get dirty. Even a small dot.

21. Guys really admire girls that they like even if they're not that much pretty.

22. If a guy tells you about his problems, he just needs someone to listen to him. You don't need to give advice..very true.

23. A usual act that proves that the guy likes you is when he teases you.

24. Guys keep secrets that girls tell them.

25. Guys think too much.

26. Guys fantasies are unlimited.

27. Girls' height doesn't really matter to a guy but her weight does!

28. Guys tend to get serious with their relationship and become too possessive. So watch out girls!!!

29. Guys are more talkative than girls are especially when the topic is about girls.

30. You can truly say that a guy has good intentions if you see him praying sometimes.

31. If a guy says you're beautiful, that guy likes you.

32. Guys hate girls who overreact.

33. Guys love you more than you love them IF they are serious in your relationships.

Dear girls, doesn't this all make sense?

Got this as a forward in a mail.



Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Funny Slides

Life is full of ups and downs. Here is a video where people skid from everywhere and anywhere. Chotu sent me the video, just sharing it with everyone.

the video is fun except that I dont want to discuss what would have happened to the guy's bum when he fell on it. ;-)

The football worldcup may be over but the fun is still on.

Just look at the face the lady makes when she gets the red card. "Me??? Me??? How can you give me a red card??" And the guy acting as the refree "I know what you did. Please leave. Please leave. No I am not listening anything. Please leave!!!"

And this shows why someone from some other country other than "France" won the Miss Universe title recently. The football fever is still I say. :-)

Khi Khi Khi Khi



Monday, July 31, 2006

Langda Tyagi is a Pirate

Watched two movies this weekend, "Omkara" & "Pirates of the Caribbean" Both are amazing movies.

Set in the political war lord driven area of UP, Omkara is through and through a Saif Ali Khan movie. He steals the show. I remember I watched some shit movie of Saif on Zee TV few months back. He wears a blue coat a tie and jeans and those pointed toe shoes, his hair longer than the female lead of the movie, and comes running to his grand ma, "Dadi ma main aa gaya!!!" Worshhhhhhtttttt !!! Here he acts as a conspirer, Langda Tyagi. "Langda Tyagi Bahu Bali"
Bloody kameena he is in the movie.

Ajay Devgan, Kareena Kapoor, Konkona Sen Sharma, Naseeruddin Shah are good in the movie. Konkona is very good and infact she curses like those villager's wives and is pretty vulgar at times. I guess thats what the movie demands. Naseer is a pakka politician and ruins his politics from the jail cell. What happens in the end may be known to the Shakesper fans, but for a change looks like Kareena can act. (she did act in Chameli). Vivek Oberoi is a waste in the movie.

Jack Sparrow, ooops sorry I mean Captain Jack Sparrow, is rocking in the movie. Lots of surprises in the movie. Everyone after the "Heart" of a pirate. Pirates figting huge sea monsters. Pirates fighting canibals in the Caribbean. Pirates more ugly than ever. Loads of fun and pirates coming back from dead. I really dont want to tell the story and kill the fun. :-)

Both the movies are awesome. Thats it.



Thursday, July 20, 2006

Educating the Girl Child

Screen sensation Malaika Arora at a promotional function for providing educational support to girls, in New Delhi on Wednesday, July 19, 2006.
News and photo from Hindustan Times.

Just look at the dress. The little girl is wearing long skirt and a full shirt and Malaika Arora Khan is wearing the smallest dress and the most see through dress ever made by an Indian. The question is didnt she know where she was going??? Ok she is pretty but there is something called as dress for the ocassion. I dont expect her to wear kurta and come but a decent shirt and a jeans would be good enough.

Well we all can see that the girl and boy ratio is really bad in India. In Punjab it is some 779 girls to every 1000 boys. And yes we need to do lots to educate the girl and make them stand up in the society. Make them understand their rights. Bring in more girls in the corporate world. More women doctors, more women engineers, etc etc. Everything correct. But what impact does this dressing or cleavage showing or thighs showing, have on the little girls?? I know the parents wont allow such dressing but would it not be more sense if we asked the Delhi Government to call people like Arundhuti Roy, Jhumpa Lahiri, Kiran Bedi, etc for such programs?? If I can think of names like these why cant the people in Government think of??

May be this girl goes back home and says, "Mom, if the chief guest wears such a dress why can't I??" I am not asking the people to not call Mallaika Arora Khan but please call some people who have brought some difference in the society or have brought a new perspective to the way people look at life. Malaika is a good model other than that "NOTHING", have some sense Delhi Government.

Have some sense atleast.



Monday, July 17, 2006

Oye Chaaak De Fatte

In 1997 there was a surdar. He saw a lot of problems existing in society . To protest against the injistice, racism, oppression of the poor, castism, etc etc etc in the society, he cut his hair. Well nothing happened to the society but his mom slapped him. That was me. :-)

Another funny incident I recall. I took my cousin's scooter and as I came back home, I found my nanaji sitting in the varandah. We had not seen me after my hair cut. I turn back, took the scooter and shot out of the house. Later I came to know from my cousin what my Nanaji said, "Beta, koi ladka aaya tha. He was clean shaven. But he had our scooter. May be he wanted to meet you. But he had our scooter I am pakka about it!!!" Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

I have to sport a beard and tie turban for my Shadi. So was practicing yesterday. Dont I look like a smart surd from Chandigarh???

Chak de Fatte, Naap De Killi...
Sawere Jalandhar, Shaam Nu Dilli...

This is the usual me. Phew. I feel fresh here.

Anyways this beard is for just 2 months uske baad dont know when will I keep beard. But I never forgot how to tie turban. Its like swimming, believe me. You never forget swimming once u learn it. Ok stop laughing. But thats the truth.

I look smart sardar. Ahem Ahem Ahem.



Friday, July 14, 2006

Happy Birthday Deepu, Yummy Cake

Deepu, my cousin, uska birthday tha on 5th of July and we had this cake. Its pineapple and orange pastry cake. Yummy it was.


Cake was sooooooooo yumyyyyyyy !!!! Mamiji had come down from Belgaum for Deepu's Birthday. She made marvelous food. The taste of the awesome looking and delicious cake is still in my mouth. Mazaaaaaa Aaaaaaaaaa Gayaaaaaaa...

Deepu turned 16 and girls please stay away from him for few years... Thanks...



Thursday, July 13, 2006

Kerela In Monsoon... Monsoon in Kerela...

One of my Mallu friends sent me these fotos of Kerela in monsoon. Lovely photos.

Even the dog looks good in Monsoon in Kerela. Looks like he is doing susu also.

Heavy Rains doesnt stop this guy from singing "row row row your boat"

Remember Surf excel Advert?? Agar Daag lagne se kuch aacha hota hai, toh daag ache hain na??

Flood in temple

This is the best photo. Lotus in river and kids rowing the boat to pluck them from water

Lovely photo

Looks like those Switzerland lakes? Doesn't it?

Over growth in the river. Bloody the over growth never looked so good. :-)

Abe sexy foto hai yaar

:-) Banana Leaves can be used for covering the head also.

Loved the photos.



Saturday, July 08, 2006

"Da Vinci Code" Sucks, "Munich" Rocks

I saw the movie Da Vinci Code and Munich today.
Well something about Da Vinci Code looked very similar to the worst type of story telling ever seen on Indian Cinema. Ok Da Vinci Code is not Indian movie but we have made a very similar movie called Suryavanshi in 1992.
Something about Suryavanshi.
There is a guy who wants to find out what lies in the secrets of some valley, where there was a cult and finally he finds that he is the last surviving descendent of that cult. He is Suryavanshi himself, blah blah blah. Bad story writing, bad performance. Salman Khan trying to act with Sheeba. Yes there was some heroine called Sheeba also. Salman Khan has lang hair. He is an archeologist. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. I was a kid in 1992 thought it was a good dhishum dhishum movie.
Anyways about Da Vinci Code, first thing you notice is that Tom Hanks as Dr. Robert Langdonlooks ugly with lang hair and Audrey Tautou as French Secret Agent Sophie Neveuis trying very hard to put a french accent. In the movie they both are trying to find something related to history and they find that Sophie is directly linked to what they are trying to find. Amazing isnt it??? Bloody Dan Brown is a cheat. He saw Suryvanshi in Bombay goes back to US and then tries to find some facts from here there on Christianity, jumbles the facts and writes a book. And then some idiot named Ron Howard tries to make a movie out of it and fails.
Seriously I found "Da Vinci Code" pretty boring and slow. I would recomend people to watch "Munich". Its about a Avner, who is a Mossad agent and how he and his gang are hired to kill the Arabs and Palestinians directly linked to the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre of Israelie Atheletes.
Its a lovely movie. Like a documentary. The best scene is where there is a discussion between Avner and a Arab terrorist. The Arab tries to convince Avner that one day Palestinians will have their own country, every child wouyld have their own home and they would live very happily. Avner tries to convince the terrorist that it is not freedom struggle and the terrorists will gain nothing by killing Israelie people or atheletes. Beautiful scene it is.
ALso one of the scenes where they show how the Israelie atheletes were killed was very dramatic.
Well a little viewer discreation is recomended. Sometimes the shooting is too cold blooded and nudity has been shown in the movie.
Munich is a must watch.


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Lets Withdraw Cash

One of my cousins mailed me and she sent this stupid forward. Awesome it is.

How a BOY withdraws cash from ATM
1. Park the car
2. Go to ATM Machine
3. Insert card
4. Enter PIN
5. Take money out
6. Take ATM Card out
7. Drive away


How a GIRL withdraws cash from ATM
1. Park the car
2. Check makeup
3. Turn off engine
4. Check makeup
5. Go to ATM
6. Hunt for ATM card in the purse
7. Insert card
8. Hit Cancel
9. Hunt in purse for chit with PIN written on it
10. Insert card
11. Enter PIN
12. Take cash
13. Go to car
14. Check makeup
15. Start car
16. Stop car
17. Run back to ATM
18. Take ATM card
19. Back to car
20. Check makeup
21. Start car
22. Check makeup
23. Drive for 1/2 mile
24. Release handbrake
My colleague sitting next to me said "Yes this is true. I did it just yesterday except that I forgot the purse in the ATM counter." Hahahahahaha... Horrible I say...


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mere Yaar Ki Shadi Hai

Rohit Morde.

Please check out the video here. It is from a party on 24th April 2004 where the MBA 2004 batch and 2005 batch went for some beach house party. Morde dives into the water after some 40 attempts and then dances like a maniac. Yes he was drunk!!! At the end of the video there is dance and some intelectual talk going on and the most intelectual inputs about "Brain cells manstipation and constipation" are given by Mr. Rohit Morde.

I dont think many people know him. Some of us here know about Ritesh Kini.

Ok Rohit Morde was with us in MBA at IIT Madras. Met him for the first time in IIT Kanpur GD PI session. Looked a pretty decent chap with some head over his shoulders and when we first interacted he was "We all should wear tie to the class" and all of us were, "What??? Why??" He repositioned himself ever week and came back to the initial farme of mind after every 4 weeks. All said and done he is a saga, an epic, mahabharata, no one can copy him. He is god of all gods in stupidty.

He called up girls in NIFT and generally visited them, like "Main yehan se guzar raha tha soocha tum se mil loon" Well NIFT is no way in the way towards IIT if you are even coming from Timbactoo or Honululu. Morde would all of a sudden came out with comments like, "Mera baap army mein tha. I am son of the soil. Yeh desh mera hai. Ek jam soldiers ke naam"

He was pretty talented in sports. He never won anything for the hostel or for himself. His greatest achievement was scoring a goal in footer in 6 a side match against Jamuna Hostel Fifth Team. He played cricket, hockey, volleyball, basketball, badminton and few other sports and believe me he always said to the opponent, "Every dog has his day, today is your day"

His sense of humor was awesome. Once asked, "Morde we find you have got two new t shirts and a new pair of jeans, where did you get the money from??" His answer, "My dad sold a tank to the Pakistani army!!!" Now there is only one person on earth who can think of that.

We used to have these assignments and generally used to hang around in the lab late nights. Morde was usually found sleeping while his other group partners used to work. Suddenly he would wake up and say "Junta put enthu, we have to finish this tonight. Fight maachaaa" and again go back to sleep.

He and Kelkar came third in the annual Business Quiz competition called "Trial by Fire", organised by the TV Channel - CNBC. They both got a PC as prize. Cool eh?? :-) We were watching the telecast of the competition on TV (which was defered live and by then they had come back) and found out that Morde couldn't pronounce Anna Kornikova's name properly. He called her Anna Kornika on camera. When asked by everyone, "Abe Morde yeh kya?? Anna Kornika?? Yeh kaun hai??" Morde said, "Abe tum logon ko samajh mein aa gaya na?? Message delivered" We were like WHAT THE DUCK!!!!

The best thing about Morde was his never say die attitude to impress girls. He had the biggest advantage of having a bike with an ARMY sticker behind it. And girls used to come running to sit on his bike. Like "My price charming has come on his toota foota bike" Our hostel and the girls hostel had a common mess and to impress the already impressed girls, Morde used to put 5 creams whenever he used to go for lunch or dinner. One was for his lips, one for better skin, one was sun screen (even in the night), one for better glow and other was some coconut brand called "Banana Boat". He used to wear these florescent blue or green colored shirt and wear goggles, while going for food and we used to tease him "Kya Morde Party ja raha hai kya??"

In the initial days Morde was found washing clothes and we called him Dhobi for some 6 months when he finally said, "Look guys I might have a girl now and I dont like you all calling me Dhobi"

Morde got engaged on 10th of June. This post is dedicated to his sincerity to patao girls, to the never say die attitude to play the sport which he didnt understand the rules of, to his stupidity, to his bike which I borrowed for 1 month, to his dance, to his surf excel, etc etc but to above all his dog Kajal. Yes, this duffer even told us stories about his dog and how he and his dog used to climb hills when his dad was posted in Srinagar. He told us stories about how some Subedar Santa Singh gifted him a Karah when his father was posted in Bhatinda, what all he used to do when his father was posted in Udhampur. Bahut pakata tha yaar. But jo bhi tha humara dost tha. Aacha dost tha, hai aur rahega. Never betrayed the trust of friendship and affection.

Morde yeh jaam aap ke naam. Cheers.



Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Watched Krrish

Watched Krrish yesterday. It’s a two hour movie, errr I mean two R movie. Like K-R-R-I-S-H. Khi Khi Khi Khi

He is not the first Indian Super Human. Mithun and rajnikant have been doing th same tricks since decades. The movie starts where this Krrish fellow is studying in the same school where his dad studied. Now he is super duper intelligent. And Rekha is his grand mom who is over protective. He is stud. Runs faster than hourse, climbs faters than monkeys, catches fish with his hand, and hits the ball so hard that it breaks the rock (but the ball doesn't burst), also he is super intelligent and does the homework of 3rd grade students, although he is in 1st grade.

In comes the love of his life from a parachute. And he falls in love with her. Like she falls from the tree and he falls for her. Apparently she lives in Singapore. Director sahib one question, why Singapore??? She could have been from Bombay also. No, why Singapore??

Anyways, 1st half is all fun where Krrish has a lot of fun with his kiddo friends and animals. And then this girl, Priyanka Chopra meet him and he falls in love with her and she falls from a tree. He acts as a BHOOT and its funny. I would say kids would love it.

Then Miss Chopra goes back to Singapore, and then she is five days late to come back to office and to save her job she makes the stupid superman of India to come to Singapore. Yaaaaawwwwwwwwnnnnnn… No if u and your company have so much money that u can call someone from India just to see how cool he is then why kick out someone. Anyways in second half the movie becomes very personal. He is after his love and the love is after her career and to prove the world that Krrish is a superman. YYYaaaaaawwwwwwnnn again. Then he thrashed some guys who touched his girl. Ok. Then he comes to know that there is a villain. Ok. The villain has his father in some jail. WHAT??? Yeh sala mera baap aabhi tak jinda hai??? Then he follows the villain to his secret island, the villain is on a helicopter and he is following it by running on streets and flying from tall buildings. Yyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwnnnnnn again.

Paak gaya tha main, and I wanted to movie to get over soon. Ok come kick some ass. In come Rajnikant. OK not Rajinikant but his alter ego Krrish. The villain shoots two bullets, Krissh flies. Throws something towards one bullet and throws himself on the other bullet and BINGO both are saved. This was done by Rajnikant and Mithun in 1980s. So this is not the first Indian super Human movie. Super Human movies were made long back.

Anyways Krrish saves his papa, his love, kills the villain, destroys his stupid machine, brings everyone home. And then his papa talks to Jadoo again. No Nahiiiiiiii. Yeh nahi ho sakta.

Anyways watch Koi Mil Gaya again with your little cousins and have fun with them. No need to watch Krrish. Yaaaaaawwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnn. Went for a late night show and I am still sleepy.


Saturday, June 17, 2006

My Engagement

Long break from blogging.
Got engaged with my chotu, on 4th of this month. :-) but was so so busy with work that I didnt get anytime to post about it. And then this stupid world cup matches. See I am being honest and an idiot at the same time. Sorry chotu didnt post. :-)
I gave my office colleagues a huge treat and it was fun to listen to my boss talking to Chotu when he was drunk. He He He He He He
Chotu, her mom, her mamaji and mamiji came from Bombay on 3rd night. And my mom made me and chotu enter the house together. And she said "aab tum dono ek sath ghar pe kadam rakho!!"
on 4th morning few of my cousins landed from Pune suddenly. Simrat didi and Mandeep came home and I was like "SIMRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!! MANDEEEEEEEEEEEEP !!!" and after some 15 minutes Jeejaji arrived after Simrat's billion lies that Jeejaji had not come from Pune he was busy with some project. And then Jeejaji came and I was like "Jeeeeeeejajeeeeeeeeeeeeee" He He He He He. I met them in Pune. See the photo here.
And mom had made special plans to put mehendi. Chotu's hands.

And for engagement there was a party ghar pe. My billion cousins and billion uncle aunts had come. :-) I thought it would be a small thing but Papa wanted to make it huge and then he called his friends and all. :-) My naniji and nanaji loved chotu. Nanaji said "oye you are my pasand!!" :-) and naniji was feeding her. I was so happy and so so proud.
Oh for everyone's information, "CHOTU CHANGED FIVE DRESSES THAT DAY" He He He He And then in the evening when I was ready to put the ring on her finger her mom and mamiji put Tikka on my forehead. :-) I was very happy. Ok no senti stuff. :-)
Me putting the ring.

We did the shopping of the rings together. And looks like this ring was "FOR BHAVDEEP" and this "FOR CHOTU" The rings looked amazing.

Marriage on 27th September. Everyone invited. I love gifts. I also accept cash. And chotu loves Diamonds. Khi Khi Khi Khi Khi



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