Monday, September 24, 2007

Oh What a Match. We are the Champions !!!!

I am toooooo excited I dont know what to write. Just going crazyyyyy. But very sad. India won the Hockey Asia Cup and the Cricket World Cup and I wasn't in India.
I have copied few photos from some websites. Oh man what excitement. finally we have won the world up.
I am feeling very bad for the four great batsmen, Dravid, ganguly, Sachin and Laxman. They have nothing to prove but "THEY DON'T HAVE THE BLOODY NAME ON A WORLD CUP!!!" Sorry Giants but this time lets just stand and applaud the great Indian team.
Chak de Indiaaaaaaaaa !!!

We are the Champs !!!

Oh what a great Photo. Great Great Great !!!

Our captain with the World Cup

Ha Ha Ha Ha Madnessss !!!

And the usual parda dalo aur match dekho going on in India. We are crazy Fans !!!

Misbah-Ul-Haq's Scoop. Oh man you are god. You were awesome through out the tournament. You played just one silly shot I would say. thats it. Awesome. Cricket Pakistan deserves a great applaud for the great performance and specially Misbah, Afridi and Gul. These were the three great players and they were always good through out the World Cup. Sorry dudes but the world cup is our this time. Better luck next time.

Madnessssss within the Indian team and Misbah can't believe what he had done. No issues Misbah you were the best batsmen today. He was great. Didn't take a single and then hit Bhajji for 2 sixers in the next 3 balls.

:-) Just a very happy team. Congrats Indian cricket !!! Thats all !!!
Congrats to every Indian. Phew !!!! Finally we are world champions in something !!!


Sunday, September 23, 2007

I am sooooo excited

India Pakistan Finals. Of a World Cup tournament. Don't care if it is hockey or the smallest form of Cricket, I am so excited and so scared.
I might have a heart attack. I have oily sweaty palms. I was talking to my friend on Gtalk, while watching the match on TV. Both of us were excited and when Yuvi was hitting sixers at will against Australia, we just kept sending messages, "OOOOOOohh Shit !!!", "SIXXXXXXX", "Chakkkkkkk", maza aa gaya match dekh ke.
I hope we play well. I am happy even if Pakistan wins, but just didn't want the Goraaaaas to win the World Cup. Thats it !!!
the security at my client's place is from Pakistan and he said , "Sir ji Aaab hoga Mukabla. Dekhte hain kaun jeet ta hai. Hum aap ke Yuvraj Ko Nahi chalne deenge"
Man I am so scared !!! Biting nails as usual while thinking about sports.
Chalo sota hoon.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Olympics Qualifiers. Phew !!!

The teams already qualified for 2008 Beijing Olympics are:

For Men

Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Korea, Netherlands, Pakistan, South Africa, Spain.

For Women

Argentina, Australia, China, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa.

FIH is going to organize three tournaments with 18 teams and the champions of each of the tournaments will qualify for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. India is placed in an easier group, Thanks to our Asia Cup triumph. We need to defeat Great Britain to win the tournament, rest all look like a walk in the park. We have defeated Great Britain twice in the Champion's Challenge tournament in June, this year.

There will be three tournaments for Men, New Zealand, Chile and Japan. India plays in Chile. I didn't know Chile even had a had an Astro Turf, what talk about having a Hockey team.

North Shore City, Auckland, New Zealand – 02/10 February 2008

Argentina, Cuba, France, Ireland, New Zealand and Trinidad & Tobago. This is going to be tough for Argentina and New Zealand. Going to be fun in this tournament. :-)

Santiago, Chile – 01/09 March 2008

Austria, Bangladesh, Chile, Egypt, Great Britain and India. Austria, Bangladesh, Chile and Egypt would be really easy based on our recent form. Great Britain would be little difficult. We should play few tournaments before we go to Chile in March next year.

Kakamigahara, Japan – 05/13 April 2008

Czech Republic, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Poland, Switzerland

The reserve nations for the tournaments (in order) are: (1) Netherlands Antilles (2) USA (3) Mexico


Baku, Azerbaijan – 12/20 April 2008

Azerbaijan, Belarus, Chile, Kenya, Spain and Ukraine

Kazan, Russia – 19/27 April 2008

Belgium, Chinese Taipei, India, Netherlands Antilles, Russia and USA. India can win this tournamnt if we in against USA and Belgium.

Victoria, Canada – 26 April/04 May 2008

Canada, Cuba, Ireland, Italy, Korea and Malaysia

The reserve nations for these tournaments (in order) are: (1) France, (2) Uruguay and (3) Barbados.

Lets keep the fingers crossed and lets hope we qualify for 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Cheerssssssss... Chakkkkkk De Indiaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!



Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Beautiful Buildings

Abu Dhabi is in desert and its a small place, like maximum diameter of the city would be 10 kilometers. What they are doing is bringing all the sand and then reclaiming the sea, to make the city bigger. making some islands in the sea, some cool way to expand but towards the sea away from the desert. They are making beautiful buildings like we have in Bombay around Nariman Point. They have created a long stretch of road like the queen's necklace in Bombay.

Along the Corniche Road - 1

Along the Corniche Road - 2

Along the Corniche Road - 3

Along the Corniche Road - 4

With Bhargav


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Abu Dhabi

In Abu Dhabi few few days and i found out why the price of petrol is 50 rupees in India. They swicth on the cars with the air-conditioning ON and go for shopping. They come back after 1 hour and find their cars very cool when they step in.

There is really nothing to look forward to in the city. Its arrogant and very pro towards the local population. The Arabs have cars and its all concrete and steel. Only people from South Asia seem to be friendly, particularly people from Pakistan. They are so so friendly towards people from India. Really nice. :-)

Please check some photos here. :-)

Super Infrastructure

Glittering Building

King of Abu Dhabi

Just wasting my time

They do have sexy cars


My Office building is also cool. Best is the low traffic. Away from India you find that traffic is really low across the globe. :-)

Drive from Dubai to Abu Dhabi was good and I saw the Al Burj Hotel some 15 Kms away. It was just incredible.

Worst part is that you just cant go out because of the heat and humidity. Will keep telling about my stay here in future posts.



Sunday, September 09, 2007

Chak De Indiaaaaaaa

Chak De Indiaaaaaaaa !!!
Great Fitness
Great Team Spirit
Great Defence
Great to see Prabhjot back in form
Veryyyyyyy Happy to see Indiyeaaaaaaaaaah winning

Beating Korea 7-2 is not a cake in the pan. We have improved and need to improve more for qualifying in the olympics. Congrattttttsssssss India.



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