Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hello South America

Trupti flies to Rio before me and I see her in Mid-August

We watch the summer Olympic games and then off to roam about the American continent. First stop - Manaus in the middle of the Amazons.

Then to Santiago. Hope to meet my old hockey pal there.

Santiago to Calama would be a short flight but a complete change in the geography. We will be in the middle of Andes!

This could be the most fascinating journey when we drive from San Pedro De Atacama to Salar Di Uyuni. Can't wait!

Uyuni to la Paz. Not sure what we want to do there? May be go to the Lakes and relax before I come back to London.

I am coming back but Trupti carries on her trip!

Santa Cruz it is for her. Do remember to take your malaria pills.

She plans to go to Uruguay for some reason. Not quite sure why. Heard a lot, seen nothing! that's a good reason!

She comes back in end of September.

We have been planning this since January and I am hopeful things will go as per the plans! If not, then we would love to get lost in this journey...


Saturday, February 20, 2016

Why are people like Arnab Goswami dangerous for India?

In a democracy, everyone should have a voice and an opinion. Everyone should have the opportunity to get their message across, right or wrong it doesn’t matter; the message should go across in the peacefully & accurately. Historically, we have seen that in dictatorial and totalitarian governments the voice of the people is supressed. Races and religions are wiped away! But if someone wants to give their opinions on the TV what could go wrong? The opinion is presented within the four walls of a studio and everyone should feel safe when presenting their opinion. Well, everything that could go wrong will go wrong, if we go to a discussion without an open mind and the moderator of the discussion / debate has pre-set agenda!

Arnab Goswami is a well-known news anchor on Times Now, who doesn’t let any debate happen. He has one job and only one job, to moderate a healthy debate between two people with different ideologies. How difficult can that be? It can be difficult if you don’t consider the debate between two ideologies but consider it as a forum to improve the ratings of a television show.

Arnab Goswami is a prime example of how one can become a poor journalist. Get a prime time slot, with a masala filled topic & 8 panellists who no one has heard off but are as ill-mannered as Arnab Goswami himself. 8 freaking panellists? Why? One sits in the chair with 8 cameras zooming on these panellists; but the debate moderator speaks for 50% of the time. Arnab, you are indeed shameless! If you are lucky you might get the opportunity after a “India wants to know. Tell me. Tell me. Nation wants to know….” blabbering. Arnab, if you have given someone an opportunity to speak, please let him speak, just shut the eff up!

Arnab, what is the point of such a debate? If it is to get more advertisements on TV, then go sell soap and detergent, at least you will be honest to your profession. I haven’t seen Arnab out in the field meeting the widows of Kashmiris violence, understanding the issues of flood affected victims of Chennai, highlighting the predicament of families of farmers who have committed suicide in Maharashtra & Andhra Pradesh.

Arnab Goswami, why do you shout so much? Is it because you have poor vocabulary and need to raise your voice to put your message across? Or is it because you are scared to get into a debate? My opinion is that one doesn’t need to shout to put a message across; a prime example of such a man is Mahatma Gandhi! In a land which has built its recent history on non-violence and truth, one could become a prime example of that at prime time. Shouting at someone and asking him not to speak, will kill the human spirit. Killing the human spirit is worse than killing that human! If everyone can’t put their voice / viewpoints / agenda across, this land of yogis, beauties & billion gods will become a dull, boring, colourless country. This land has produced big religions and sects, Siddharth became enlightened and gave the world Buddhism because he was not shouted at but was allowed to think, speak out and get enlightened. In a country where Shias, Sunnia, Wahabis, Syrian, Parsi Muslims have lived cordially and amicably for centuries will lose the humanness in them and act like brainless humans!

Do not put words into the mouth of the panellists. You have two ears and one mouth; use it in the same proportion, it would be a good start. I don’t want to look at you on TV and say in disgust : “Is this what India watches????!!!”, I want to listen to you moderating a debate in a more civil and cordial way, so that the Indian values of tolerance, love and respect of each other are highlighted through your debate! If it was a shouting match you would win, but unfortunately it isn’t!

Don’t kill the human spirit Arnab, you have an opportunity to enlighten the world’s largest democracy! Go light the bulb, don’t switch it off!


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