Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Full of geeks...

You know you are in a place full of physicists / mathematicians / geeks or in Cambridge when you can read this on the walls as graffiti...

Weird people but the formula does express what someone's ENERGY level must be; given that his mass = M!!!


Friday, July 24, 2009

United Breaks Guitars

We all have understood the power of internet with Obama's Presidential Election Victory and now we can see loads of people using the power of Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc to express their feelings.
Now this dude who happens to be a nice small time singer in Canada flew United Airlines and they broke his guitar. He came up with a song to protest what happened with him and may be in a light hearted way also pointed the finger at United's CEO.

Now that United have now found out that there is a lot of negative publicity involved around this issue, they have come back to him with a compensation. Better late than never !!! Good lads !!!
But this bugger now wants United to give the money to charity and is coming out with a 2nd song. Bollocks !!! We got your message !! United got your message!!! They tried compensating (with cash or a brand new guitar) but this son-of-a-gun wouldn't stop, will he?
Some people just don't know when to stop whining and you are one of them !!!


Monday, July 20, 2009

Google's Innovation

Google comes out with those Special Day pages every time there is a special day; say for example like New Year or Christmas or Halloween etc etc. Today it is "The Day Human's Set Foot on Moon", so what can great innovation can Google come out with?
Well there isn't anything great on its search page but if you go to GoogleMaps and then try going to street view, you can find an ASTRONAUT instead of a normal YELLOW MAN !!! I think it is really cool way to pay tribute. And the Astronaut kind of walks as if he is really on the moon. :-)


Friday, July 10, 2009

India Awakening

My younger brother made this movie. Its a small documentary about what every Indian can do to make India a better place.

Music is obviously copied from some albums & some scenes too. The idea and concept are just amazing. I also love the fact that he doesnt want India to become a super power but he says "If we do small small things correctly and take part in every way to make India a better place, then surely India will become a better place".
Good work Amrinder & friends.

Part - 1

Part - 2


Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Change in History !!!

Well last week was quite dramatic with loads of things happening.

Michael Jackson Died - Yes he was my first hero. I mean I never liked him like would cut my nerve when he died but yes I always tried doing moon walk when I was a kid. My eldest cousin brought home the Thriller Cassette and it was just so much fun listening and dancing to it. When ever there was a new music release it was followed on Doordarshan and I was there watching it on The World this Week. It was fun and respect to Michael, he was an inspiration. He did make History with his Thriller !!

Legalizing Gay Marriages in India - This is a big attempt by India (a country as whole) to control the population explosion problem. I see new webistes coming up, like Tamil Shaadi.com or PunjabiMatrimony.Com; we are going to have Samesex.Shaadi.Com or Samesex.Matrimony.Com. Way to go India !!! Actually it doesn't bother me much, as long as anyone makes love to the other with his/her concent. Its a small step to change the way we look at gays and lesbians, as we should stop looking at them as different; THEY ARN'T. Obviously you now don't go ahead and legalizse sex with animals. Poor cows on the Indian roads might be living in fear now. History was made surely !!!

Rakhi Sawant is Marrying some bloke on live Television: Now this is what I call making of history. RAKHI KA SWAYAMWAR is the biggest thing to happen to Indian Television. She comes on TV and says "jaise Sita Mata ka swayamwar hua tha, jaise Draupadi ka swayamwar hua tha, is yug mein mera swayamwar hoga."
Rakhi was called “divya roopi sundari nari” by a contestant. Rakhi Sawant to Indian is what Jade Goody was to UK. She is monitored 24X7 by media and every Tom-Dick-Harry-Mika want their share of the sad fame she has got. She was in Big Boss and there she gave her great English dialogs "oj Geegas Please halp me, meri madad karo !!"
She slapped her boyfriend Abhishek Awasthi as he apologized her on a knee. She thinks "I have been under the scanner all my life, it is time I also get married under the scanner."
The contestants have come from far of lands, and rakhi has been asking each one with a sweet twinkle in her eye "aap mera dil toh nahi dukhayenge".
  • One dude is from Canada whose Hindi is as good as my Swahili.
  • Another one is a police officer from Kashmir. It looks like the terrorists are busy watching Rakhi Ka Swayamwar and this gives the officers in the valley to visit Bombay.
  • Some bloke is from "Ganga maiya ke kinare humara des hai", looks like he is from some village in Bihar or UP.
  • Best was when some guy came up to her and said that "yeh lo kangan meri ma ne bheje hain aapni bahooo ke liye". Bloody hell I didnt know I should cry or laugh !! But I did get cramps in my stomach & aansoo aa gaye meri aankhon mein.
  • One guy is Luv Khanna from Delhi. Where else could he be from?? Look at his pickup like "yeh Ram aur Sita ka putr aapka dil jeetne aaya hai aur jeet ke jayega"
Anyways history was made last week and way to go Indian Television !!! Bobby Darling you got your rights !!! Jacko RIP...


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