Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mere Yaar Ki Shadi Hai

Rohit Morde.

Please check out the video here. It is from a party on 24th April 2004 where the MBA 2004 batch and 2005 batch went for some beach house party. Morde dives into the water after some 40 attempts and then dances like a maniac. Yes he was drunk!!! At the end of the video there is dance and some intelectual talk going on and the most intelectual inputs about "Brain cells manstipation and constipation" are given by Mr. Rohit Morde.

I dont think many people know him. Some of us here know about Ritesh Kini.

Ok Rohit Morde was with us in MBA at IIT Madras. Met him for the first time in IIT Kanpur GD PI session. Looked a pretty decent chap with some head over his shoulders and when we first interacted he was "We all should wear tie to the class" and all of us were, "What??? Why??" He repositioned himself ever week and came back to the initial farme of mind after every 4 weeks. All said and done he is a saga, an epic, mahabharata, no one can copy him. He is god of all gods in stupidty.

He called up girls in NIFT and generally visited them, like "Main yehan se guzar raha tha soocha tum se mil loon" Well NIFT is no way in the way towards IIT if you are even coming from Timbactoo or Honululu. Morde would all of a sudden came out with comments like, "Mera baap army mein tha. I am son of the soil. Yeh desh mera hai. Ek jam soldiers ke naam"

He was pretty talented in sports. He never won anything for the hostel or for himself. His greatest achievement was scoring a goal in footer in 6 a side match against Jamuna Hostel Fifth Team. He played cricket, hockey, volleyball, basketball, badminton and few other sports and believe me he always said to the opponent, "Every dog has his day, today is your day"

His sense of humor was awesome. Once asked, "Morde we find you have got two new t shirts and a new pair of jeans, where did you get the money from??" His answer, "My dad sold a tank to the Pakistani army!!!" Now there is only one person on earth who can think of that.

We used to have these assignments and generally used to hang around in the lab late nights. Morde was usually found sleeping while his other group partners used to work. Suddenly he would wake up and say "Junta put enthu, we have to finish this tonight. Fight maachaaa" and again go back to sleep.

He and Kelkar came third in the annual Business Quiz competition called "Trial by Fire", organised by the TV Channel - CNBC. They both got a PC as prize. Cool eh?? :-) We were watching the telecast of the competition on TV (which was defered live and by then they had come back) and found out that Morde couldn't pronounce Anna Kornikova's name properly. He called her Anna Kornika on camera. When asked by everyone, "Abe Morde yeh kya?? Anna Kornika?? Yeh kaun hai??" Morde said, "Abe tum logon ko samajh mein aa gaya na?? Message delivered" We were like WHAT THE DUCK!!!!

The best thing about Morde was his never say die attitude to impress girls. He had the biggest advantage of having a bike with an ARMY sticker behind it. And girls used to come running to sit on his bike. Like "My price charming has come on his toota foota bike" Our hostel and the girls hostel had a common mess and to impress the already impressed girls, Morde used to put 5 creams whenever he used to go for lunch or dinner. One was for his lips, one for better skin, one was sun screen (even in the night), one for better glow and other was some coconut brand called "Banana Boat". He used to wear these florescent blue or green colored shirt and wear goggles, while going for food and we used to tease him "Kya Morde Party ja raha hai kya??"

In the initial days Morde was found washing clothes and we called him Dhobi for some 6 months when he finally said, "Look guys I might have a girl now and I dont like you all calling me Dhobi"

Morde got engaged on 10th of June. This post is dedicated to his sincerity to patao girls, to the never say die attitude to play the sport which he didnt understand the rules of, to his stupidity, to his bike which I borrowed for 1 month, to his dance, to his surf excel, etc etc but to above all his dog Kajal. Yes, this duffer even told us stories about his dog and how he and his dog used to climb hills when his dad was posted in Srinagar. He told us stories about how some Subedar Santa Singh gifted him a Karah when his father was posted in Bhatinda, what all he used to do when his father was posted in Udhampur. Bahut pakata tha yaar. But jo bhi tha humara dost tha. Aacha dost tha, hai aur rahega. Never betrayed the trust of friendship and affection.

Morde yeh jaam aap ke naam. Cheers.



Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Watched Krrish

Watched Krrish yesterday. It’s a two hour movie, errr I mean two R movie. Like K-R-R-I-S-H. Khi Khi Khi Khi

He is not the first Indian Super Human. Mithun and rajnikant have been doing th same tricks since decades. The movie starts where this Krrish fellow is studying in the same school where his dad studied. Now he is super duper intelligent. And Rekha is his grand mom who is over protective. He is stud. Runs faster than hourse, climbs faters than monkeys, catches fish with his hand, and hits the ball so hard that it breaks the rock (but the ball doesn't burst), also he is super intelligent and does the homework of 3rd grade students, although he is in 1st grade.

In comes the love of his life from a parachute. And he falls in love with her. Like she falls from the tree and he falls for her. Apparently she lives in Singapore. Director sahib one question, why Singapore??? She could have been from Bombay also. No, why Singapore??

Anyways, 1st half is all fun where Krrish has a lot of fun with his kiddo friends and animals. And then this girl, Priyanka Chopra meet him and he falls in love with her and she falls from a tree. He acts as a BHOOT and its funny. I would say kids would love it.

Then Miss Chopra goes back to Singapore, and then she is five days late to come back to office and to save her job she makes the stupid superman of India to come to Singapore. Yaaaaawwwwwwwwnnnnnn… No if u and your company have so much money that u can call someone from India just to see how cool he is then why kick out someone. Anyways in second half the movie becomes very personal. He is after his love and the love is after her career and to prove the world that Krrish is a superman. YYYaaaaaawwwwwwnnn again. Then he thrashed some guys who touched his girl. Ok. Then he comes to know that there is a villain. Ok. The villain has his father in some jail. WHAT??? Yeh sala mera baap aabhi tak jinda hai??? Then he follows the villain to his secret island, the villain is on a helicopter and he is following it by running on streets and flying from tall buildings. Yyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwnnnnnn again.

Paak gaya tha main, and I wanted to movie to get over soon. Ok come kick some ass. In come Rajnikant. OK not Rajinikant but his alter ego Krrish. The villain shoots two bullets, Krissh flies. Throws something towards one bullet and throws himself on the other bullet and BINGO both are saved. This was done by Rajnikant and Mithun in 1980s. So this is not the first Indian super Human movie. Super Human movies were made long back.

Anyways Krrish saves his papa, his love, kills the villain, destroys his stupid machine, brings everyone home. And then his papa talks to Jadoo again. No Nahiiiiiiii. Yeh nahi ho sakta.

Anyways watch Koi Mil Gaya again with your little cousins and have fun with them. No need to watch Krrish. Yaaaaaawwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnn. Went for a late night show and I am still sleepy.


Saturday, June 17, 2006

My Engagement

Long break from blogging.
Got engaged with my chotu, on 4th of this month. :-) but was so so busy with work that I didnt get anytime to post about it. And then this stupid world cup matches. See I am being honest and an idiot at the same time. Sorry chotu didnt post. :-)
I gave my office colleagues a huge treat and it was fun to listen to my boss talking to Chotu when he was drunk. He He He He He He
Chotu, her mom, her mamaji and mamiji came from Bombay on 3rd night. And my mom made me and chotu enter the house together. And she said "aab tum dono ek sath ghar pe kadam rakho!!"
on 4th morning few of my cousins landed from Pune suddenly. Simrat didi and Mandeep came home and I was like "SIMRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!! MANDEEEEEEEEEEEEP !!!" and after some 15 minutes Jeejaji arrived after Simrat's billion lies that Jeejaji had not come from Pune he was busy with some project. And then Jeejaji came and I was like "Jeeeeeeejajeeeeeeeeeeeeee" He He He He He. I met them in Pune. See the photo here.
And mom had made special plans to put mehendi. Chotu's hands.

And for engagement there was a party ghar pe. My billion cousins and billion uncle aunts had come. :-) I thought it would be a small thing but Papa wanted to make it huge and then he called his friends and all. :-) My naniji and nanaji loved chotu. Nanaji said "oye you are my pasand!!" :-) and naniji was feeding her. I was so happy and so so proud.
Oh for everyone's information, "CHOTU CHANGED FIVE DRESSES THAT DAY" He He He He And then in the evening when I was ready to put the ring on her finger her mom and mamiji put Tikka on my forehead. :-) I was very happy. Ok no senti stuff. :-)
Me putting the ring.

We did the shopping of the rings together. And looks like this ring was "FOR BHAVDEEP" and this "FOR CHOTU" The rings looked amazing.

Marriage on 27th September. Everyone invited. I love gifts. I also accept cash. And chotu loves Diamonds. Khi Khi Khi Khi Khi



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