Wednesday, December 17, 2008

In Transit....

Going from Chennai to London... :-) We are going to become ICE in the winters of England... 

In transit in Kharagpur... 


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bombay Terrorist Attack !!!

Believe me kuch nahi badelega... I have been Cursing the Indian Government since the Internet got installed at my house, but kuch farak padha??? NOTHING !!! 

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You know kyun farak nahi padega??? Kyunki actually kisi ko kuch farak nahi padhta hai... 10% indians are well educated but the aam aadmi is illitrate and hungry... More than 50% of Indians live on Rs25.00 per day... That's what the government says... If an Indian can earn more than $0.50, then he is above the poverty line... Most of the Indians in this group are daily wage workers... 
Now please tell me how many people earn more than Rs 3 lakh per annum? 5%? ok 10%? can 10% of the population change the whole system? NO THEY CANT... If someone did his maths correctly then 90% is greater than 10%... 
90% of the people in India have to different thing to worry everyday, "If I don't go to the fields or factory today my kids might not be able to have food tomorrow. If I don't go to work for 1 week they might not be able to give their school fees next month" Is this daily worker least bothered about some 5 star hotel burning in some Colaba Shithole in some place in Mumbai? The motherfucking single day rent at Taj Colaba is around Rs25,000. 
Some policeman died in this Mumbai attack, his salary was Rs 2500 per month... Now just tell me, why should some policeman die saving some bastard who is paying 10 times his motherfucking salary for just using a bed to stay in a hotel room for one night?? Marne do the so called "ELITE" class of India ko... Let them die !!! 
Bombay has seen Bomb blasts in Trains and shootouts etc... Kisi bhi "ELITE" class wale ko kuch farak padha?? Nothing !!! Abhi jab Taj & Oberoi mein attack hua hai toh sabhi log "Hai dhaiya hai dhaiya" karr rahe hain... 
I have no issues with the ELITE class, but the government is inefficient & ineffective & shameless... They don't deserve to rule this country... We shouldn't have democracy in India... We should have military raj... I am ready to give away all my freedom for a better India tomorrow... Atleast 200 years down the line we can have a great India...  

Come on Bharat ki Napunsak Sarkar... I can do better in 1 day than what you do in next 10 years... 
  1. We need to open more schools
  2. We need to help the agriculture sector's growth
  3. We need to make more steel plants for a stronger India
  4. We need to build more roads
  5. We need more thermal power plants for 100% electricity in the whole of India
  6. We need to build Railway lines must which touch Ladakh & Srinagar
  7. We need to Ask the people who earn more than Rs 1 crore to give 45% of their salary as tax... They would still have a take away as Rs 55 Lakhs... Tax the motherfucking ELITE !!! You want protection?? Pay for it assholes... 
  8. We need to make social responsibility compulsory... 1 year of Military or NCC service... or 3 years of NSS... Choose... 
  9. Very strict laws... Very motherfcking strict... (Writing this with grinding teeth)
  10. Increase the salary of the police by 3 times... Give them the authority to use the danda when ever they feel its necessary... Indians listen to danda only !!! 
Ok... Got to sleep now... Kafi late ho gaya... 


Thursday, December 04, 2008

Meri Pyari Biwi

Now that we are shifting to UK, we have to do all the packing & sorting out what is needed and what is to be left behind, everything of that sort. 
I finished my packing in an hour or so some 2 weeks back. I decided, I am going to wear this this this and would have to buy warm clothes from UK, hence packing was over in 20 minutes max and half my suitcase was empty. 
Now comes the trun of Trupti to do the packing. Before that she has to do shopping. It's been going on & on & on, since the past 2 months and I have doubts that its going to get over. While we are on the flight to the JuKay she might still be doing the packing!!! :D  
Most of the times she would have already decided what all she has to buy or wear. 
I have to go along and stand there and try to give an honest opinion about what I think. You see, Honestly is sometimes, not the best policy!!! ;-) 

Honestly Batao
Trupti: Aacha listen. Shall I ask you something? Ekdum honestly you should give this answer. Please dont make fun or don't lie today atleast. Aacha honestly batao, do I look fat? 
Me: What? No !!! Not at all... 
Trupti: Really? 
Me: Yup !! No Doubt !!! 
Trupti: Really? Tum mazak toh nahi karr rahe ne??? 
Me: Nahi main mazak karr raha hoon... You are fat !!!! 
Trupti: WHAT????????? 
Me : Yeah... You look no less than Manisha Koirala !!! I am serious... 
Trupti: You are kidding right??? 
Me: Nope... 
Trupti:  Why do you keep calling me fat??? Its not nice at all... 
Me : Ajeeb baat hai... You asked me if I am fat.,.. I said NO... You kept pestering me so I said YOU ARE FAT !!! I thought you wanted to hear that you are fat... I didnt know you didnt want to hear that... Decide what you want yaar... You want to be called fat or thin?? 
Trupti: Thin !!! Tumse toh baat karna bekar hai !!! 
Me : OK You are thin !!! Now can I have my dinner plate back please??? 

B.t.w., Trupti is 10 Kgs underweight for her height !!!! Fat ?????!!!! 

Jeans Shopping

Trupti: I want skinny jeans. Thats the fashion. 
Me: Ok we shall go to Levis Store. 
Trupti: Yyeahhh!! That will be fun... 
Fun?????? OOPS !!! 
Me: Hmmm !! 
Jeans Store... Jeans tried... 
Trupti: How does it look? 
Me: Yup Cool !!! 
Trupti: Are you sure? 
Me: It looks Brilliant !!! 
Trupti: Really? 
Me: I havent ever seen a better fitting jeans ever in my life !!! I am dead serious you must buy it !!! 
Trupti: nahhhhhh !!! I dont like it !!! 
Me: Eh?? OK, shall we try some other store? 
Trupti: Sure !! 
Tried Allen Solly, Pepe,  etc stores. We reach Lee. She tries wait 26 & waist 27. 
Trupti: How does 26 look? 
Me: yeah perfect
Trupti: Let me try 27. 
Trupti: How is 27? 
Me: Yeah this is also fine. Doesnt make a huge diufference I see. How do you feel? 
Trupti: Nooooooooooo !!! 26 is toooooo tight and 27 is toooo loose... Excuse me, (calls the girl who was helping her choose the jeans) can you please give me something between these sizes?
Last I heard "Lee Jeans" were closing down their store at Khader Nawas Khan Road!!!! 
Later she told me she had already decided to buy Levis Diva jeans. 
OK COOL !!! 

Choosing a Saree

Kini got married on 9th August in B'lore and we had to attend his marriage there. Now the problem is not "HOW DO WE GET THE DAMN TICKETS???!!" but what will meri biwi wear during his marriage? ;-) Tickets got arranged, by the grace of some agent. 
Date: 7th August. Night 10.30. We have to leave on 8th Morning. 
Conversation between me and my wife. 
Trupti: Aacha I have to wear one of these six sarees. Please help me decide what I should wear on your friends reception. 
Me: Why do we have so much stuff? Where are we going after the reception? Why have you planned a vacation? Its just 1 day. We are going to come back in 2 days. Why are you carrying 3 track pants to B'lore? 
Trupti: can you help me decide the saree please? 
Me: Oh yes. Ok, this red color one looks great. And you also can wear your new matching sandals with this. 
Trupti: WHAT????????? RED???? !!!! No I really dont think it matches my hairstyle? It will be too bright... (15 different faces were made, I nearly giggled and got killed. Actully I loved the red color saree)
Me: Hmmmmm, what about this Navy Blue one? 
Trupti: No yaar. I don't like this color at all... I think its very dull... 
Me: Hmmm, This yellow would be great. And its also got that green border, yeah... this is perfect... And it looks so traditional... 
Trupti: Nope not at all... I look like an Aunty in this... 
Me: What about the light blue saree??? Which got all the shinny shinny things on it??? 
Trupti: Bhavdeep you dont understand, the saree shouldnt look more bright than what the bride is wearing. Ok now what do you have to say about this Cream Color Saree? 
Me : Yup this is also cool... You can wear those matching bangles with it... 
Trupti: Bye... Now please let me finish my packing... You have kept all your stuff? 
Me: Yup... Jeans and Kurta... thats perfect for me... 
Trupti: Ok !!! 
Packing done. 4 bags went to  B'lore for 1 day. 
Later she told me she had decided weeks back, that "When we have to go to Kini's Marriage, she had planned to wear the cream colored saree"
Ok Cool !!! 
She already decides what she wants to wear or buy. But biwi hai toh poochna toh padega na. Aur fir meri lagg jaati hai... 
Things already packed and have taken space in my suitcase too: 
  1. Wollens from India. (not suited for UK's cold temp)
  2. Formals from India. (not suited for UK's fashion)
  3. Sarees from India.  (Practically its freezing temp for 5 months there)
  4. Salwar Kammezes from India. (fashion is made in Lecister & London) 
  5. Study material from India. (All books latest pirated versions available on the net) 

Like kids cant let go their toys, girls and wives cant let go the clothes which they loved to wear once, some long time back !!! 

As of today, we have around 150 kilos to be taken to the UK... I don't know if the BA guys would say, "Dudes you guys are not flying alone!!!"  

Baba Meher Karr, Ik "Event Manager" Hi Bhej De !!! 

Ok got to go and do packing !!! 


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