Monday, January 14, 2008

Few Videos from the Nakuru National Park Trip in November 2007

We visited the Giraffe sanctuary and you could actually feed the giraffe. :-) This is Prateek Vyas and I am taking the video. Giraffe looks like a real girlie animal. Very calm and very sweet child kinds. But sometimes they also give the "Zidane Head Butt" and that really hurts. Giraffe has this very thick saliva and when you wash your hands after feeding them, it is like you are trying to remove Fevicol from your hand. Kind of Grosss !!!

I took this video from top of the picnic hill inside the Nakuru National Park. Now because this is a picnic hill you can find thousands of Baboons roaming around and trying to snatch your food from your hands. So if you want to have picnic then you should sit in your vehicle and have your food in an enclosed space. Bloody Naughty Baboons. But the lake looks awesome from the top. You find the white white kind of things around the shore of the lake, that is the flock of various birds which come at the lake everyday and fight for fish. Millions of them !!!

Pelicans flying around the lake. They have huge beaks and try to eat more than they can put in their belly. At the end of the video you can find a guy with a huge camera, in the earlier post where I had added some photos, if the photos are good they must be the ones taken by that camera, some Nikon D 80 thing.

There were some 5 billion Flamingos. As soon as we landed at the lake, we found them shouting at full volume. Prateek took this video but he is moving his camera very fast. It feels like I am going to fall rotating round and round. but just listen to the noise of the Flamingos. There were some 3-4 other kinds of long legs birds also. :-)

Aah this was bloody good. We found few small animals running around and then in one bush we found a leopard. The leopard crossed the road and we all got shit scared. You can find our cameras going click click and Rishi shouting "Rajan take Photo!!!", "Issac Issac start the car and lets run" (Issac was our driver).
The leopard looks like it is some 100 mtrs away from us, but because we were using pathetic cameras it looks like its very far. Actually its some 20 mtrs or so away from us. It was scary!!!
Also we were at one end of the park and if we ever got into any dangerous situation help would take around 20-30 minutes to arrive.

The whole of morning and afternoon we were trying to find Rhinos, but we found them only at around 4 Pm in the evening. From 10.30 AM to 4.00 PM one of my friends kept pestering the driver "Take me to the place where I can find Rhinos, Issac drive quick if I dont see Rhinos I am not going to pay you. Issac faster take me to the Rhinos" Oh man, what can poor driver do if the Rhinos are hiding??? I guess the driver would be the most happy guy after WE saw the Rhinos.

Prateek's hands move very fast and sometimes which watching a video you might feel dizzy !!! ;-)

Wifey gone to meet her mommy :-( Soooooper boring Ghar pe !!!


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Few Movies

Been watching lots of movies lately. Few of them were decent.

1. Green Street Hooligans

Its a man's movie to be very straight. It involves football and fighting. You support a football club and support it, even if it takes your life.
There is this kid Matt Buckner, who is studying Journalism in Harvard and is thrown out because they find drugs in his room. The drugs belong to his room mate but he doesn't defend and fight back. He leaves Harvard and comes to London to stay with his sister.
Matt makes friends who are supporters of WestHam United Football Club. The supporters drink watch matches and then they fight with the opponent team's supporters. Don't ask me why? Its just like that always !!!
Truth not part of the film: WestHam was in a lot of controversy in 2005-2006 season and got out of it pretty easily. Simply, because it has a very old tradition of football and the club owners have very deep pockets. FA couldn't throw them out of premier league because for FA to survive they want WestHam and such clubs to play in the premier league.
Back to the movie, now this Matt kid gets pretty friendly with the WestHam supporters and gets a very high place in the West Ham Firm. They start calling him "Yankee with a funny accent".
Finally there is a FA Cup Match to be held between MillWall and WestHam, and before the match a fight breaks out and his best friend dies in it.
Matt does learn a lot of things from his stay in London, one if them is that "Sometimes it is very important to hold your ground (Being a student he should have defended himself at Harvard) but sometimes it is important to let it go (being a west Ham supporter you need not fight with the rivals every single time)"
People who understand football and have a little knowledge on how the English Clubs have their fans in gang supporting their teams, would love this movie. Not recommended for girls !!!

2. Bridge to Terabithia

Bridge on Terabithia is a really nice movie about two kids and their lovely imagination.
There is this boy in school and he has four sisters and its a happy family. The kid has problems in school, everyone bully's him and all that stuff. One day a new girl joins school and turns out to be his neighbour. Then one day they decide to just go into the woods near their house and cross the river, they name the land across the river as their Kingdom - Terabithia. :-)
The girl's parents are writers and ask the kids to think larger than life, think out of the box, imagination should run wild. The movie shows the boy's crush on his music teacher and how he tries to impress her, help her and gather affection for the teacher.
Then an incident happens and things change. Watch the movie. Its really cool. :-)

3. American Gangster

Bloody Brilliant film I should say. Its set around the time of Viet-Freaking-Nam War (Stolen from Forest-Freaking-Gump). The time when everyone in US were going high on dope and Pink Floyd and everyone loved being called Junky. Well thats got no context to the story.
Its about how a black man gets into the business of drug trafficking and runs it for years without even getting noticed. The main reason he doesn't get noticed is because he is a black man and the business of smuggling and drug trafficking is run by the Whites.
What he does is really cool, he gets the drugs from Thiland, transports on the military aircrafts and gets the drugs of highest quality into US. He has friends in the military, police department, administration, etc etc. He doesn't employ many people, instead he asks his cousins (which he has in millions) to join him and help in his business. He now has people around him whom he can trust and has the best quality product in the market, sells it at a nominal price and not a single person notices him because he is black. Brilliant!!!
Management Skills to the maximum. Excellent Operation's Management, Excellent Marketing, Excellent Sales, Excellent Human Resources, Excellent Pricing Strategy and excellent product, but he has one problem He deals in the wrong product.
He is then followed by the cops and is evetually caught. Denzel Washington acts as the drug lord Frank Lucas and Russell Crowe acts as Detective Richie Roberts.

I also saw Taare Zameen Par. I think the movie is nice not great. I have seen better movies or I would say some other movies were considered better w.r.t TZP by me. But who am I? Paintings were good. :-)
Chalo ji... Abbb Bus !!!


Wednesday, January 02, 2008


My younger brother made this animation movie with a still photo camera. He is very talented and does a lot of stuff on animation these days.

Two of his friends also joined in. Credits to Amrinder Singh Virdee, Kaushik Choudhary and Swati Handa.

It has great use of clay models and music borrowed from a lot of Hindi movies. The clay models come into the picture after 3:00 mins. Kids have put in a lot of effort. Watch the movie patiently. :-)

What he wants to say through this movie is that

"The problems we face today are the destruction of nature, poverty, hunger and so on.... Human created problems can be resolved by human efforts only... We need to cultivate a universal responsibility towards one another and the planet we share... The decision is ofcourse left to us to chose from a life full of uncertainty or a life that we all dream about..."

Enjoy the movie... Do put on your computer's speakers...


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