Wednesday, January 02, 2008


My younger brother made this animation movie with a still photo camera. He is very talented and does a lot of stuff on animation these days.

Two of his friends also joined in. Credits to Amrinder Singh Virdee, Kaushik Choudhary and Swati Handa.

It has great use of clay models and music borrowed from a lot of Hindi movies. The clay models come into the picture after 3:00 mins. Kids have put in a lot of effort. Watch the movie patiently. :-)

What he wants to say through this movie is that

"The problems we face today are the destruction of nature, poverty, hunger and so on.... Human created problems can be resolved by human efforts only... We need to cultivate a universal responsibility towards one another and the planet we share... The decision is ofcourse left to us to chose from a life full of uncertainty or a life that we all dream about..."

Enjoy the movie... Do put on your computer's speakers...


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