Thursday, March 27, 2008

Race Saason Ki !!!

  1. There are two brother X & Y
  2. There are two girls XX & YY
  3. X likes XX.
  4. Y is a drunkard.
  5. Y says “I will stop drinking if XX marries me”
  6. X asks XX to marry Y.
  7. YY likes X.
  8. Y hates X.
  9. Y plots with XX to get X killed.
  10. X dies after he is pushed from the building by XX.
Inspector A and assistant B comes in.
  1. X & Y’s father has insurance worth $200 Million.
  2. If X dies Y will get $100 Million.
  3. After XX kills X, she would have got $20 Million.
  4. But YY marries X secretly.
  5. YY is now a widow and gets $100 million.
  6. Now YY will get $100 million.
Basically Y plots with YY and wants to get X & XX killed. So that there is no money sharing with XX. Inspector A wants to spill the beans but can shut up if given $25 Million.
  1. Y thinks X & XX are dead.
  2. But X plans with XX & inspector A to get this thing done so that the Insurance money of $100 comes out of the bank.
  3. And after lots of hiding X comes out in the open plains.
  4. Y is angry that X is not dead. But in the record he is dead.
  5. YY is sad. XX is happy. X & Y have a CAR RACE and Y & YY die in the crash.
  6. XX is now the widow of Y and she gets his $100 Million.
  7. So now XX & X have $ 200 million.
  8. Inspector A gets $50 Million and promises never to meet X or XX again.

दीमाग का दही कर दिया है अब्बास मस्तान ने !!!

Johnny Lever comes for 1 scene for 5 mins and don't even think of missing this scene. :-) Movie was crap but now my neck is twisted... Too many twists you see...


Friday, March 21, 2008

Should we or Should we not?

I was having a discussion with my friends and cousins, "whether we should build a house or we should live all our life in a rented house?" there were quite interesting facts shared.

Well I was talking to few friends and trying to figure out how much would a guy ultimately pay to the bank if he took a loan at the end of the loan term.
Loan Amount : Rs 4,000,000
Loan Tenor : 15 years
Loan Interest: 12 % per annum
So at the end of 15 years how much would the borrower have paid to the bank in total? And the magic number is : Rs 8,641,260.00
So I kind of send few mails to my friends and cousins asking them if it is advisable to buy a house or live in a rented place for ever. Because at the end why should I give Rs 4,641,260.00 more to anyone that what he has given me? Because of time value of money? Ok I am ready to pay 1,000,000.00 more but not that huge a number.

This is what my brother had to say

But it all depends on what you are left with after the loan is paid off... right? For tangible assets, the value of a loan can be easily quantified.

Much more difficult in case of intangible assets... the value of which can only be assessed by the person taking the loan, and can sometimes involve very emotional aspects of one's decision making process...

There are a whole bunch of things you can do with the asset. Pass it on to your kids, give it to your loved ones, or donate it to charity, etc. etc. Any one of these would be better than being out of Rs 3,444,000 and having nothing to show for it.

I agree that having money (or assets) does not make one happy, but I have found that having money does not make one sad either. He He He He He He.

Absolutely Correct...

One of my very close friends said this

If you are paying more than you actually took the loan for .. you also make a profit when you sell the place ... and more over .. its something which you can call your own.... (very practical answer)
you cant expect to be living in same rented house for 10-15 years.. can you ? (NO I dont want to live in the same house for ever)
you can't buy furniture suited to the place... you won't get to know the neighbors... (Hmmm)
you can't modify it according to your tastes and likes... example, putting permanent fixtures.... (Hmmm Correct)
going by the way things are in India .. you never know when the मकान मालीक is going to throw you out ... (Hmmm Sahi)

Another of my friends told me how much does it cost to live in a rented house for 20 years.

If you paying Rs 10,000 as rent every month, then after 10 years you would be paying, the magic figure is (12 * 10,000) * 10 years = Rs1,200,000. Plus u can add compound interest of 8.5 % ascending as the amount grows. I guess u will end paying same amount which u pay to bank after taking loan for Rs 2,000,000..

I guess he is absolutely correct.

I guess we all should aim to buy a house but It took some help from my family and friends to convince me, why we should buy a house. Its not that I didnt know these things but its like "DO I REALLY NEED TO BUY A HOUSE FOR MYSELF AND MY FAMILY?" I am convinced.

This post would help everyone for people who are undecided on the point whether we should buy a house or we should live in a rented apartment.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Trip to Kukke Subramanya...

There is this small temple near Mangalore... Its called Kukke Subramanya... Me, my wife and my mom in law went to that place... It was really really beautiful... The place and the whole ambiance... :-) Loved the whole trip...
Out guest house was very close to the temple and the whole setting looked like some picture scene... I am just posting the pictures...
At the end of the trip i knew 1 thing... my mom in law is a real sport and quite funny at the end... Khi Khi Khi Khi Khi Khi


Mountains Behind (this is the best pic)


Temple From Afar


Shoelace trick !!! How to do it...

Ahhh the shoes lace trick is finally out... Someone in the earlier post gave the link... Thanks mate...

Nice one bro... You fooled us for a long time... Enough...


Friday, March 07, 2008


My brother did some tricks with his shoe laces and tricked me. he just moved his feet and tied the laces. He did that twice and I wanted to see it slow motion as to how he ties his shoelaces, without even using his hands, touching his shoes or even bringing his hands close to his laces. He does it by just moving his feet. So to do understand how he does it I captured a video.

I am sharing the video with everyone. Amazing isn't it??


Sunday, March 02, 2008

What should we do for a great India???

The finance minister has presented his budget and has given joy to a lot of Indian middle class citizens. Helped us by reducing the taxes and also has helped the farm sector. But what are we doing to bring some hope to our fellow Indians? I don't think we are doing anything. We just crib complain, complain more. And then while having the morning cup of tea with the news paper in hand we say "Darling, देश को corruption ने जकड के रखा है. देश आगे ही नहीं बढ रहा है."
Today as Indians we are the most horrible when it comes to moving around in public.
  • We dont follow traffic rules
  • We spit on roads
  • We smoke below the no smoking sign
  • We turn right when the signal says "DO NOT TURN RIGHT" or the other way around.
  • We honk at anything moving on the road, even buffaloes.
  • We keep our houses clean but throw the waste just outside our house boundary, we never walk to the dustbin kept 10 Mtrs away from the house main gate.
  • We park the car in such a way that no other person can park his car. If the sign says park you car parallel to the road we just do it in some diagonal way.
  • We take the dog out so that it can shit and make itself happy and then when we walk on the street we never forget to say "Yaar dekho roads kitne gande hain, koi safai kyun nahi karta?"
  • We break the rules and when the cops catch us the first thing we say is "Sir sir sir, please sir !! Uncle beemar hai hospital ja raha tha. Sir kuch keejiye na." We just think we can break the rules and can just get over with it.
  • We start work late in office and leave late, we should change it to come to work early go back early and be with friends and family for a larger part of the day.
Another big problem which I find in India is that we have been brought up by parents who have told us:
  • अभी खेल के time waste मत करो, चलो पढ़ाई करो (dont waste your time in playing, come on study)
  • अरे क्या painting- shainting करते रहते हो? पढ़ाई कौन करेगा? (why are you painting? who will study?)
  • खेलते हुए चोट लग जायेगी, ध्यान से खेलो (You will get hurt while playing, take it easy)
Sports and extra activities are very necessary in the overall development of the child. Anyways in India extra activities means going to for a movie. We rarely find sports being part of our culture. Theater is dying. Music is all remix and copied. Mahesh Bhatt has mastered the art of watching DVDs and making movies in a week.

Himesh comes out with an Album which has got the following songs:
  • Himesh Song
  • Himesh Song - Sad Remixed
  • Himesh Song - Happy Remix
  • Himesh Song - Happy Dandiya Remix
  • Himesh Song - Sad Dandiya Remix
  • Himesh Song - Happy Bhangra Remix
  • Himesh Song - Sad Bhangra remix
Arre Himesh whats your problem, give music and go to hell, who is asking you to give us crap???

Anyways my point is that we arn't really doing justice to what we can do. The question is not "What are we doing for the growth of the nation and making it a better place to live?" but the question is "What can we do to make this a better place to live 100 years after???"

Four points which can make India a better place to live from my side, anyone else who wants to contribute is welcome:
  1. Just keep your surroundings and head clean. Dont pee on walls. Dont spit on roads. Throw garbage in the community garbage bin. Think good about your neighbor and help the elderly.
  2. Follow rules set by the government. Pay taxes. Dont cheat the public.
  3. Work and family life should be balanced. Work hard in office. Finish tasks in given time and care about your family a little more. Tuck in your kid in bed, when he is about to sleep.
  4. Ask your kid to follow one extra curricular activity with passion. Any activity, it can be sports, music, drawing, painting, watching stars, writing poetry, reading novel, anything, just help him/ her follow that passion. Ask if he/ she needs help in anyway from your side.
I don't know if I can see a great India before I become 75 years old but yes I do see a great India since I was 10 years old. We have progressed and belive me we are on the right track, because there are many more people who think the same like what I think. Happy Nation !!! :-)

And ahh how can I forget.
  • Congrats to the Indian under 19 cricket team for bringing home the Kids World Cup.
  • Congrats to Dhoni and his young lads for killing the Australians in the 1st final.
  • Congrats to Prabodh Tirkey and his Hockey champs for an 8-0 victory agsinst Russia. And good luck to them so that they can win the tournament in Chile and qualify for the Olympics.
Ok tata Bye bye.


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