Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Camera

My Younger bro got a new camera and its a piece of magic. He clicked few photos. I was very thrilled and hence posting them on the internet. really cool camera and a very steady hand. Atta Boy !!!
Chennai Sunset from top of the building.

Birds and the sun setting. Its really amazing to see the birds flying back home when the sun gets ready to go back home.
Saint Thomas Mount from our roof top. We stay in Adyar and the camera has an amazing zoom.
Brilliant Photography !!!!
The sun and the mobile antennas.
Crow at one of the antennas. :-)
Sun going down. 1.
Sun going down 2.
The airplane taking off. Good work by my bro. Captures the airplane and the antenna in the same frame. IT Revolution? Absolutely right !!!
Chameleon on the mango tree near our house window.


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