Friday, December 18, 2009

No I am not dead...

been just too too too busy with work, hockey & masti marofying with my wife... :-)

Trupti was travelling back from London today and she clicked some photos... They all look nice, bright, happy...

photo 2
photo 3
photo 4
Now the photos from my camera... They are dark, gloomy & torturous...
I bike from home to the rail station everyday and this is what I found on my bike when I came back in the evening...

There was 6 inches of snow on my bike and
a thought "why can't we have a roof for the bike stand at Cambridge station?! "


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Norway in June & December

UK being away from the equator faces quick changes in the seasons. Like there is a change in 2 minutes of sun light everyday. When the season changes from winter to summer there is a drastic shift of sun setting at 4PM to 10PM.

Now this was new for me and I wanted to see what is the difference between sunlight light time period in Norway. They call Norway "the land of mid night sun", but it can also be called "the land of noon darkness" (or something like that)

These are two videos of North of Norway.

In the month of June 2008, you can see that there is so less darkness. Hence the name "land of mid night sun"

And in the month of December 2008, we can see that the sunlight is out there for hardly 2 or 3 hours. Interesting isn't it?

I never felt this sudden "total sunlight time period" issue staying in India, but then that was India.

I also love the way the trees change from "no leaves in winter" to "new leaves in spring" to "green leaves in summer" to "red leaves in autumn" and back to no leaves in winter.

In India we generally have ever green trees & forests, pretty different here. :-)


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Crouchy's Ballet & the Idiot Dancer

Every time Peter Crouch comes on the football field he has something hilarious to do. It may be his bad header or his after goal scoring robot acts or his bad foul or his geek look towards his team mate after missing an open goal.
Yesterday's game against Belarus showed us why he is a clown of great talents. He can "Ballet" & also to assit him he can ask people from Belarus to join in. Check these photos.

Crouchy and his pals from Belarus doing Ballet

Professionals doing Ballet. See the resemblance??

I just couldn't stop laughing after I saw the photo on Telegraph. It was hilarious and must be nominated for the "best dance action to score a goal of the century" category !!! :D


Thursday, October 08, 2009

Lalit Modi is typical Gujju

His best friend is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, not in real sense but just the Gandhi photo on the 1000 rupees note.

I can now live in peace!!!
See see even Gandhi's smiling & smiling "Yes he loves me & he will let me live for ever". Lalit Modi the IPL CEO and BCCI top notch executive will do anything for money and will even make the Indian Cricket players play on the moon if that pays him & BCCI.
The main moto of a sports governing body is promote sports in youngsters, help the sports people when in need (or injury), bring up new talent from the corners of the country & help build glory to the country.
Lalit Modi is now organizing a 20-20 champions tournament & "ONLY THE BEST" are playing in it.
Oh really?
  • Sir I have a question : What about the champions of World 20-20 cup, the country called Pakistan? They also won the ICL tournament, didn't they? The IPL -1 champion team had Kamran Akmal & Sohail Tanvir, why were they not allowed to play in IPL -2?
  • Question 2: Sir Afridi is part of Deccan Chargers why isn't he playing?
  • Modi barks back louder : "YOU WANT INDIA TO WIN OR PAKISTAN TO WIN?"
Lalit Modi doesn't care about cricket, for him IPL is a profit making company and it should give him profit. He doesn't give a shit if any youngster comes from IPL to the Indian team or not. He just doesn't care !!! All he cares about is his 8 franchisers and how can I make more from them.

SRK "This guy to my right is an inspiration to the world & to all who don't care about anything & find out a way to make money"
Modi "please SRK you are embarrassing me, I am just a humble servant of BCCI"
I remember there was one young guy Manish Pandey who made a century in IPL -2 and since then hasn't done anything to come to the Indian team level.
IPL doesn't help domestic cricket, it is just spoiling the cricket scene in India. Half the players are injured when India plays an ICC tournament. India hasn't done great at the test level in the world until recently; now that our team has been doing well lets not kill the best 11 by forcing too much cricket on them.
Sehwag was injured for the ICC ODI Championship and now he is fit to play for Delhi Dare Devils. What if he get injured in Champions Trophy tournament and can't play against Australia?
Does Modi care about that? I am sure he doesn't. Infact even BCCI doesn't care, its now become a company & they want to make profit year on year. I don't know what great work are they doing after making so much money. The stadiums in India are bad and don't have good toilets or good seats. There are no good coaches at district level.
Modi stop being a typical Gujju and please give back to the people what you have got from them.
And I am totally against 20-20 cricket as a launch pad for cricketers to come to the national scene.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Obama, Healthcare & Change

Being an Indian citizen I haven seen how difficult it is to get good medical facilities in small towns like Kharagpur in Bengal, India. My uncle & aunt had an accident sometime back and they had to go to Calcutta from Kharagpur to get an operation done, after the accident. But once they went inside the hospital everything was taken care of. It means that in India if you have a medical problem and land in the right hands, you will be taken care of.
I stayed in Chennai for few years and I found the medical facilities in big cities in India to be great. Infact some of the hospitals in India were so good that they didn't make you feel as if you were in a developing country.
If you had medical insurance (you can get it from your company or buy it yourself) then you need not spend anything and still get the best facilities. My University had sorted out my medical insurance and after a freak accident on my face while playing; I didn't pay a penny at the private hospital outside the University Campus and got the surgery done.
These are the kind of things which Obama wants to bring to every American citizen. Its a great thing and yes medical facility should be available and affordable to all. But right now a lot of people in the US Congress have their election funds coming from large Healthcare & Insurance companies and it is getting impossible for Obama to sell the idea to the Congressmen. To put in in a nutshell "The current generation of US politicians have become shameless bastards !!!"
How much money do they want? They are not going to live forever, most of them are around 50 and will die in next 25 to 30 years, then what about the millions and billions they have made?
My wife & I, moved to UK and were amazed to see how cheap the medical facilities are here. It looks like we are living in a socialistic economy and not capitalistic economy. Everyone who goes to the doctors in UK need not pay a single penny. The doctors in UK work for the government and the government pays their salaries. They write prescriptions to the patients and the patient has to buy every prescribed pill for £7.20. He pays only if he is between the age of 16 and 60 years. Isn't that great? If you are in an age where you can earn and pay for your living then you can pay a nominal charge for the medicines which you buy. Doesn't matter if it is a cancer medicine or AIDS medicine it is £7.20 for the pill. Doesn't matter if the medicine is for 10 days or 10 weeks or 10 months course, you pay £7.20. It is that cheap.
I think some people might in US are also arguing to the fact that "Why should I pay for your medical facilities? I pay my taxes and my tax money is being used by the government to provide medical facilities to the poor!! The poor don't pay any taxes and don't help me in anyway." You are helping the poor because you can. In a country or in a community isn't it nice to care for each other? If I am a poor guy living in a community and all the community members come together and help me in finding a good job or constructing the roof of my house, wouldn't it make this community a better place to live in? Wouldn't it bring a good name to the community? Yes it would.
So sometimes the Healthcare Policy makers should understand that "It is not just about the money & the profits each company or hospital makes. It is about a nation and its people !!!"
In France there are doctors employed by the government who have the sole duty to work only during the night. If someone calls them and says "It is 2AM in the night I have a very bad stomach ache" the doctors visits their home and checks them, and it is free and you need not pay any insurance for such a service. Can we imagine such a thing happening in USA? Right now I don't think so.
In my opinion US mentality today has become profit oriented and money focused. The current governmental policy makers have forgotten what is right for the future of the nation. I hope that the Congress understands that everyone has a right to live & good health. It is the duty of the leaders of the nation to provide these basic necessities.
OBAMA FOR CHANGE !!! The first change which has to come in the US Congressmen's minds is "no more greed" .


Thursday, September 03, 2009

Bank Holiday Weekend

We went to Dover on the Bank Holiday weekend and it was real fun. Ever since I was a kid and read stories of World War II (my cousins had those black & white comic books of WW II), I wanted to visit the port of Dover, as this was the closest town to Europe...
I always had my imagination that this would be filled with military & navy... We can see that on most of the Indian border posts, but this is what we found....

...a sleepy little village town with cars parked and very scarcely populated...

We walked from the town to Dover Castle which was on the top of the hills or cliffs of Dover... The walk from town to the top was really nice and we just sat here and there for a general photo session... The place is so less populated that we couldn't find anyone to take our photo, so I kept the camera someplace and then used the timer to click the photo... :-) Imagine Indian Population!!!

This is the English Channel & you can see France at a distance... On a better day you can see a clearer France...

Dover Castle... It had loads of tunnels and stories of how it was an important part of the 2nd World War, for the Allied forces... There were stories that it is one of the most haunted places in UK...

Walls of the castle, most of the walls had places where they had anti aircraft guns shooting German planes from 1939 to 1945...

The next day we wanted to see the cliffs of Dover and had to walk around 6 miles for the whole route... This route was earlier used by trains to transport chalk for industrial use...

The cliffs overlook the port... Pretty cool ain't it?

Living on the edge literally !!!

The wind was very strong on the cliffs.. We can see here that the growth of the branches has become unidirectional... Just loved the fact that nature still rules!!!

You had to actually take a small path from the top of the cliffs, then walk down the stairs to go to the beach.. The walk was loads of fun...

WW II observation posts... the scenes would have been different when the war was on...

The beach was very different than the beaches we have back in India...

Now the fun of going on a vacation is that you have to wear a different dress everytime we go out... And "meri pyari biwi" had like tons of dresses to wear for these 3 days... She brought so many dresses that even though she changed dresses every 6 hours, some of the dresses were taken back to cambridge without being touched... It is fun for girls to mix and match various dresses for different occasions... :-) This is the dress for going to the beach, this for generally going out & this for dinner !!! Amazing !!!

For men?? It's simple "Change the Tshirt - Change the mood !!"

Even the start of the train journey from Dover back to Cambridge was very scenic... :-) The train went along the coast line for around 20 mins and I was busy clicking photos... :-) Just loved it !!!

"The tourists" had a great time in Dover.
Thankfully the sun was out, weather was great & we loved the last summer days of 2009 in Dover !!! :-)


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

6 years on & the passion still remains...

Been 6 years since I played good competitive hockey. But the passion was always as good as it was in those days. I am leaner & fitter since last year and rearing to go for the hockey season which starts in end of September.

December 2003

September 2009

Woaaaaaaahhhhhhhh Been a long time I should say !!!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Full of geeks...

You know you are in a place full of physicists / mathematicians / geeks or in Cambridge when you can read this on the walls as graffiti...

Weird people but the formula does express what someone's ENERGY level must be; given that his mass = M!!!


Friday, July 24, 2009

United Breaks Guitars

We all have understood the power of internet with Obama's Presidential Election Victory and now we can see loads of people using the power of Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc to express their feelings.
Now this dude who happens to be a nice small time singer in Canada flew United Airlines and they broke his guitar. He came up with a song to protest what happened with him and may be in a light hearted way also pointed the finger at United's CEO.

Now that United have now found out that there is a lot of negative publicity involved around this issue, they have come back to him with a compensation. Better late than never !!! Good lads !!!
But this bugger now wants United to give the money to charity and is coming out with a 2nd song. Bollocks !!! We got your message !! United got your message!!! They tried compensating (with cash or a brand new guitar) but this son-of-a-gun wouldn't stop, will he?
Some people just don't know when to stop whining and you are one of them !!!


Monday, July 20, 2009

Google's Innovation

Google comes out with those Special Day pages every time there is a special day; say for example like New Year or Christmas or Halloween etc etc. Today it is "The Day Human's Set Foot on Moon", so what can great innovation can Google come out with?
Well there isn't anything great on its search page but if you go to GoogleMaps and then try going to street view, you can find an ASTRONAUT instead of a normal YELLOW MAN !!! I think it is really cool way to pay tribute. And the Astronaut kind of walks as if he is really on the moon. :-)


Friday, July 10, 2009

India Awakening

My younger brother made this movie. Its a small documentary about what every Indian can do to make India a better place.

Music is obviously copied from some albums & some scenes too. The idea and concept are just amazing. I also love the fact that he doesnt want India to become a super power but he says "If we do small small things correctly and take part in every way to make India a better place, then surely India will become a better place".
Good work Amrinder & friends.

Part - 1

Part - 2


Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Change in History !!!

Well last week was quite dramatic with loads of things happening.

Michael Jackson Died - Yes he was my first hero. I mean I never liked him like would cut my nerve when he died but yes I always tried doing moon walk when I was a kid. My eldest cousin brought home the Thriller Cassette and it was just so much fun listening and dancing to it. When ever there was a new music release it was followed on Doordarshan and I was there watching it on The World this Week. It was fun and respect to Michael, he was an inspiration. He did make History with his Thriller !!

Legalizing Gay Marriages in India - This is a big attempt by India (a country as whole) to control the population explosion problem. I see new webistes coming up, like Tamil or PunjabiMatrimony.Com; we are going to have Samesex.Shaadi.Com or Samesex.Matrimony.Com. Way to go India !!! Actually it doesn't bother me much, as long as anyone makes love to the other with his/her concent. Its a small step to change the way we look at gays and lesbians, as we should stop looking at them as different; THEY ARN'T. Obviously you now don't go ahead and legalizse sex with animals. Poor cows on the Indian roads might be living in fear now. History was made surely !!!

Rakhi Sawant is Marrying some bloke on live Television: Now this is what I call making of history. RAKHI KA SWAYAMWAR is the biggest thing to happen to Indian Television. She comes on TV and says "jaise Sita Mata ka swayamwar hua tha, jaise Draupadi ka swayamwar hua tha, is yug mein mera swayamwar hoga."
Rakhi was called “divya roopi sundari nari” by a contestant. Rakhi Sawant to Indian is what Jade Goody was to UK. She is monitored 24X7 by media and every Tom-Dick-Harry-Mika want their share of the sad fame she has got. She was in Big Boss and there she gave her great English dialogs "oj Geegas Please halp me, meri madad karo !!"
She slapped her boyfriend Abhishek Awasthi as he apologized her on a knee. She thinks "I have been under the scanner all my life, it is time I also get married under the scanner."
The contestants have come from far of lands, and rakhi has been asking each one with a sweet twinkle in her eye "aap mera dil toh nahi dukhayenge".
  • One dude is from Canada whose Hindi is as good as my Swahili.
  • Another one is a police officer from Kashmir. It looks like the terrorists are busy watching Rakhi Ka Swayamwar and this gives the officers in the valley to visit Bombay.
  • Some bloke is from "Ganga maiya ke kinare humara des hai", looks like he is from some village in Bihar or UP.
  • Best was when some guy came up to her and said that "yeh lo kangan meri ma ne bheje hain aapni bahooo ke liye". Bloody hell I didnt know I should cry or laugh !! But I did get cramps in my stomach & aansoo aa gaye meri aankhon mein.
  • One guy is Luv Khanna from Delhi. Where else could he be from?? Look at his pickup like "yeh Ram aur Sita ka putr aapka dil jeetne aaya hai aur jeet ke jayega"
Anyways history was made last week and way to go Indian Television !!! Bobby Darling you got your rights !!! Jacko RIP...


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Love Tuesday Evenings

Since moving to UK, I wanted to do a lot of things and on top of those was join a Hockey Club. Half of those plans have either been forgotten or I plan to do once I get a decent job but I couldn't stop myself from joining a Hockey Club, as soon as we setled in Cambridge. I go for regular off-season training on Tuesday evenings at South Cambridge Hockey Club and its real fun.
My Old hockey stick was giving me trouble and hence thought of changing it with a new one.

This was being used on and off since past 4 years and it was time for it to go.
Even the Color Started fading.
Got a Slazenger stick and it was pretty costly too. But there is no value for passion. Got the one which the English Olympic team had in 2008, just to boost the passion to play. Sad that the British team defeated India in the Qualifying.
The Grip is pretty soft and there isn't any jerk when I take the Hit.
The Hook's good for scoop and drag flicks. Would cost you 60 quid in the Slazenger website try getting a bargain if you can
South Cam has 4 mens teams and 4 girls teams, casual trainings involves playing in mixed teams or mens teams. Last Tuesday the second team captain came and asked me if I was intersted to join them for the season starting in October, looks like I impressed him. I was thrilled at that invitation. :-) So till October I would like to train lots and then put fight to find place in the regular team.
Tata... It is time...


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda & Samantha - My new worst friends!!!

What does a girl want from her guy? They want you to listen, "Are you even listening to what I am saying? I think I am talking to the walls!!!"
The point is that they want you to listen, see and do everything their way, even girly stuff. So I have been watching SEX & THE CITY since past few weeks on the computer while my dearest wife & I have dinner.
Why I cant tolerate it:
  1. Because its like 30 GB of data downloaded, illegally & forcefully. I was forced to download it.
  2. because it took a week to download. The WiFi was kind of slow, so it took a week to download. As soon as it was downloaded the WiFi was back and running. Did the Virgin Broadband guys kind of give me idications & hints of what was coming?
  3. Because it starts with these lines every time: In a city like New York with 8 million people and 4 million being men, cant a girl ask for nothing more but a decent handsome, rich, smart & funny man??!!!
  4. Because it is predictable. Since we have been watching from season 1 to 6 I kind of know what each girl does and wants from the other guy. Do girls just want to say, "My name is Ivana Humpeu!!" everytime they see a smarty? I dont think so.
  5. Because it was clashing with the world cup matches timing. Tell me honestly whats more important "4 girl friends trying to figure out how to get a guy or 11 men playing with their bat & ball" ?
  6. Because I can't tell my wife I hate this nonsense or else she will say I HATE YOUR CRICKET, FOOTBALL, FORMULA 1, HOCKEY, ETC ETC SPORTS!!! NO SEASON FOR ME MEANS NO SPORTS SEASON FOR YOU TOO, DEAL?? I don't even want her to have those thoughts , so just waiting for season 6 to get over.
  7. Because its taken 30 GB of hard drive space.
  8. Last but not the least, I am sure Trupti's going to have a re-run of all the seasons for next 6 months.
So if any guy is reading this and his girl wants "Sex & The City" movie DVD or Seasons DVD, just find a great great reason why you forget to buy it everyday or why the download can't happen!!!
May Lord have mercy on Carrie's soul !!! Amen !!


Monday, June 15, 2009

New Look

Well it was time I changed the look of my weblog, the old one was getting boring now and wollah here I am.

Wanted a picture of me playing hockey and hence this "HOCKEY SLAP HIT" picture up there. I also wanted a links thing on top of the weblog rather than everything on the right side, so changed that too.
Actully I didnt know how to do all the changes, so I consulted meri pyari biwi and the expert that she is, said "I will do everything for you but but but, you won't question me, 'why this?' 'why that?' OK? You will take the colors I put on your site, no questions asked, OK? You will not say, 'hmmm this looks fine', you have to say 'This looks the best!!!', only then I will touch the HTML code for new look, OK?"
Actually it does look good and I was smart that I didnt ask her too many questions and left all to her. This thing looks great. :-)
Thankssssssssssss Dulingggggggggggg !!! And she got a present for this. Well she now owns a brand new car. Congrats on your new car, latest model Austin. ;-)


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Why is cricket a game of glorious uncertainties and controversies???

Greg Chappel says "Smart work & Quick thinking" that's what all the cheats do don't they? You can't cheat someone if you are dumb jackass yourself.
The cricket law says "You can't hold the ball and touch the rope at the same time, and if you do so it will be 6 or 4"

Fair enough.

But in this video we see Mathews doesn't touch the rope but goes beyond the rope, outside the boundary line, he then stays outside, jumps in the air, pushes the ball from outside the boundary line (while he is flying in the air like super-cheats-man) and throws it in. And suddenly all of a sudden it becomes a "smart thinking, good work, great job, well done, etc etc cock-a-doodle-doo!!"

Think of this. Its the last ball of 1986 Sharjah Cup, Pakistan needs 6 to win. Chetan Sharma is bowling to Javed Miandad, as usual we know Javed will hit a six and we ask Kapil Dev to keep all his fielders in the boundary line. Now as soon as Javed hits the ball, the first fielder run outside the boundary line, goes 15 rows into the crowd and jumps in the air, catches the ball and throws the ball to the second fielder who is standing inside the boundary. The other fielder catches it and its OUT!!!

Javed Miandad hit the ball outside the boundary line and still got out!!! Should we say "smart thinking, good work, great job, well done, etc etc cock-a-doodle-doo!!" or should we say "thats cheating"

So from this video we understand cricket is a game of glorious uncertainties and needs 1 billion rules every year for fair play. But here the fielder should have just not thrown in the ball, it looks like he is a cheat. Sorry Mathews, good effort but you cheated.

Just incase you want to have a look at the video again and just the catch check out the following video without any of the cheezy Australian or Indian comments.

The commentators of Indian sub continent are riding the success of the Indian Cricket team, specially Harsha Bhogle should throw away his wig !!!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Woah !!! Woah !!! Woah !!!

I didn't know this.
I watched I Am Legend few times. I mean downloaded it and watched it on the computer and then on the iPod whenever I was travelling, but didn't know that there was an alternate ending.
Check this out (there is a video here, click on play) !!! 

Some people say the video isn't available, for them here is the link. :P

Remember Neville's daughter telling "Daddy look at the butterfly!!"? This is how the butterfly saves him !!! :-)
A happier ending but the earlier ending was great, this is just OK OK !!!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jitega Bhai Jeetega

Got the tickets Yahooooooooooo !!! We got the tickets for the 20-20 World Cup Semi Finals. 

We really don't know if India will qualify for the Semi Finals but watching the match at the Oval would be an amazing experience in itself. :-)
Come On Dhoni & gang !!!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What should one do when they visit Cambridge?

Cambridge is a small sleepy little town but on a bright sunny day it does become a garden with everyone out doing barbeque. :-) 
When you visit Cambridge 
  1. Lookout for weather guide and pray that the sun stays out the whole day. 
  2. If you are not sure of the weather then then just use your iPhone as she did. (Some people just don't stop showing off! Not you darling, I am talking about some other people)

  3. Head for Midsummer Common, which is close to City Center. Here is a view of Midsummer on Google Street Map on a sad cold day. Imagine how it would look on a bright and warm sunny day. 

  4. Get rented bicycles. If you come by train, you can find a bicycle rent shop in the private parking area of the station. If you have your own bike and you should get it along. Cambridge is small enough and if you are cycling more than 30 mins to reach your destination it means you are either lost or you are out of Cambridge or "buck up lazy ass you are biking too slow!!"
  5. When you reach Midsummer Common, head for the river Cam. It runs through Midsummer. 
  6. Get some sandwiches and drinks along. There are few pubs incase you don't want to bring your own food. Fancy a pint then please visit Fort St. George
  7. Enjoy the weather 

  8. Enjoy your Ice Creams and stickout you tongue if you had Mr Bubbles. Love the bubble gum colour and taste on your tongue.

  9. Take Self potraits  

  10. Girls can checkout the guys rowing and flexing their muscles. 

  11. Or just simple relax, bike for sometime, sit down relax again. Or close your eyes and sleep in the grass. (Don't forget to tie the bike to your leg. Cambridge is famous for professional bicycles thieves.) 
It was an amazing day and we just did that. :-) 

Precaution : Watchout for cow dung while you are walking or biking!!!


Sunday, May 03, 2009

Chandni Raatein

In 1990s Bally Sagoo, a super duper DJ from UK started remixing the old songs and presenting them to the Indian crowd. I wasn't a great fan of this idea but of the few songs which Bally Sagoo presented, one of the songs which I loved the most was Chandni Raatein. The first video is Bally Sagoo's remixed song, which came out in 1997. I didnt know this song is a copy of the old old song of a very very old hindi movie. I was generally wasting time on YouTube and bumped into the old Chandni Raatein song. Sagoo, thanks for the remix. 

And this is the original song. What if Sagoo didnt remix this, we would have never heard this song. :-) 


Friday, April 24, 2009

Luck By Chance

Ha Ha Ha Ha !!! Anurag Kashyap makes a fool of himself and his loud thinking. In 2008 Anurag Kashyap gave India's best movie - Black Friday and also the worst movie - No Smoking.

About these dialogs I would say "Symbolic hai jiada mat socho."


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Indian Premier League Twenty20 tournament sparks hunger strike in Kolkata jail

Hundreds of prisoners in a Kolkata jail have gone on hunger strike after being told they could not watch Indian Premier League cricket. Check this news 

Worlds coming to an end, people are not allowed to watch TV... Prisoners now demands their rights... Bollocks !!! 


Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Snow In London

It was real fun to watch the snow fall for the first time in my life. :-) It started snowing here on Sunday evening and kept falling till Monday evening. It was really beautiful. Some say the weather was treacherous but for me its was a great fun filled day. ;-)

Our backyard
Park near our house
Front with Didi's car, fully covered in snow
The tree in our backyard looked awesome :-) 
And the houses too.... 
This also gave us an opportunity to build a snowman. Althought we were not able to collect a lot of snow but we managed a decent snowman, not as fat as he should be but he was ok. :-) 
Pavit and I, playing in the snow. 
Pavit kept making the snow balls and was busy thowing them at me. Her mission "make the biggest snow ball in the world" :-) 
Snow man and I, trying to shake hands
Snowman and Pavit. Pavit just letting him know, "you are going to melt in few hours". 
Although the day when the snow came down was bad for transport but its become even worse now. After 2 days of sun coming out in its glory, you find the snow turning into ice and walking on the footpath is like doing the work of a trapeze artist. he he he... Very difficult to walk I say. 
Ok more pics when we have more snow. 


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