Monday, August 11, 2008

Bindraaaaa !!! You Genius !!! You Gem !!! You are Awesome !!!

Finally we see no controversy, no cricket, no nonsense, just good and happy news on the news websites...
Pure genius of Bindra in Shooting, brings sports on the top of all news channels...
Thank You Bindra !! Thank you sooo much !!!

Awesome Bindra With the Medal !!!

Awesome Bindra With the Silver and Bronze Medalists !!!

Awesome Bindra Standing tall !!!

Bindraaaaaaa !!! Bindraaaaaa !!! Clap !!! Clap !!! Clap !!!
Bindraaaaaaa !!! Bindraaaaaa !!! Clap !!! Clap !!! Clap !!!


Thursday, August 07, 2008

First there is Rajnikant !!!

Then there is a fat guy with a bad hairstyle, who is making some weird world record !!! Then if given a chance there is GOD !!!

Rajnikant is God !!!This looks good only on Rajni... No one else would look even 1% decent in this place. Apadiyaaaaaaa ???!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha !!!

Fat guy with bad hair does amazing stunt!!! 15 years of perfection and 21.7 seconds of glory !!! Fat guy, you rock !!! Dude everything is fine but dont you think, you need a good shower, a decent hair cut and better shoes??


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