Saturday, March 31, 2007

Pirates - At World's End

I have always been a great lover of fantasy and story telling movies. Loves Lord of the rings and have been a great fan of The Pirates of the Carribean.

Well the third part is releasing in may and I want to watch the movie as soon as it releases. Loved Johny boy and his ugly looks. How can anyone be so ugly and equally so posh? Saw the trailer few minutes back and wanted to post about it. :-)

Check out the trailer from youtube here.

Love the part when the WooDoo Magician says "What would you do? What would any of you be willing to do? Would you breathe the weird and haunted shores at world's end to fetch back witty Jack?"

Too much funda. Its like being in love. When you are in love people just travel distances to meet their loved ones. "Sat Samundar Paar Karke Main Tere Se Milne Aa Gaya" funda are there. Surprise them on special days, birthdays or aniversarys. :-) Its always fun. I have suprised someone and travelled miles. he he he he

Ok enough bakwas. See the trailer. Watch yourself getting goosebumps. And look forward to the movie. :-)



Thursday, March 29, 2007

Indian Monkeys

Someone sent me a forward and I thought of posting this on the blog.

These are the three monkeys of Gandhiji. Dont see wrong. Dont say wrong. Dont listen to wrong.

These are the three monkeys of Indian Criket. Yeah they have one nose, one eye and one ear covered. Yeah I can partially see something wrong with Indian cricket, I can partially smell something worng happening here and yeah I can partially say something went wrong for India at the World Cup. Not everything but there was something wrong.

I really dont have any problem with Indians losing matches but have huge problems with the way they lost matches. Not a single person came forward and said "Yes we know task of defeating Sri Lanka is there. We will bowl well. We will field as if this is my last day on earth. And will will bat as thought we are going to smash all the balls out of stadium". Not even a single player seems to be commited to the sport. If you are not then you should not play. Simple it is.

Buggers man. These guys are ekdum buggers. Indians just cant play cricket.



Monday, March 26, 2007

World Cup Photo

I saw this photo and thought this is what is was happening in my house since the start of the world cup.

I think all the wives have a hand in the losses of India and Pakistan. Someone said "The person who is responsible for the Indian loss to Bangaladesh is Indra Gandhi. She created Bangladesh and so she should be held accountable." Well said Idiot, now dont rub salt on our wounds.

But I guess from now on we might not see the above photo too much. If we played well enough, we would have played six more matches and then semis and finals. The wives are now saved from the misery of loud volume matches for atleast this world cup.

May be the husbands will wake up in the morning and see the score on news channels. "Nothing special, ok Australia won the world Cup !!! Fine with that !!! Yawwwwn !!! "



Saturday, March 24, 2007


I found something really cool on the internet. Click here to go to the site.

This is some place where you can say what kind of music you like, what you love to do when you are free, where would you like to be at this moment. Nice thing to remember how I was feling on 24th of March 2007. Really cool I say.

And then this site makes a photo kind of thing with HTML code, so that stupid and jobless people like me can use the HTML code and put on their blog. And even stupider people like you read what this stupid person's likes and dislikes are.

Now see I can challenge that you are going to say, "Hmmm this guy thinks he is too smart. Bloody idiot he is." Now you are going to close the window of this blog and when you are about to do, you will think, "Let me just check the site once"

Ok OK Carry on, anyways you are not going to take my permission. :D hehehehehe



Wednesday, March 21, 2007

About Cricket (and its controversies, obviously)

India lost. Pakistan lost. Inzy retired. Bob Woolmer died. Dhoni's house under construction was brought down.

India lost because of the following reasons:

  • Poor fielding
  • Zero Yorker
  • Zero slower balls
  • Stupid, out of form, fat and unfit Sehwag
  • Horrible captaincy of Dravid
  • Poor and unimaginative bowling
  • Awesome Bangladeshi fielding
  • Awesome Bangladeshi temperament
  • Horrible planning
  • Too much advertisements by cricket players and less time for preparation
  • Dhoni dropping a sitter

Very simple. No one is blind. Sehwag carries more money on his shoulders. Pepsi, Dabur, blah blah blah have invested their money no him and how could BCCI let go of a person who is a major money gatherer for them?

People like Kaif derserve to be in the team, but they are not handsome as Dravid or Dhoni. They dont have the same charisma. Cricket is not just a sport is about money now. BCCI earns $1 billion every year. Its a bloody billion dollar company now. They know he is not as good as he was few years back, but he still gets money for them.

Right Indians? I am right, so just shut up.

Pakistan lost because of the following reasons:

  • None of the players were doped. They need dope to perform.
  • Inzy didnt have beef curry for breakfast.
  • Afridi had too much beef curry and was too full to play.
  • Every Pakistani player had their feet on ground but head flying too high.
  • Pakistan didnt have any bowlers (first time someone can say that; I've seen Pakistan defending total less than 125. Wasim, Waqar would've still beaten Ireland that day)
  • They didnt have Shoiad, Wasim or Waqar.
Bob Woolmer died. Now how did that happen??? Team loses and the coach dies. How many times has it happened?? Well, I remember once it has. In 1990 footbal world cup, some player from Equador scored a self-goal and they were relegated in the 1st round. The player was killed in a restaurant, SHOT IN HEAD!!! Bob Woolmer was drugged or poisoned by some maniac who lost millions in betting that day??

Stupid game I say. But its fun. Cricket is now not just a game played by 10 countries. Its spreading.



Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Pursuit of Happyness

We watched The Pursuit of Happyness few days back and it was a marvelous movie. One of the best movies I have ever seen on human emotions.

Story about a guy, Chris Gardner, who wants to join a stock broker company.
The movie starts with how Chris is struggling with a small business he has. He is not able to run the house and his wife has to do double shifts to run the house. His kid stays in day care center because both are working. Lots of chaos.

Amidst all this he wants to join a Stock Brokerage firm which his wife says is a step back in his career because this brokerage firm would hire him as a intern for six months and would not pay him anything. Its a very big decision and his wife doesn't accept it and moves out of the house.

But he never allows his dream to go away from him. he takes charge of the son and wants to keep him happy. Also he wants to work on his business to support himself and his kid.

On the day before interview for internship he is in jail for not paying the parking ticket for a year. So the next day, for the interview he reaches the office in a sports jacket and jeans, without a shirt. The interview goes fantastic and the boss asks him, "Chris tell me what would you say if I had to hire a person who came for the interview with a shirt." Superb answer he gave "May be he was wearing nice pants" The whole theater burst into laughter.

He tries to do things quicker than other people as he has to pick his kid from the day care and then he also had the small business to run for food. Amidst all this going fine at the brokerage firm he is thrown out of his house, then thrown out of the motel and also sleeps in the bathroom of an underground train station. Superb struggle. And one day when he is able to make few sales and make money out of his business he gets a letter from the Income Tax department saying, "As he was not able to pay his taxes in time, the government too a lot of money from his bank account and he is left with $21.00 in his wallet" (something like that) With no money, zero salary job, kid to feed he has to give blood to meet his need of food. Very senti scene. Too much ii was.

The movie ends with he being promoted to a permanent employee from an intern and the boss saying, "Chris wear a shirt tomorrow!!!" :-)

Too much movie man too much movie.

Read more about Chris Gardner here. Btw this Chris Gardner now sits on millions. Read more about him in the Mastermind Trader.

Sometimes we forget how much some people struggle everyday to have just one meal and we complain about, fooking cable not coming, modafoka internet provider should be killed, why is the autodriver driving so slow, so much pollution, etc etc. We sometimes just forget how lucky we are to have everything we have, including a happy family. :-) We should thank HIM sometimes.
Its a must watch movie and inspires everyone to believe in their dreams. Mast movie it was yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar !!!!



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