Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Pursuit of Happyness

We watched The Pursuit of Happyness few days back and it was a marvelous movie. One of the best movies I have ever seen on human emotions.

Story about a guy, Chris Gardner, who wants to join a stock broker company.
The movie starts with how Chris is struggling with a small business he has. He is not able to run the house and his wife has to do double shifts to run the house. His kid stays in day care center because both are working. Lots of chaos.

Amidst all this he wants to join a Stock Brokerage firm which his wife says is a step back in his career because this brokerage firm would hire him as a intern for six months and would not pay him anything. Its a very big decision and his wife doesn't accept it and moves out of the house.

But he never allows his dream to go away from him. he takes charge of the son and wants to keep him happy. Also he wants to work on his business to support himself and his kid.

On the day before interview for internship he is in jail for not paying the parking ticket for a year. So the next day, for the interview he reaches the office in a sports jacket and jeans, without a shirt. The interview goes fantastic and the boss asks him, "Chris tell me what would you say if I had to hire a person who came for the interview with a shirt." Superb answer he gave "May be he was wearing nice pants" The whole theater burst into laughter.

He tries to do things quicker than other people as he has to pick his kid from the day care and then he also had the small business to run for food. Amidst all this going fine at the brokerage firm he is thrown out of his house, then thrown out of the motel and also sleeps in the bathroom of an underground train station. Superb struggle. And one day when he is able to make few sales and make money out of his business he gets a letter from the Income Tax department saying, "As he was not able to pay his taxes in time, the government too a lot of money from his bank account and he is left with $21.00 in his wallet" (something like that) With no money, zero salary job, kid to feed he has to give blood to meet his need of food. Very senti scene. Too much ii was.

The movie ends with he being promoted to a permanent employee from an intern and the boss saying, "Chris wear a shirt tomorrow!!!" :-)

Too much movie man too much movie.

Read more about Chris Gardner here. Btw this Chris Gardner now sits on millions. Read more about him in the Mastermind Trader.

Sometimes we forget how much some people struggle everyday to have just one meal and we complain about, fooking cable not coming, modafoka internet provider should be killed, why is the autodriver driving so slow, so much pollution, etc etc. We sometimes just forget how lucky we are to have everything we have, including a happy family. :-) We should thank HIM sometimes.
Its a must watch movie and inspires everyone to believe in their dreams. Mast movie it was yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar !!!!



chatterbox,  5:08 AM, March 15, 2007  

badhiya review! the whole movie replayed in my mind :)

Chris Gardner showed how to "Never give up".

Jay Rulz! 6:16 AM, March 15, 2007  

seen it... really inspiring... "winners are the one who cling on to that extra minute..."

Kusum 8:58 AM, April 07, 2007  

I really loved the part when after getting the job he comes out on the street and says "This part of my life is called happiness."

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