Friday, December 30, 2005

And The Partys Begin!!!

"Work Hard - Party Harder" in 2006. Virdi's funda.
The parties have already begun. Fulltu aish yesterday night at "Zara Tapas". Went there first time. The music was too loud. Who cares!!! I was partying. :-) Didnt drink though. But had loads of fun.
Happy New Year Everyone. Specially the three kids on my comments page, Kini, Hobbit and Fao.
Going for Harry Potter again tomorrow. Ok I am a Harry Potter fan so got to see it again. Twice is allowed. :-) Magic always facinates me.


Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Hobbit did the Tag thing

I am sick and on the bed. Brain not working so Hobbit sent acros some easy work so that the blog is still running. She doesn't have a bog of her own. So she sent across the tag thing to my mail, posting it across for everyone.
She starts here >>>
This is what happens when they make us work this close to the new year!!:-)
  • A - Age you got your first Kiss: hmmmm...not to scandalise oranything..heck what do i care...gurl's blog...when i was 5...cant tell youwho...deepest secret and all!! :-)
  • B - Band listening to right now: Jack Johnson..*humming* I need this.. oldtrain to break down!
  • C- Crush: From the time I wake up (usually around 7) to ten in the morning,I have about 5 crushes...this morning, none so far..oh actually yummy!
  • D- Drink of Choice: Nice warm water with fresh lemon squeezed in it..sorryto disappoint the adoring masses..boring I know but what to do!
  • E - Easiest person [people]: don't think I'd enjoy being with an easyperson..i dont like competition :-) *ahem Fao San*
  • F - Favorite band at the moment: At the moment, too many of them... JeffBuckley, Jack Johnson, Hoobastank...
  • G - Gummy worms or gummy bears?: Yeeeew! Neither!
  • H – Holiday: Dharamshala...and Kashmir or is it Shimla..dunno ask Fao San Iskipped 6th Grade! Bad at geography! :-)
  • I - Instruments: My Body! :)) Couldnt help can't ask leadingquestions dammit!
  • J - Juice: Mango Milkshake at Bhat's near Tambaram bustand! *SLUUUUURP*
  • K-Kids: Ugh!
  • L - Longest car ride ever: Kenya to Tanzania...had the sexiest man drivingthe car..beautiful sand blonde man..*sigh* it was 7 hours me thinks..fourlane roads and all that! quite beautiful..he was..not the damn roads!
  • M - Major: What i want to major in?? Like you even have to ask... Men! :-)
  • N - Nicknames: Hobbit. Others are endearments Kini and Fao San use whenwe're *ahem* alone together!
  • O - One wish: What do I want? what do I want? *thinking* World Peace!*Bright 100 Watt, 32 teeth showing smile* Now can I get the damn crownplease?
  • P - Phobia[s]: Lizardophobia..there must be propah name but can't bother to look it up...eeeew..thinking of them is giving me goosebumps!
  • Q - Quote: hmmm...won't freak anyone out by quoting from Literature oranything...Black Soldier to General: Sir, are you familiar with the 4thamendment that states that equal opporutiny...(blah blah blah) White Genback to Soldier: I dont listen to hip-hop! From Southpark! :)) ahahahaha.
  • R - Reason to smile: Gurl got lucky. muhahahahahaha!
  • S - Song you sang last: Sang to someone or to myself? to someone would be\'You\'re Beautiful' by James Blunt to my baby. (Yup! I am a mother) and tomyself would be Jack Johnson's 'Breakdown' right now!
  • T - Time you woke up [today]: 7.30 AM. (this is after tirelessly snoozingmy alarm for a whole hour! A new record for me!)
  • U - Unknown fact about me: If its unknown..i\'d like it to be that way! :-)
  • V - Vegetable you hate: Eggplant/Aubergine/Brinjal... ugh! Just disgustingto me! my best moment was when the nutritionist told mommy dearest that ithas absolutely no nutritional value whatsoever that the only thing goingfor it is the taste.. Beamed like gurl when he got lucky! (couldnt help itSurd!)
  • W - Worst thing to have happened to you: Today or in life? Today, was thatI woke up and am here at work! In life, would have to be (its another Doctor operation story but have to tell it!) being slapped awake by docafter tonsils removal (and i swear it was a hard slap) and asked, whatsyour name? Couldnt even spit at him for asking such a dumb question! X..whatsyour name? Couldnt even spit at him for asking such a dumb question!
  • X- X-rays you've had: Abdomen, Abdomen, and again Abdomen.
  • Y - Yummy food: It changes everyday! But today, considering am freezing atwork... I will go with steaming crisp onion dosas with pearly white coconutchutney, piping hot onion sambar and bright orange tomato & onion chutney!*SLURP*
  • Z - Zodiac sign: won't tell! and gurl WILL kill you if you do!
The 55 word poem..mine's 58 words! Phew!
Santaaaa... you must be tired from all the present lugging
dear me.. are you sure that gurl's present is supposed to be a-hugging
oh how the elves and the reindeer belly-laughed at his constant bugging
yet since he is so charming and cute, and mugging
his health got; therefore inevitably here comes a-hugging
enjoy Gurl! enjoy Surd! a-hugging, a-hugging!!!
This is where she ends. Everytime she addresses as "Gurl" its me and no one else. WHy?? I have no idea. These Hobbits are crazy. Obelix Style. :-)
M Tv Enjoy.


Friday, December 23, 2005

The Tag of all Tags

Got tagged here and there. Thought I should finish everything in one go.

ROS :-) AAb uske liye itna toh kar hi sakta hoon. :-) And it was fun.

  • A - Age you got your first Kiss: 1 day. The bloody nurse was full Tharki. I remember she kissing me when no one was around. Bitch Wonly.
  • B - Band listening to right now: Listening to Ozzy Osbourne. For no reason. No I am not Child of Jesus.
  • C- Crush: Crush like how many crushes I had??? Ok...... mmmmmmmmmmmm..... What are you looking at?? I am counting.
  • D- Drink of Choice: Chai Chai Garam Chai. With Ginger and Tulsi. Wakaw!!!
  • E - Easiest person [people]: Excuse me. Nothing is easy on earth. You need to fight for every inch of space in everyone's heart. Right now. Hmmmmm. Don't know. :-)
  • F - Favorite band at the moment: This moment ?? All the time it has to be Pink Floyd.
  • G - Gummy worms or gummy bears?: Shucks. Non.
  • H – Holiday: Goa. Lakshwadweep. Want to spend sometime on the beach. Listen to the waves hitting the land. No I don't want to listen the waves on Marina Beach or Besant Nagar Beach, with people doing Popo and smiling at you.
  • I - Instruments: I can play Tabla very well. And the paint bursh. Ok I know paint bursh is not an instrument but I had to show off that I can paint well.
  • J - Juice: Lime Mint cooler at Nandini Canteen at IIT Madras. Buy 2 get the third free. Cheapu Indians.
  • K-Kids: I love kids, as long as they don't do susu on me and are sleeping.
  • L - Longest car ride ever: Ahhhh. Belgaum to Madras. 900 kms. Drove all the way (ok ok there was also a driver, we shared the drive) But it was 16 hours straight.
  • M - Major: Major bole toh?? Major illness?? Ok I have asthama. And if it is like PG in?? Then Business Administration in Marketing and Systems and IT.
  • N - Nicknames: Chachu, Surd, Surdar, Bauna, Dwarf (5ft 5inches my hight. So the 6 ft 3 inches surdars of punjab used to call me that) . There were few others. No one calls me them anymore.
  • O - One wish: hmmm. I will take a pass on this. There is never one wish. Ok will try. I want to have a car which is more than 2 crores with the parking in my house which is on the East Coast Road, which itself is worth 10 crores. (See this is just one wish)
  • P - Phobia[s]: Homophobia. Phobia of gay guys.
  • Q - Quote: No quote or anything. Just simple funda. Don't hurt anyone knowingly.
  • R - Reason to smile: Happiness. I want to die happy.
  • S - Song you sang last: Tum se milke dil ka hai jo haal kya kahen. Ho gaya hai aisa yeh kamaal kya kahen. (From the Movie Main Hoon Na)
  • T - Time you woke up [today]: 8.30 AM.
  • U - Unknown fact about me: Hmmmm. My funde in Financial Management is zero. Give me money I can spend it. Don't ask me after giving it "Ok Bhavdeep now how do you want to spend this money??"
  • V - Vegetable you hate: All vegetables. I like chicken. :-) Infact if you make something and say this is chicken I will eat it. If you say this is Chicken floured Pumpkin I will finish it in 2 minutes.
  • W - Worst thing to have happened to you: The doctor in the operation theater during my Apendicitomis operation saying, "Now you will sleep. If you don't wake up it means you are dead!" I fainted not because of the Anesthesia but because of what he said.
  • X-rays you've had: Upper body.
  • Y - Yummy food: Chickeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen.
  • Z - Zodiac sign: Saggitarius. I don't belive in this Sun Signs crapo.

Rohit tagged me. I have to show off how tallented I am with poetry. 55 words and some poetry. Ok I am trying. I am bad with this poetry and all that. Poem ka naam hai "Kaun Banega Crorepati"

In the pub I saw KBC. Not a soul went to pee.

They gave away 2 crore. The whole India heard a huge roar.

Bachchan always gave funda. But for me it was a big aanda.

I always wanted to take part. The phone never allowed me to start.

Don't know who will be crorepati. All I know is one day I will be kisika pati.

Phew the poem is over. I crossed 55 word count. And I am horrible at it. Horrendous. Worst. Makes no sense. There is no connection in either of the lines. I am laughing at myself. Ok Rohit. Next time I will tag you with something on linera algebra, qualtitative analysis and calculus and will make you solve it. Laugh Laugh. Bleedy Idiot.

Ok now I is the shut up!!!! Anyone who wants to do this tag thing is welcome. :-)



I want to become..........

When we were kids, there were these fat fat aunties, who used to come and pull our cheeks and ask, "Beta what do you want to become? " And they always got confused with my answers. Ok few of the things I wanted to become:
  • Postman: They used to get big boxes of diwali mithai. And mom was always like "No, don't have Too much mithai. Indigestion ho jayega. You will spoil your teeth."
  • Bus Conductor: He had all the coins in the world. And we used to get those 25 paise or 50 paise for buying candy and toffee. So I guess I always wanted his small bag full of coins.
  • Teacher: They used to use th red pen and show off thier power. Also they used to get cards on Teacher's Day, New Years, Republic Day, Independence Day. And also I wanted to wack few people in the class. So wanted to be teacher.
  • The chief guest in a function: We used to sweat in front of this guy in school and this guy used to sip juice or tea sitting on the sofa. I used to feel really jealous of this guy. Thought "One day I will also become a chief guest and ask him to do parrade in front of me." Bloody that time never came.
  • Hero: I always wanted to act in movies. Was big time in drama and theater in school and college. I also did this Thakur Sahib role from Sholay in IIT. With a shawl across my shoulders. It was fun. Kini had to say just one line "Ji Thakur Sahib" and he forgot these lines too. I kicked him "Raamlaal, oye Raamlaal, you bloody Raamlaal Theek hai na?? ". Kini was like "Huh??? yes Boss errr I mean Thakur Sahib"
  • Cricket Player: Aaah this was my dream. I knew I will never be able to do good in cricket but wanted to be one of them . During 1987 cricket world cup I used to wear pads, gloves , and sit in front of the TV to see the match.
  • Do hoye hoye behind the Punjabi Singers: This is something I chumma wanted to do. In Punjab everyone is a bloody singer. So I thought if I don't get a job after engineering then I will do "Hoye Hoye" behind the singers. (Daler Mehendi sucks b.t.w)
  • Hockey Player: Because I love this game. Because I can play just this game decently. Wanted to carry the Indian flag in Olympics.
  • Hockey Administrator: Right now if given a chance then I would become the IHF President. Because one dog named K.P.S. Gill sucks big time and he has brought misery to the sport, in which India was so good at. Something has to be done.

That all I have to say about that....

Jai Raam Ji KI...



Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Why an I Pod is better than a Girlfriend!!!

Ok I bought the I Pod and I believe by now even half of Pakistan and Bangladesh knows that I have this gadget. But belive me after just few days I know its better than a girlfriend. No I am serious. Few reasons:
  1. It comes in different colors. Girlfriends come only in one color. Its called the color of DEAD!!!
  2. You can cover it and remove the cover when ever you want. Its always the girlfriend's prerogative when she wants to removes the covers. You are a silent spectator. (Ok this is being too much male chauvinist, but had to say something about the cover given free to me)
  3. You can play whatever music you want and when ever you want. With a girlfriend you always have to listen her music all the time. Blah Blah Blah Blah.... ...... ....
  4. It has tons of memory. And every part of the memory is useful. Unlike a girlfriend's memory revolves around talking about others and how much pain the other girl gives to her. "You know what?? That guy was looking at me." Do you have any answer to this?? Or can you do anything??
  5. From movies to photos to music it has everything to entertain you. Unlike a girlfriend who has nothing but talk about others and I hate when people bitch about others.
  6. Oh you can upload as much data as you want. It wont say anything. Keep uploading. You can never ever in this life make you girlfriend listen to what you have to say.
  7. And yes the best thing is that it is intelligent. You pause it for 5 seconds and switches off. If you ask your girlfriend to shut up for 5 seconds she will come back to you with some 5 hours of lecture, "You never listen to me. You don't understand me. You don't care for me. Blah Blah Blah Blah"
  8. And it has different categories of songs. Like Rock, Punjabi, Hindi, Metal, etc etc. So you want to listen to Punjabi just click on Punjabi and Wakaw!!! In a girlfriend's case, did you ever see the movie or the song on TV, you wanted to see??? Its always what she wants to see, you get to see.
  9. It doesnt lie to you. You play the song Enter Sandman and it plays the song. Never lies to you.

Ok there were few more gyan given by people. I will be updating them as more funde keep coming. Cheers.

  • Oxy had something to share: Importantly: it won't sulk, if you go partying with other friends and leave it behind! even the thought of doing such a thing with a g/f will get u grounded for a gazillion yrs!
  • DonTheCat and Vikram had something similar to share: And just think... you can actually take it anywhere YOU want to...
  • Sayesha had something to share: Oooh, you can selectively delete stuff from an ipod's memory! In the case of a gf, naah! Not possible! Sab yaad rehta hai! "Tumne mujhe char mahiney pehle aisa bola tha..." blah blah! :D It won't ask you dangerous and loaded questions like "Do I look fat in this cover?"
  • Exxaggerator had something to share: A Girlfriend can leave you thus breaking your heart!!The iPod wont! She's always there to love you. If u lose it u can always buy a new one. ...Also it won't have any mood swings!
  • Electic had something to share: You need not be stuck with one Ipod for life; you can replace them with newer, trendier, sleeker ones as time progresses (and they seem to get only better!). And at any point of time you can have more than one - you can borrow your friend's IPod if it is more attractive when in your hands! It does not need makeup and looks good anytime!!
  • Praveen had something to share: at least your ipod wouldnt ask you dumb questions like "honey, do i look fat in this jeans"..lolz
  • Simon (was with me in IIT Madras, came down from Switzerland as an exchange student. Went back with 15 kgs less body weight) recomends I should not spend a lot of time with the I Pod: My friends say, that I'm still not having a girlfriend because I pass to much time with my computer. (indeed, I love that thing. It's an iBook).
  • Thanu had an amazing explanation. Hillarious. God level funda. Sharing it: If ur friend wants to get a girlfriend. Friend: hey howz it having a girlfriend. Virdi: It rocks man, at least most of the time. Well its good sometime. You can try my girlfriend for few hours and then decide. Friend and Virdi don’t care, but Virdi's GF mad. Friend decides against a girlfriend. Ipod scenario. Friend: hey howz it having an Ipod. Virdi: Rocks man all the time. Do u wanna try for few hours and then decide. Friend tries, is impressed and get a new Ipod. Moral: U can share an Ipod, not a girlfriend.

This is so much fun!!! :-)

I love my I pod and yes it loves me too. In a girlfreind's case???? Hmmm let me scratch my dandruff!!!


PS: I know girls are not that bitchy and sometimes guys are more. It just a blog girls. :-)


Monday, December 19, 2005

Rang De Basanti

Awesome. Not the songs but also the CD. The design and the layout of the photos. The movie's name is "Rang De Basanti" and it is full of colors. Just see this. Loved the posters. Wanted to share it with everyone.

Oh just see this. Awesome CD na?? And there is a red light when I am taking the photos. :-) Small camera trick. I just wanted to add some light to the Rang De Basanti Posters. :-)

The first song of the album is Pehli Poudi. In simple terms first Shloka from the Guru Granth Sahib. Kind of small Shloka the Sikhs do when they have to start the puja. Its sung by Harshdeep Kaur. Ok I liked it. Also told mom, now I listen to Sikh hymns, major impressed she was. ;-)

I hate Daler Mahendi. Seriously I think he is a Bengal Ka Jadoorgar (Bengali Magician) rather than a singer. I can't belive anyone can sing in the clothes that he wears. He is a laughing stock in Punjab, belive me no one listens to songs of Daler Mehendi in Punjab. Ok all said and done he has sung the song "Rang De Basanti" really really well. Ok for a change "The Magician" I like you. Just for this song. OK??

The songs "Tu Bin Bataye" and "Roobaroo" are good ones. Ah, the movie is releasing on 6th January and I am pakka going to watch it on that Friday. No waiting for Saturday or Sunday. :-) I have also made a Satyam Internet ID. Will book it first online. :-)

And above all, I am listening to "Right Here Right Now" from the movie Bluffmaster. Song is sung by Abhishek Bachchan and Sunidhi Chauhan. The song comes in the end of the movie. Its an awesome song. Ekdum bole toh ekdum mast.
Jai Raam Ji Ki...


Saturday, December 17, 2005

Lets Bluff

Watched Bluffmaster yesterday night. Awesome movie. :-) Full of fun. Everyone is Bluffing. Everyone.
Abhishek Bachchan is great. Priyanka Chopra is hot. Boman Irani is hillarious. Nana Patekar is as usual as his best, this guy need not act, he just speaks and the dialogs come out. The best thing about the movie is Hritesh Deshmukh. Believe me this guy is not bad. He has done a great job in the movie.

I am not going to tell the story, but few dialogs of the movie. Specially the one liners by Nana Patekar.

Abhishek: Jin logon ke paas dimag nahi hota woh log badook ka istemaal karte hain. Nana: Aacha dialog hai likh leta hoon.

Abhishek cheats Nana. Nana with gun in his hand. Nana: Sorry bol!! Sorry bol!!

Nana has girl sitting on his lap. He is playing tic tac on her lap. Nana: Aajkal Laptop ka zamana hai, but main purane khayalon ka insan hoon. Mujhe yeh Laptop pasand hai.

Go people enjoy the movie. Check out the poster. My name is on it. ;-)



Friday, December 16, 2005

Virdi ka I Pod

I bought I Pod today. Been very busy. With hockey and some work in office. Apple is GOD!!! I Pod is GOD!!! Never seen a gadget like this ever in my life.

Just see this. I am playing songs of Kakka Kakka and the poster comes up. Jhakas!!! Wakaw!!!!
I am very very very happy.
UPDATE: I am going crazy about this gadget. I think its the best thing made by humans after the London Underground Rail and the Apollo Lunar Rocket. I have uploaded a small video on it and got crazy. Its got awesome video and audio clarity. I am going crazy. Its the best thing I have ever bougth in my life other than the jockey underwears. Yes the comfort of jockey undies is great but this is just equal to it. ;-)


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

What the Duck!!!!

Dear All.
The comments section is for people above the age of 18.
Yesterday me and Tulllu went to see the hockey match and there was this guy standing in front of us wearing a jacket. On the first look it would look like "Adidas-The Brand with Three Stripes" but actually this is a new brand started in the dark dungeons of Madras- "the Brand with Four Stripes and is called "ddibds". Me and Tulllu looked at each other and "Gave Up".
Another thing I recall is that one friend of mine had a jeans branded "CASIO". We used to bug him, "Hey we all knew that CASIO makes jeans, do they also manufacture electronic goods now??" ;-)
Its sometimes fun when you go to these small small road side shops and find a good Reebok shoes untill you walk close to it and find it is actually "Recdock". Has happened to me and I asked "What is this??". The shop keeper replied "Reebok has now decided to bring in shoes with this brand in India". I did the vanishing act.
Beware of people who cheat you.
UPDATE: Saarang is back!!! Yahoooooooo!! Site launched few days back!!! Click for more here.


Sunday, December 11, 2005

WOW!!! What a Birthday!!!

Yesterday Tullu came running from IIT to wish me at 1.00 in the night. And then the early morning phone calls. Dad, mom, aunts, uncles, everyone. Vikram called from California. Hobbit came in the morning with this fudge and chocolate and cream thing. Don't know what it is called. But it tasted awesome. Just awesome. Just too much. Thanks Hobbit!!! :-)

Kini Gifted me this book. Its got only answers. So you think of a question and open the book. You get an answer. me and Hobbit asked a question to the book:"Is Kini ever going to marry someone??" The answer was "Ask your father!!!". The book is hopless and very silly and very stupid, but still it is fun.

The Kelkars came. Thanks Indrajeet and Archana. :-)

Surprise Surprise Surprise. Chintu from Delhi sent me this cake. It looked awesome and tasted great. I don't know how he got my address. How he got my phone number. Don't know don't care, because when friends do something nice for you, you don't question them. You just say "Thanks". So Dear Chintu, Thanks man Thanks a ton. Sorry was in the stadium when you called. :-) When you called India scored the winning goal. All because of your call we won. ;-)

Cake cutting Mamiji and Me and cake.

Paro and Rhan Butt. Very funny thing happened here. She goes to the player sitting to the left of Rehan Butt and asks him "Rehan one photo" He points towards the next player, who is "the real" Rehan Butt. Now this was the reserve Golie for Pakistan. He didnt play the match but he had to kep himself warm all the time so used to joy near us. And whenever he was jogging he was looked at Paro with those "where is my darling?" eyes. I guess he is in love with Paro. Paro even blew a kiss at him. Don't know if he can ever play hockey again.

Indians pepped up

India was 2-0 down and then after 5 minutes Tushan Khandekar scored. Then Sandeep scored two goals in 2 minutes. Simply great. the match was greatest of all the great presents I got today. I can't believe after all that I have gone through in past few months, I am having fun again. :-) Thanks friends and everyone.

Everyone in the stadium went crazy after the third goal.

After the final whistel everyone went PAGAL. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. My throat hurts. Really bad. It doesn't matter because India WON!!!

Sandeep Singh Man of the match

Pakistan thank everyone for the support.

Score sheet. We dont see this everyday.

Tullu and Vikram Pillay.

And this photo is specially my dear Shobana. The guy sitting on the left is Adam Sinclair. and the guy on right is Arjun Hallapa. Happy?? You have the photo of Adam Sinclair. :-)

Tullu and GaganAjit Singh. Captain was good today on the field.

Finally we had dinner. And the tabloid and paparazzi follow Kini everywhere. HE has to hide his face from them. Bloody reporters and cameramen.
Finally we went to drop Tullu in IIT and we saw these deer. :-)

I guess this is the best birthday I ever had. I can't have a better birthday. :-)

Special thanks to Sayesha and Chintu. The cakes were awesome. Thanks Hobbit, Paro, Tullu, Kini, Vikram, ROS, Priya Hotwani, Dog, Nandita, Sumita, Amrinder, Simrat didi, Pavitra, Kishan, Fred, phew. Am I missing anyone?? Ok thanks everyone. But a special thanks to the Indian Hockey team for making my day an awesome one. It was great. Simply great.

But guys one question "Where are the bloody presents??" ;-)



Saturday, December 10, 2005

Champion's Trophy 2005 Chennai Day 1

Went with Paro to watch the hockey match.

The tricolor and the tickets

Germany and Australia Match. Germany 1- Ozzys 5.

Even the Chinese were here to see the tournament. How many times has an Indian contingent gone to just see others play?? Seriously the Chinese are crazy. They do anything and everything full enthusiasm and enegry. Olympics in 2008 and they are all geared up for the real test. Way to go China.

India and Spain Line up before the start of the match. Indi goes down 1-0 in some 15 minutes and we get a penalty corner in 20th minute.

Kanwalpreet scores. Technically this is not a goal because one of the India players was in the D-Box even before the ball was pushed in the D-Box. But the goal was scored and thats the ultimate thing.

Indians go down 2-1 again in second half. We put a very good fight in the end. But all invain.

The team thank for the support.

Sad Indian bench.

next match was between Pakistan and Hollnd. (Half past eight) Rehan Butt comes on the field and girls start shouting. Oldies in the crowd were like, "Can this kid play at all or is he some show off?? " Girls didn't care as long as Rehan Touched the ball. As soon as he did there was a cheer from the girls section of the crowd.

Pakistan National Anthem. Jeeve Jeeve Pakistan.

The Spaniards came and sat with us. Paro with two Spanish players.

Rehan Butt puts his last effort to impress the girls and bring some glory to pakistan. Pakistan lost to Holland 4-1. Pakistan played like group of school kids.

Indian team sitting next to us. Sad but not lost. Played well today. Can play much better. Need to improve if we need to win tomorrow against Pakistan. The effort in the finishing needs to be improved. Play for the whistle. Thats all. Come on India Dikha Doo. :-)

Cheers to Bhavdeep. Its his birthday. Old photo though.



Tequila Evening

Yesterday Kini started shouting: "Whatever happens I am not sitting home. I am going out to booze. Its Friday night and I want to go out to booze". I thought have I changed or I have been left behind or has Kini changed?? Earlier I used to ask him lets go out to booze, today its him. So we decided, "Lets go to The Leather Bar at Park"
Reached at 9.15. No place to sit and so we thought lets drink on the bar and ordered for Tequila. There was this firang, totally sloshed, cant walk-cant talk-cant see. After 4 or 5 minutes he shouts "Tequila on the house for everyone." We were like, "EVERYONE??" The waiter comes "Four shots from this gentleman". We say "Thanks".
Kini the smart ass asks him "Why are you treating us?" Firang replies"Because I can!!!" I was thinking "Maacha we look gay types and he is gay thats why he is treating us. Next he is going to catch your bum for sure." Kini was standing very next to him. ;-)
6 shots of Tequila and then we were ready to leave. Jumping with joy rather than getting drunk. Someone treating us with free tequila and we wont jump with joy?? Are you mad?? Thanked the firang and started laughing at the firang as soon as we came out of the bar.
We went to Cafe Coffee Day to kill the liquor with some caffaine. Then went to IIT straight to meet Tullu. He was like "You dog, why didnt you call me?? I could have come there in 3 mins. Even cycled to Park if needed" Tullu dear, we wanted to have it alone and make everyone in Madras jealous. ;-)

Empty Glass

Next Shot ready

Final two shots for free

Bringing down the tequila with some coffee and some bhangra music in Cafe Coffee Day, Ispahani Center

Oh by the way, Tequila is an alcoholic liquor distilled from the fermented juice of the Central American century plant Agave tequilana and all that blah blah blah. Every shot costs around 400 bucks in The Leather Bar, Park. We saved 2400 bucks yesterday. rather had booze for free.


Thursday, December 08, 2005


Dear Sayesha,
This post is only for you. Seriously I smiled for the first time from my heart after months I would say. For two seconds I forgot everything. I was like WOW. I felt so happy that there is someone who bloody remembers that my birthday is coming. Infact I forgot myself mera birthday aa raha hai. he he he... There was this guy standing with flowers and cake and was telling "Sir this is for you!!" I was like "What?? Who sent it" and there was this small note saying "Kyun Jhatka Laga na??" Full story here.
Aabhi dil kar raha hai tere ko ek biiiiiiiiiiiiig huuuuuuuuuug dene ka. I don't care what other think of feel about it but you are a darling.
I got your roses and the cake, direct from Inga-Minga-Singapore. Thats why jumping with joy, genuine happiness after so much time.
Kavita asked me last year, "What do you want from life Bhavdeep?" I said "Happiness. Happiness in what I do, happines with friends, with family. Love for all." Ok I am not saint or Rahul Dravid but I never try to hurt anyone, and most of the times its me who gets hurt. Life is full of surprises and this was like Lag Gaya Na Jhatka!!! Got happy. :-)
Cake was nearly finished in the office and brought home two pieces. Yes yes gave to Kini also. Now showing off what all I got from Sayesha.

Cutting the cake here. :-)

Flowers on my office table. :-)

Standing with your flowers. Ok I look silly, but this made me feel happy. :-)

Sometimes in life you get so involved in something that you forget there are so many things to look forward to other than that stupid thing.

Oh few more things happened yesterday. Got promoted blah blah blah. Now Manager for Power Transmission group in the company blah blah blah. Participated in a management writeup and won a prize of 9000 rupees from an insurance company blah blah blah. But the surprise from Sayesha was awesome. Simply great. Fantabulous. Stupendous. Thanks Sayesha... :-)

PS: My birthday is on 11th December. Sorry never mentioned that. Little confusion on the comments page. :-)



Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Got the tickets!!! Yahoooooooooooo!!! Going to watch all the matches. Got the season tickets. All days. Yahoooooooooooo!!!
Champions Trophy here I come. The India Pakistan Match is on Wednesday and the price of the tickets is double that day :-) Smart Arses... Going from 10th to 18th everyday. :-) Tullu when ever you want you can come and take the tickets and watch.
Had a great evening today after months with Hobbit and her friends. Went out to eat at Sparky, SpurTank Road, Chetpet. Mmmmmm. Wow what food and great beef. Loved the food.
Hobbit's friends. Raushani- Very very very pretty girl. I nearly had a drop jaw, thanks Hobbit for telling me to close my mouth. She was in theater and now going to do her PG in Oztralia mayte, in Gender Management, she hasn't read my Girl Psychology funde I guess. ;-) Ajay- full muscles showing off and has the silly Rajiv Gandhi and Dodi Al Fahad jokes. Don - In merchant navy, puts up a false mallu accent, seen the world. And oh there was this guy Arjun who came in for 5 minutes, he was dangerous. He was looked into Ajay's wallet and was doing all sorts of mischief with the hotel owner. I laughed my lungs out after so many so many so many weeks. I don't need abs exercise for few weeks now. :-O thanks everyone. But Arjun was dangerous. :-O
Ok people. Zzzzzzzzzz now.
Arre Jeetega Bhai Jeetega Pakistan Jeetega!!!


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