Wednesday, July 14, 2010

10 rules England must follow to win the 2018 world cup !!!

1. Win the bid

We are bidding for the 2018 world cup & after all the controversies, FA should go ahead and bid for the world cup. Our best chance to win the world cup is when we play at home, that’s what the statistics say. We have the richest league on the planet and some of the players too, we should use all these resources to become the host country. Good Luck!

2. Enjoy your football

English footballers need to play football without any pressure. Media or personal pressure should be zero when they walk on the field. They should go out there and enjoy the sport. Forget about winning or losing; just play because you love the game.

And Wayne Bridge, get over it, Terry was having an affair with your ex girl friend not your girlfriend. It all comes down to the lady, is it not? The WAGs will spoil the party even if they are not invited! That’s how powerful the WAGs are…

3. Learn to dive at the slightest touch

If AndrĂ©s Iniesta had not dived, Heitinga would not have been sent off, Netherlands would have been 11 men and Iniesta might not have scored the goal. But he dived at the slight touch on the shoulder….

Sometimes it is SMART and not CHEAP when you dive and get a penalty and win matches. The world will not remember what you did but your fans will remember that you got the penalty. Drogba, Ronaldo & Rivaldo can be our coaches.

4. FA must abolish the crappy league tournaments

Carling Cup? Who cares about Carling Cup these days? FA must understand that there is no need of increasing the number of games these players play. Football Clubs should also try and save the player’s legs. Asking players like Lampard, Rooney, Gerrard to play around 60 games in a year is just too much. And if a player like Rooney is carrying an injury you give him injections and send him on the field. That’s just ridiculous. Don’t kill the players please.

5. Do not touch the ball when you are not 100% fit

The players & managers should decide if that player is needed for just 1 match or for the rest of the season? If a player is injured he should take rest & nurture his injury, so that he can come back. Rooney broke his foot and was back playing for United against Byren Munich in a week. Too much pressure on the body will make it crack. Don't kill players, make them play when they can.

6. Increase the number of English players playing in English clubs

There are too many foreign players playing in the top English clubs. Arsenal, United, Chelsea & Liverpool have around 80% of the players from foreign countries. (AC Milan didn’t have a single Italian in the 11 when they won the This doesn’t help the English players. The English players will learn from the best players from the world when they play against them and not sit on the benches when the foreign players fight out for the English Premier League. There should be a rule to have a maximum of 4 foreign players on the pitch from a club.

The Spanish team had 7 players from Barcelona & 4 from Real Madrid in the starting line up of the finals. Now we have players from teams as low as 17th in the league (Green & Upson from West Ham United) & our best goalie is from the team placed 20th in the league.
Cant we have more players from the top 3-4 teams? We cannot because the top 3-4 teams have foreign players. :-(

7. FA must ask the players to relax from 15th December to 15th January.

No football. Stay with your family. Well its Christmas & new years’ time; so stay home with your kids. Relax, take time off from football. Go on a vacation to some hot place for a week and then come back early January and start training again. This will recharge the batteries and small injuries will get some rest. But with players playing 38 matches in Premiership, FA cup & Carling Cup, where is the bloody rest?

8. The top two leagues Premiership & Championship to be broken down into three leagues

The top two leagues Premiership & Championship have around 44 teams in total. Make it 3 leagues with 15 teams each. The new leagues - 1, 2, 3 will become more competitive teams. The standard of game between the best & the worst teams will not be miles apart.
It also means that the players will have to play 28 matches in the league and that gives them more time to rest between games, a longer summer break & a 1 month winter break. I really think that is the need of the hour.

9. Ask Capello to remain as the coach

Yes please. He has done wonders with the players, team discipline, WAGS, media personnel & helped England qualify easily for the 2010 world cup. I would also say this easy qualification added to the pressure on the players. May be he wont be able to do wonders in 2018, but if he stays for another 2 years, he might bring good culture in the dressing room which will help character building of the English players. So FA stick around with the Italian.

10. Pray on the night before the match

Well it might not help the performance of the players on the field but you never know. I guess there was some divine intervention when someone flashed the camera light in the referee's & linesman's eyes and Lampard's goal was disallowed. May be the German's did pray.


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