Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Snow In London

It was real fun to watch the snow fall for the first time in my life. :-) It started snowing here on Sunday evening and kept falling till Monday evening. It was really beautiful. Some say the weather was treacherous but for me its was a great fun filled day. ;-)

Our backyard
Park near our house
Front with Didi's car, fully covered in snow
The tree in our backyard looked awesome :-) 
And the houses too.... 
This also gave us an opportunity to build a snowman. Althought we were not able to collect a lot of snow but we managed a decent snowman, not as fat as he should be but he was ok. :-) 
Pavit and I, playing in the snow. 
Pavit kept making the snow balls and was busy thowing them at me. Her mission "make the biggest snow ball in the world" :-) 
Snow man and I, trying to shake hands
Snowman and Pavit. Pavit just letting him know, "you are going to melt in few hours". 
Although the day when the snow came down was bad for transport but its become even worse now. After 2 days of sun coming out in its glory, you find the snow turning into ice and walking on the footpath is like doing the work of a trapeze artist. he he he... Very difficult to walk I say. 
Ok more pics when we have more snow. 


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