Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why my love?

  • Why does my wife spend half an hour brushing teeth & putting cream before going to bed? You are going to sleep darling and not going out.
  • Why does my wife ask me every night "which shirt are you going to wear tomorrow"? The one I see first in the wardrobe, it's really doesn't matter as long as it is ironed and has all buttons my love. And if I don't wear the shirt of her choice she doesn't like it. Well from tomorrow, you can choose my shirt & iron it!
  • Why does my wife have 14 pairs of shoes and needs a new pair every time she buys a dress? "Ah a new dress and now I need just a nice pair of shoes to match the dress." I have never seen a man buy a pair of shoes which match his blue striped shirt!
  • Why does my wife have a clutch bag? It's so small that it can't hold more than 3 things, eyeliner, lipstick & lipgloss. And then, "darling can you please keep my cellphone, keys & hairbrush with you?" Why should I? They don't fit in your bag doesn't mean I have to carry it. Well after buying a clutch bag, the next visit to the high street means "I need to buy a big bag, that is fashion". Can you please decide if you need a small bag or a large bag? :P
  • Why does my wife do the not so necessary cleaning and keep the stuff in places that we cannot find? Wife: "Let me clean up and organise the stuff in your wardrobe" Me: "ok" Next morning, "where are all my socks gone? Why do I have my ironed shirts folded? Where are my ties?" is she trying to hide my stuff or help me organise stuff? Sometimes I cant even leave the stapler on the study table because the table must be free when someone needs it. Me: "Well no one is using it now", She: " I might use it any time", Me : "Do you want to do something on the table?". She: "NO!". Me : "Then why do you want it clean?". She "Because I might use the table. he he he he he... "
  • Why does my wife need my pillow cover to match her pillow cover? Me: "I am going to keep my head on it and sleep my love not "wear" it. Also, you don't see the pillow cover after the lights are out, what's the point?" She: "What is the point of watching football?" She has a point here!
  • Why does she say that I must cut my nails on Tuesday and Friday only? What if I chew my nails? What if the match is a nail biting finish? When England won the 20-20 world cup, I didn't have nail then! What a waste of nails!


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