Wednesday, April 20, 2011

IPL - changing the face of world cricket

I guess anyone watching the IPL would be thrilled by the number of sixes and fours being hit and the sheer excitement around the whole tournament.
I also love the fact that IPL will change the way cricket will be played, heard, worn, spoken about in the future. In future:
  • When a batsman will hit a six, it will be called a "DLF mximum".
  • When a catch will be taken, it will be called a "Karbon Kammal Catch".
  • When a wicket will fall, it will be called a "Citibank Moment of Success"
  • When the sponsors want the crowd to cheer for a team (basically shout), we will hear "Yahoooo" at 2000 decibels
  • The man of the match will be called, the "Hero of the Match" because Hero Honda will be the sole sponsor of the MOM trophy.
  • Drinks break will be called, "Maxx Mobile timeout".
Wonderful isn't it? I am so thrilled that my children will not know the boring cricket my parents and I knew about; when a "four" was called a four and a "six" was called just a six.
Imagine how exciting football will become if such innovative ideas of IPL would become part and parcel of the Barclays sponsored English Premiership games.
The commentary team would have to say:
  • Normal Fouls - That was a Northern Rock sponsored foul by Rooney on Fabregas.
  • Severe Fouls that deserve a card - I think Rooney will get a Dulux Paint sponsored Yellow card from the Referee
  • Ball goes past the goal post - Oooh, that was a Gillett close shave past the goal post
  • At the start of the game - The referee blows the whistle and that is the start of Durex sponsored game
  • Good save by the keeper - Excellent Tesco sponsored save by Van der Saar. "Every little saved" helps in the victory!
  • Goal - What else can I call it but a Dubai World Hedgefund Moment of Success!
  • Half Time - That is the whistle for a Coke break
  • Penalty Kick - Looks like Ryan Giggs is stepping up to take the Nike "Just Do It" penalty!
I hope the BCCI gang takes note of this nonsensical brand promotion commentary before it drives me crazy enough to say "I am loving it!".
Also can someone please explain me the reason behind the ridiculous colours of Kochi Tuskers jersey? Were the floodlights not bright enough in Kochi?


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