Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Khi Khi Khi Khi

Who is this??? Just look at Sachin he looks so silly... I guess he knows that world's worst hair competition is going on and thats why he is hiding his hair... Or rather I would say he looks like Shah Rukh Khan of Paheli without Mush...

Mom is also a cricket fan and sometimes asks, "Aaaj chotu khel raha hai kya??" Virdi replies "Mom he is 32 years old and has 2 kids, one of them is 8 years old!!!" Every mom has an answer for every thing you say, "Hum logon ke liye woh chotu hi rahega. Jab tum parent banoge na, tab tum samjhoge maa ki mamta"

Virdi Reh gaya Hakka Bakka... Khi Khi Khi Khi Khi Khi...

Sachin, all the best for kicking the gora firangieees ka arse...



Thursday, February 23, 2006

IIT Madras Lingo

I wrote something about the IIT Madras Lingo, long back. But I never knew someone was doing a research on the lingos. I mean some professor in some university in some country even approved his student to do such a research. The prof must be really crazy.

This is Professor Dr. Josef Schmie. Read more about him here. You wont believe he approved a reasearch to be done on the IIT Madras lingos. No, I mean why?? Research is done so that we learn something new and that might help the community or has some value to it which is further going to help the society. I just wanted to know if the society and the scholars have nothing to research. Next on his list would would be the type of Gaalis given in the different districts of Punjab. "Bhen Ki..... , Maaa Ki..... " in the District of Ludhina and then "Baap Ka...... , Bhai Ka.... " in the District of Patiala.

These Germans are Crazy!!! (Obelix style)

Anyways I had fun reading the lingo. You can download it from here. Its just 1.31 Mb file in Adobe. No need to read the whole thing, you can read from pages 95 and to 102.

As we say in IIT: "maacha, pseude reasearch are there" :-)



Monday, February 20, 2006

Hair Styles

I was watching these India Pakistan cricket matches and few of the Indian players had horrible hair styles.

Shree Shanth : I don't know anything about my hair ask god. He knows how I got this nest on my head. (By the way he was quite impressive as a bowler)

Dhoni has a haystack on his head and the color is now golden, last series it was maroon. The color of the hair changes with every series. He has been quite devastaing with the bat but Dhoni please get a hair cut. This is a huble request from every Indian fan.

Jason Gillespie: I am Jesus Christ. Let the Ozzys rule the cricket world. Amen!!!

Kevin Pietersen: When I see this I say "Eh?? What is this?? Zebra crossing on his head??? Why Kevin?? Why??"

"The worst Hair Style Presently Sported by any Cricket Player Award" goes to non other than Andrew Symonds. I can't imagine how this player scores runs and dives around the park with hair all around his face. Its like a premanent burka and he has to see through it all the time. Anyways Congrats Andrew !!!

Zidane thinking: Hair?? Does it really matter?? I am still the best player in the world. I play football with my feet. Hair or No hair, I am still GOD!!!

Beckham: Now you know why I don't score goals. I spend most of my time in the beauty parlor, I dont get time to practice. Sorry I dont know to play football either.

Ronaldinho: Just one word. "Dangerous." this guy is god with the ball but please someone tell him that he has a horrible hairstyle.

Ronaldo: Thanks barber. Now I can get the award for the silliest hairstyle ever sported a footballer.

The Award for the worstest hairstyle ever sported by an Indian sportsman goes to non other than our own Hockey Wizard, Dhanraj Pillai. Only one word. Horrible.

But when I look at this guy, I say "I GIVE UP!!" Valderama you are genius to still touch the ball with your foot when you have such hair on your head. Goldielocks would cry for a century after she saw Valderama's hairstyle.



Saturday, February 18, 2006

When you are in love.......

  • You iron your shirt twice before wearing it to office.
  • You go back from the main gate, comb your hair again and leave for office.
  • You fix your dupatta twice and think "Will he love it this way or the other way?? Will he like me with or without bindi??"
  • You are driving and let people cross the road first and say this to yourself "Hmm I don't mind that they cross the road first, I have everthing, whats the hurry?"
  • You love wearing red.
  • You smile at any poster where you find a young couple together.
  • You love watching Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge for the billionth time and clap when Baauji leaves Simran's hand and says "Ja Simran Ja. Jee le aapni zindagi"
  • You buy flowers
  • You buy chocolates
  • You wake up early and SMS her, "Oye Poochoo Good Morning. Billion kisses for you" (The word poochoo is taken straight from RDB)
  • You fight with her/him and then send an SMS "How can I be angry with someone who is so cool??"
  • You listen to songs you didnt listen to for years and say, "Wow such a romantic song"
  • You love songs like "Nean 'N' Nikki" (This is the worst song I have ever heard though)
  • You call up your mom and dial his/her number.
  • You message you cousins and Kajal replies back "This was for me?? Rahul, whom did you message?? Whats happening darling?? (with a big smiley at the end of the SMS)"
  • Your ring tone can be anything from the Titanic tune to Rang De Basanti tune. I mean it would not be any of the stupid simple Nokia tune.
  • You smile for no reason.
  • You smile at the silliest things which happen with you.
  • You smile even if something bad happens with you. You say, "Mere paas Kajal hai. I have no tension"
  • You don't call your friends and when they call you say "Maacha I am little busy I will call you back"
  • You laugh at the silliest jokes cracked by someone.
  • You wait for 2 hours in a coffee shop, as she is at the parlour. When she comes you dont get angry at her but say "Kajal you look so pretty" and give her a biiiiig huuuug.
  • You would do anything so that you both can be together.
  • You love her friends although they could be the silliest people you have ever met.
  • You buy green colored pants because she says, "Rahul, I want to see you in green jeans once"
  • You love pets. Specially dogs with lot of fur.

When you are in love, you skip a beat everytime you see him/her.


PS: Many things here have been taken directly from movies, but few things have been experienced by the author himself.


Thursday, February 16, 2006

Bombay is Different

Gate Way of India

Siddhi Vinayak Mandir

Beautiful sunset. Picture taken from the Marine Drive.

Back after the Bombay trip. It was loads of fun and loads of masti in Bombay. Met friends from IIT and cousins.
Met Trupsster. She was amazing. :-) We both had so much fun together. Watched Zinda. What crap it was. About the movie later. Few things about Bombay.
  • Crowd- As soon as you land up at the airport you get the feeling like. Ooops where am I?? You find that suddenly the population of India has crossed 300 crores. You find people every where. Under the flyover, in small houses. Cant explain at what allplaces. There are people just everywhere.
  • Linkin road- There is this place in Bandra (I guess) where you can get all the girl's stuff, like bags, accessories, chains, etc etc. Trupsster bought a belt there. The shop keeper said Rs 200 and she said "I am going to give Rs 30 for it, take it or I am leaving" I was like "What??" I kept quie and she finaly got it for Rs 50 I guess. Ok, I havent seen anyone bargain like this. GOD!!! I would have given that guy Rs 150 minimum. And there was this shop keeper who kept on giving me vibes. "Sir aap gale ka chain le lo na. Sir aap kaan ki baali le lo na. Aap ko bahut suit karega, bahut aacha lagega aapko" Saala Kameena!!!
  • More Crowd - Dont even try getting in the train from 8 AM to 12 noon. And again from 7 PM to 11 PM in the night. Simple reason "YOU CANT GO IN" There is crowd everywhere.
  • Public showing of affection - You can find people hugging and kissing every where. Looks like I am back in London. :-) Aacha hai. No one bothers you, "Arre jawan dil hai, kiss karne ka dil kiya. Kiss kiya. Hug karne ka dil kiya, hug kiya" Now this can never happen in Madras. As my Prof would say, "It would be a cultural shock for the Madrasi"
  • Traffic jams - Because of bad roads and no one looks at signals.
  • Half roads - The Bombay Municipality is making the roads and the city looks like a great Civil Engineering Project which is going to become Shanghai in next 5 years.
  • No one cribs - There is hazaar tension on everyone's head to go back home or reach office or met someone. But not a single gali from anyone. No one cribs about anything. Loved this part of the Bombay.
  • Even more crowd - Was at Dadar station around 9 PM in the night, all I could see was just heads and heads and heads.
  • You can never get lost in that city - You can always find someone to help you out. I was waiting at Dadar station and then someone walks up to me, "Lower Parel??", I said "Nahi yeh Dadar hai!!!" (He was asking how can he go to Lower Parel and I told him this is Dadar station) He started laughing at me. I was not helping him but still he was not tensed at all. ok I tried helping him in as much possible way I can. Took him to a constable near me and he helped him out.
  • Banglore is not the fashion capital. South Bombay rocks. Beautiful roads. Beautiful girls. Awesome fashion. :-)
  • Shiv Sena doesnt even exist in the city anymore. I saw just one poster of Bal Thakrey in the whole of Bombay. Some place at Mulund station. Thank God he is gone. Bloody cheater.
  • Didn't find even a single guy pissing on the walls. Amazing for an Indian city na?? But true. Come to Madras. Every wall smells of piss.
  • The worst thing about Bombay is that my I Pod is worthless here. I had put on my I Pod and I was like "I am too cool". But in Bombay everyone puts on their radio and listens to FM music. Its too good in Bombay. Saala mera I Pod was useless. But I could listen to what I wanted to listen.
  • Gujjus Rule - What is the probabilty of any guy wearing white pants and red shirt, turning out to be a gujju?? 100%. You can distinctly point out a gujju in a crowd of 100 people in Bombay. The characterstics would be: gutka chewing, wearing printed blue colored shirt, with a toota foota Reliance phone, with a leather chappal, with gold ka chain in the neck and talking abt SENSEX. "Arre saab aapki toh fir aaj chandi ho gayi na?? Dekho maine toh pehle din hi bola tha khareed ke raakh, aaj aapko laakhon ka fayeda ho gaya na?? Toh for party kab hai?? ha ha ha (fake laughter)"

Bombay is not for me!!! Loved the stay there. It is very different. Hate the too too too much chaos loved everything else. :-)

Just look at the photo. Where am I supposed to go in the train from??

Chaos at Dadar Station at 9 PM in the evening



Friday, February 10, 2006

Sapno Ki Nagri !!!

Something important has come up. Going to Bombay for few days. Will be back mid next week.


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Chaddi Pehen Ke Phool Khila Hai

I remember when I was a kid, I used to wait for 9 AM every Sunday to watch Jungle Book episodes dubbed in Hindi. Mom used to be, "Bhavdeep wash your hair. Its time for weekend hair wash beta. (Ok I had a bubble on my head till 1st year engineering)" Me: "yes mom. one second" Mom : "Tera one second toh aab Mowgli ke baad hi khatam hoga!!!"
I had no clue that it was dubbed in Hindi, thought it was original, till someone told me to look at the names of producer and director, they were bloody Japanese. "These Japs are every where. Arrrgh!!!"
There might be hazaar things which happned in my life, Good - Great - Bad - Worse but Jungle Book was so so so much fun, always one of the best things I loved doing (ok watching TV is also a work I do). Watching it with cousins and becoming sad when wolves die and become tensed when Sher Khan and Mowgli fight the final battle. Now a days I laugh at myself, "Eh?? I was like that??" But still whenever Jungle Book comes on TV these days ( yes it comes on SAB TV and Sahara Manoranjan, for people who still want to see and say Naaaah I don't give a damn), may be for the billionth time, I make sure I sit there for 3 or 4 minutes and pay a tribute to the kid in me, smile at myself and say "hmmm woh bhi kya din the!!"

Listen to the opening song : Jungle Jungle. Enjoy!!! :-)

I love you Mowgli.



Almost Famous!!!

Ok all you jealous and chote log. These are the mails exchanged between me and Ehsaan. Tum log saab jealous ho. Thats all.
Dhadak Dhadak Dhua Udaye Re!!
Dhadak Dhadak Ceeti Bajaye Re!!!

If Ehsan you are reading this. Then How did you ome to know of my mil ID?? Please clear the kanfoosan. :-)

Ehsan's mail:

hi bhavdeep
this is ehsaan from shankar, ehsaan, loy i was looking for some reviews of the iit show that we performed at.
if u do have any video clips it would be nice if u could post them !!
take care

My reply:

Hi Ehsaan,
Your show was spectacular, magnificent and nostalgic. Few of the scenes I remember is when Shankar was telling you: "Ehsaan 4 or 5 years back we made music for a movie. Which was the movie?" and you played "Ding Ding Ding" on your guitar "the Dil Chahta Hai tune". Ahhhhh that was orgasmic. The whole crowd went wild.
Few of the songs were just of the world. Songs from Bunty Aur Bubbly, Lakshaya and Dil Chahta Hai were very good. The jugalbandi between the tabla players and the drummers were too good. I love the show and will always be in my mind.
I have a few videos and will surely post them on my website. All the best for the up coming concerts.

Ehsaan's reply:

hi bhavdeep
thanks for the mail !!! glad u liked the gig it really was one of the best gigs we have played especially the audience !!!
that dch thing was something impromptu and i was really touched by the way the crowd caught on to it and went wild.
take care i look forward to the vids !!!

My reply:

Hello Ehsaan,
I have few videos and they are on my site... Are you going to pay me??? ;-)
Just kidding... incase you want some help then please let me know... No seriously you must be having lots of contacts and all that... But there might be some work like promotion or publicity and such stuff... Would always like to do that for you guys...
I looked through your site... It looks too plain... Seriously you guys are awesome and the site doesnt give credit to your talent...
By the way if you meet Loy, just tell him that I am the same guy on whom he was planning to throw water during the break... We were sitting and Loy came and gave us his water bottle... And then he was throwing water on us... :-) You guys rock... Down to earth and amazing tallent...
Click here to go to the videos page... Little publicty also done... ;-) The quality of videos is not that great but it might tell you how much we enjoyed the show...
Cheers mate...

Ehsaan's thanks mail :

hey buddy
thanks a lot have seen the vids !!!
well out site is being given a facelift soon !!! will def tell loy about the water ha ha !!
thanks for the offer for publicity !!

Even if this was not Ehsaan atleast someone mailed me with the name of Ehsaan. Right??? Did anyone named Shahrukh Khan ever mail anyone of you??? kabhi bhi kisi ko
shah.rukh.khan@yahoo.com se mail aaya hai?? Nahi na??? Then you lose and I win.

Stupendous Man Rules!!! he ha ha he ha ha he ha ha. Mogambo ka bhateeja GOGO khush hua...



Friday, February 03, 2006

Lights !! Camera!! Action!!

Well now that I am going to become famous, I will own atleast five hundred Bentley and two hundred Mercs and I think I will ignore all of you. Just kidding. ;-)

I was thinking of posting something about the Shankar Ehsaan Loy show which happened on 26th January at IIT Madras but didnt get the enthu to do it. And suddenly I get a mail from, you wont believe who, "Ehsaan Noorani", the gora chitta guitarist from the Shankar Ehsaan Loy group. Yes, I am almost famous. He wanted to know if I have few videos of the show at IIT Madras. Abe yaar this is not all cooked up. Its truth and only the truth. I sent a reply and he also replied back. ;-)
Arre bade bade log mujhe aajkal mail karte hain. Ahem Ahem Ahem. tum log bhi kar liya karo, I don't mind. :-)
This is his mail:

hi bhavdeep,
this is ehsaan from shankar, ehsaan, loy i was looking for some reviews of the iit show that we performed at. if u do have any video clips it would be nice if u could post them !!
take care

The quality of the videos is not that great because they have been shot with a camera phone.
Ah about the show. It was great. The best thing of the show was the opening. Shankar says, "Ehsaan you remember 4-5 years back we made a movie. Which was the movie?? Hmmmm" Ehsan on his guitar plays "Ding Ding Ding Ding" , Dil Chahta Hai tune. The whole of 10000 people jumped out of the seats. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! Oh that was orgasmic.
And then songs like Kajrare Kajrare, Nach Balliye, Dus Bahane made people go wild in the Open Air Theater. Junta were dancing shouting. I had a sore throat for 4 or 5 days.
And then there was this Jugalbandi between Tabla players and the Drummers. Ah that was magnificent and Shankar was giving the Taal perfectly.
Ok here are the videos. You need to download them and watch them in Quicktime Player. If you dont have Quicktime, then... hmmm... download it yaar.
Bombay to Goa (Kishore Kumar Classic)
Breathless (Shankar became famous with this song)
Dil Chahta Hai (From DCH)
Nach Balliye (From Bunty Aur Bubbly)
Sid Song (From DCH)


Thursday, February 02, 2006

Saarang Lives!!!

I clicked hazaar photos during Saarang 2006 and two of the best photos are being posted here.

What no drugs??? Dear Dean, for your information, my flat mate Mr. Ritesh Kini used to bring so much drugs from outside the campus that the junta from other hostels used to come to buy drugs from him. Its business for god's sake. Tum ek insaan ke peet pe laat mat maaro. Let the business flourish at all the venues.

And what do you say no booze??? Junta used to get so drunk before the Rock Concert that they never reached the show. In a way the booze never reached the venues.

Ahhhh!!! Loved it when Parikrama sang few of the Pink Floyd numbers and junta went crazy. Hands in the air and everyone jumping. Ahhhh, beautiful scene!!! Zindagi jeene ka maaza aa gaya.

Loved Saarang this year too. :-)



Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I was FAT !!!

Once upon a not to long ago there was a guy who was fat. Now he is fit and fine. :-)

I was looking at my London photos and I was shocked to see what Stupendous Man was in July 2005.
"Ohhh My Gawd!!!" F-R-I-E-N-D-S style.

July 2005

January 2006



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