Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Its Soccer Time Folks...

Here is this kid who shows off his soccer skills to Ronaldiniho. Aweosome.

Nothing much to write. Infact lot of things to write but dont know where to start from.

Anyways, if anyone is planning to watch Yash Chopra's Fanna please don't watch it. Instead go and watch Rang De Basanti for the 5th time. Even my boss has seen it thrice. Or if you havent seen Ice Age you can go and watch that.


Sunday, May 28, 2006

CCISS Syndrome

Before writing anything FYI - My first article on a Magazine. Check this out. I am on Jam Magazine. Click Here.

Met my professor yesterday and he gave a lot of gyan. Sharing it with all of you.

Professor LSG introduced us to the "CCISS Syndrome" and belive me I know a lot of people who suffer from this today. CCISS stands for Conceit, Cussedness, Insensitivity, Shamelessness and Spinelessness.

C - Conceit
- " A favorable and especially unduly high opinion of one's own abilities or worth" I know people who say "I know what I am doing is correct" They think what they are doing is correct and always correct. They think they can never do wrong and think of themselves to be god. Take the case of Arjun Singh and the Congress government. (I wont bring in any personal examples here)

C - Cussedness -
" A spirited disagreeable contrariness" These people think what they do is correct and wont listen to you. They will say "Shut up. I know what I am doing is correct and I wont listen to you." Take the case of Arjun Singh and the Congress government.

I- Insesitivity -
"Lacking in sensitivity to the feelings or circumstances of others" These kind of people think, "You go to hell or you die I don't care. I will do what I like" Add all three and you can find a perfect example of the Congress Government today. They think they are doing everything correct, they wont listen to you and they have become insensitive to whatever the people and the sudents suffer and they still want to go ahead with the reservation shit.

S - Shamelessness
- "Feeling no shame; impervious to disgrace" These kind of people have no shame at all on what wrong they have done and still come in front of you and show their face to you. They are miserable creatures and dont deserve to live. Just like Arjun Singh, he was ripped appart by Karan Thapar in the interview (which most of us must have read) and still he had no shame and kept on blabbering some shit. Here I would also like to name another asshole of Nth degree Narendra Modi. He fits in the bill perfectly. He is one creature who would do something wrong, they not listen to you and would be insensitive to the people dying in his state and would shamlessly say "I love all muslims and not a single muslim was killed by a hindu" or some crap like that.

S - Spinelessness
- "Lacking courage or willpower" Now if we add CCIS + Spineless people you would find a category where these people would never say "Sorry I have done something wrong and I deserve to be punished" A perfect example here is Mahumad Azharuddin. Even people in Iceland know that he was involved in match fixing but he had an argument saying " Because I am from minority I am being targetted" One kick in your balls and you would be history, then no one would target you. Bastard. And Hansie Cronje had the balls to say "Ok I did a mistake I became greedy. I dont deserve to play"

Today most of the people are suffering from CCISS syndrome and then its the common man or the nice guy or the tax payer or the middle class educated, who suffer.

Would like to end saying, "I wish people had more balls, would lie less and were less greedy".


PS: If anyone wants to know what the IIT Profs are planning to do against the Reservation please feel free to email me. Cheers.


Thursday, May 25, 2006

Youth For Equality

Click here and go to Youth For Equality.
Click here and join
Thats all.
Dont think just join. When the time comes and they need help, they will contact us.
Today huge rally in Chennai.


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Fuck You Arjun Singh

OBC Quota thing is to be introduced in the Monsoon Session of the Parliament.

Fuck you Arjun Singh
Fuck You Manmohan Singh
Fuck You Government of India
Fuck You OBCs of India.
Fuck You SC & STs of India.

If 60 years can't uplift you then you don't deserve this Quota. Fuck You all.



Friday, May 12, 2006

I am Morpheus

There are two fundamental things if you want to know all about the movie Matrix:
1. Its not made for girls and dont watch it with girls.
2. Girls will pakka say, "We don't watch such crappy movies!!!"

Anyways I took this stupid quiz about some Matrix character. I was jobless in office.

You are Morpheus, one of the leaders of the Resistance. And suffice to say, you are one bad-ass mofo. You can kick the One's ass, you can break through walls, and you can somehow survive truth serum and torture. My hats off to you! Charismatic and a great leader, you can inspire your peers to attempt the impossible, and make it possible.Packing a katana in the sequel, you should be seeing pleeenty of action!"You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes..." Take this quiz!

I am totally obsessed with The Matrix. Few days back I went out for lunch with my colleagues and one of my colleagues (who happens to be a girl) said, "I want to watch Krissh (Hritick's new movie). They say its a copy of Matrix." Me and my boss were, "WHAT??? EXCUSE ME YOU CAN'T COPY MATRIX. MATRIX IS A PHILOSOPHY."

Girls today I will give you funda about the movie Matrix so that you all get some sense and dont say again, "They are again making a copy of Matrix in Bollywood"

The year is something like 2199. The humans have been removed from the surface of earth by the machines. Now these machines which we humans made and gave them artificial intelligence have become super duper intelligent and they kill every human.

There is this one leader called Morpheus who believes that there is this stud guy Neo, who can defeate the machines and kick their ass. The movie revolves around these two characters. The first part is making Neo believe in himself that he can do things he cant even imagine he could do.

Think of life like this, why is the letter "W" like "W" and not like anything else?? Because at some point of time, someone wrote it this way and he decided that everyone should write this way. Now why do you see your cursor move when you move your mouse? Because someone wrote a program and decided this is the way it should happen.

Lets go back a little. Around the middle of 21st century, the machines were becoming more and more intelligent after AI came in. The machines or robots decided that they need more respect and should be treated as equals as humans. (Watch Animatrix for more information) The humans could not see this. The machines revolted. WAR between humans and machines started. The humans knew that sun was the biggest source of energy for the machines, so decided to cover the whole of earth with a black cloud. But the machines were intelligent enough and looked for alternate source of energy. And in 2199 (the year the movie is based) the humans are either born in Xion (the only surviving city on earth) or they are grown by machines. The human protients are source of energy for the machines. The humans are bron and made to sleep and they live in a dream world and are programmed to do what they are asked to do. So your life and my life is nothing but a cursor on the monitor because I am progarmmed to do that.

Morpheues wants Neo to believe in himself and see that everything is just a program and even the bullet which is going to hit you is a program. If you can over write that program then the bullet will not hit you. Thats what happens at the end of the first part.

The second part is like some funde where Neo meets the Architect of the Matrix. Its like the cursor on the screen is meeting the Windows program file manager or something like that. Oracle gives him funde about how Smith has become a corrupted program and is over writing every program but no one can stop him because Neo had over written him in 1st part. So something happened to the program Smith and he has now become a virus which is equal to (-1)X Neo. So to destroy Smith Neo has to die.

This is what he bargains for when he meets "Boss of The Machines". Because the program Smith has become very powerful and is now out of control of the machines Neo asks for peace between Machines & Humans and in return he will over write Smith.

So Neo destroys himself and brings peace to the fight between humans and machines (end of third part).

Kahani Khatam. Paisa Hajam. Dukan Band. Shutter Down.

Its just the begining.



Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Should Mercy Killings be Allowed in India???

I read this is Times Of India and wanted to share it with everyone.

Bombay (9th May 2006): Offers to help the distressed Dharavi family started pouring in after TOI reported Mukhtar Ahmed Shaikh's plight. He had filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking permission for euthanasia for the whole family as he was unable to afford treatment for two of his children suffering from limb-girdle muscular dystrophy.
The Hari Om Donor's Club was the first to visit Shaikh on Tuesday. Club representative Vijay Nagarth offered monthly aid of Rs 1,500 for Mehfooz and Khurshida (the two children). "We help several such families and want to ensure the money reaches the right hands," Nagarth said.
Former Sion Hospital dean and director of NGO Sneha Amrita Fernandez offered medical assistance to the family. Dharavi Ulema Council president Maulana Mohammed Yunus Habibi announced financial help for the family at the local mosque. Director of TCI Telenet Solution Poonam Agarwal promised to visit the family on Wednesday.

Activist Bala Subramanian of the Mutually Beneficial Activities Foundation (MBAF) offered to help Mehfooz and Khurshida with occupational therapy: "Our organisation is working on rehabilitating disabled adults." Dharavi police station senior inspector Prakash George, who was flooded with inquiries about the Shaikh family, also offered financial help in a sealed envelope. Several businessmen like Givarchand Jogani, Haji Mustaquim and Mohammad Akram came forward to sympathise and promised help.
I think where population is increasing everyday, where people are dying of hunger just like that, where the money can be used to build roads for the progress of the nation we can allow mercy killings. But that would mean we have become more powerful than god and we decide who has the right to live and who has the right to die.
I dont know I am confused. This is a very ticky question. Should a person who is worthless (sory for using this word here) to the society and can never ever work in his life be allowed to die? Would this bed on which this guy is sleeping like a log since so many days be used for a petient who has hope to live?
On one side I can say India needs hospital beds, medicines, salary of nurse to take care of the dying and on the other hand we might be spending tons of rupees when we know this guy is never going to walk on his feet.
But above all I think mercy killings should never be allowed for these two reasons. (Ok I am confused but let me complete)
1. We are not god. Let him decide when we should leave earth and go to heaven or hell. And lets live the way he has decided us to live this life.
2. Would you ever leave your son to die just like that? Would you ever leave you mom die just like that? You would be having 1 % chance but you would say "Doctor there is still hope and dont let my mom die" Thats what is called humanity and makes us different from aniumals. Infact animals also never leave their loved ones to die.
So give everyone a chance to live and pray for Mukhtar Ahmed's kids.


Monday, May 01, 2006

Mere Yaar Ki Shadi Hai

Shubham the grand old man of our batch got married on Saturday and few friends came for his wedding. It was great fun and lots of beer and lots of dance and lots of surprises and lots of pretty girls. :-)

Me, Arun and Kelkar took the early morning GoAir flight. The flight was at 5.25 AM and kelkar had made arrangements for taxi and all that. It was some 4.20 AM and no message or call from Kelakr. I kept calling and after some 50 phone calls our man woke up. Mr. Kelkar was asleep. Dont know what magic he did but he and the taxi were at our place in 5 minutes. So no issues. :-) Reached the airport at some 5.00AM.

GoAir was very pinku and lots of florescent colors. Phew!!! We all woke up finally. Just look the colors in the flight. The air hostesses were "HOT!!!"

Pic: Kelkar, Me and Arun (Horrible Pink I say)

Reached Pune at some 7.30 AM. Morde and Shubham's chota bhai Pritam were at the airport. Morde hum log ko ekdum army style mein, "welcome sir, welcome to Pune, jai Maharashtra, khushaam deed" uff kya kya bol raha tha. :-)

Called up Shubham on the way and he was like, "Haan pahunch gaye tum log. Arre daru piyo main aata hoon." We were like, "Subah Subah??? Daru??? " but no one ever said "No man I don't want to drink"

Pic: Morde, Me, Pritam, Arun and Kelkar (one big happy Indian family)

Morde took us to some place called German Bakery and we could find only goras there and the bakery was run by some Nepalese or Chinese guys. Why is the name German?? No one knows. This place was very close to the Osho Aashram. Sala firangi log ishi liye dhita tha.

Pic: Few hungry guys and few empty plates.

We had a nice nap and Morde arrived at some 1 PM and the beer started flowing. Once it started, it didnt stop I say. There were three kids of beer. Kingfisher, Kingfisher and Kingfisher. I had this thing called as masala papad and it was "Papad + Onions + Tomatoes + Bhujiya" It was amazing. Surp Surp.

Pic: No we are not drunk yet.

Shubham arrived at some 2PM after getting married. Sabita his llooooooooooong time girlfriend is a mallu christian and he is a bengali bharhmin. Baas pyar hona chahiye baki saab theek ho jata hai. :-) They are an amazing couple I say.

As soon as he arrived everyone else,"Congrats dada congrats!! Shadi Mubarak!!" Virdi, "Dada yeh le daru pee!!" Dada,"Saale Virdi koi baahar se garmi mein aata hai, everyone says pani piyo and you say daru peeyo. Saala surdar!!"

I reallized that I am a sardaar again. :-) The besharm Me.

Pic: Shubham Kisses the ring. Aapne aapko woh kisi Ronoldo se kaam nahi samjhta hai. He was a good player I say.

Bhavani and Abhishek arrived from Bombay and everyone once again said, "Bhavani you are fat!!" hahahahaha. She was like one girl in a group of 10 guys and was a great sport. :-) Work as a big shot financial consultant in a big company.

Pic: Arun, Kelkar, Bhavani, Morde and Shubham.

We were staying at a old british jamana ka hotel and it was amazing shanti there. Very calm. There were these small small puppies and everytime you went near them, they came and started biting your shoes. Mast ekdum. :-)

Pic: The doggie gang

My cousins stay in Pune and I also met them. For a very short time. Bahut aacha laga mil ke. :-)

Pic: Satpal Jeejajee, Simrat Didi, Mandeep and me stud me.

This was taken when the bride and the groom were entering the reception place. Beautiful photo. Everyone looks so happy. Is marriage the ultimate thing for a couple in love? This photo made me think. :-)

Sabita had this silly white flower in her hair. Dont know why. But it never fell off, even though she was doing so much "jhatka matka" dance later in the evening. :-)

Pic: Sabita's cousin from Kerela, Shubham, Sabita, Sabita's Mom, Sabita's chotu cousin and Sabita's big cousin. (Jolly good, I say what. These mallus have a lot of cousins)

We called Morde around 6 PM, "Where are you Morde? What time will you reach the party??" and he said,"Abe main aabhi Chinchuaad mein hoon. Yehan pe client se milne aaya hoon" We were like, "He is very professional man. He got sometime and he made sure that work is done. Good man he has changed lots." We were full impressed.

Come to the reception place we find Morde with some girl and Morde said,"Friends yeh hai tum saab logon ki Bhabhi." We were like "WHAT??????? KYA BAAK RAHA HAI?????" We were all shocked and surprised. And very happy. Bhavani, "Uffff. Thank god. Finally"

Then some story here there and we came to know more about her. The name is Priya and she is a doctor who is now doing her MD. Later we were like,"Client call?? Good man. The client is happy we all can see" ;-)

During this time Kini called from Oman and we gave him the shocking news too.

Pic: Arun, Rohit Morde, Priya, Me, Pritam (peeping in and giving more info about Morde and Priya. Morde proposed with a diamond ring in hand and on one knee. Fulltu senti), Kini on phone, Bhavani and Kelkar

We gave the couple some gift and got the chance to go one stage.

Pic: Abhishek is standing extreme left, Kelkar, Me, Bhavani, Sabita, Shubham, Arun, Pritam, Rohit and Priya

Morde and Priya got major senti and were dancing on some romantic song. :-) hehehe. They both looked very cool together.

Khush raho aabaad raho. Yehan raho ya Hyderabaad raho.

Dada and Sabita dancing Dhick Chick. :-)

This is Shubham's parents. Shubham's mom is very pretty.

We drank and danced and drank and danced. :-)

Came back to our room at some 1.30 in the night and again shanti. We had to wake up at some 4 AM as we had to take an ealry morning flight back. I dont know why Abhishek felt like reading the newspaper. "Virdi slaps forehead"

This was the first marriage of a friend I attended after IIT and it was total nostalgia and total fun. Looks like we left the place just yesterday.

It was amazing fun and dost ki shandi mein dance karne ka maza kuch aur hota hai. Hence proved.

Shubham and Sabita we all wish you a very happy married life.



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