Monday, May 01, 2006

Mere Yaar Ki Shadi Hai

Shubham the grand old man of our batch got married on Saturday and few friends came for his wedding. It was great fun and lots of beer and lots of dance and lots of surprises and lots of pretty girls. :-)

Me, Arun and Kelkar took the early morning GoAir flight. The flight was at 5.25 AM and kelkar had made arrangements for taxi and all that. It was some 4.20 AM and no message or call from Kelakr. I kept calling and after some 50 phone calls our man woke up. Mr. Kelkar was asleep. Dont know what magic he did but he and the taxi were at our place in 5 minutes. So no issues. :-) Reached the airport at some 5.00AM.

GoAir was very pinku and lots of florescent colors. Phew!!! We all woke up finally. Just look the colors in the flight. The air hostesses were "HOT!!!"

Pic: Kelkar, Me and Arun (Horrible Pink I say)

Reached Pune at some 7.30 AM. Morde and Shubham's chota bhai Pritam were at the airport. Morde hum log ko ekdum army style mein, "welcome sir, welcome to Pune, jai Maharashtra, khushaam deed" uff kya kya bol raha tha. :-)

Called up Shubham on the way and he was like, "Haan pahunch gaye tum log. Arre daru piyo main aata hoon." We were like, "Subah Subah??? Daru??? " but no one ever said "No man I don't want to drink"

Pic: Morde, Me, Pritam, Arun and Kelkar (one big happy Indian family)

Morde took us to some place called German Bakery and we could find only goras there and the bakery was run by some Nepalese or Chinese guys. Why is the name German?? No one knows. This place was very close to the Osho Aashram. Sala firangi log ishi liye dhita tha.

Pic: Few hungry guys and few empty plates.

We had a nice nap and Morde arrived at some 1 PM and the beer started flowing. Once it started, it didnt stop I say. There were three kids of beer. Kingfisher, Kingfisher and Kingfisher. I had this thing called as masala papad and it was "Papad + Onions + Tomatoes + Bhujiya" It was amazing. Surp Surp.

Pic: No we are not drunk yet.

Shubham arrived at some 2PM after getting married. Sabita his llooooooooooong time girlfriend is a mallu christian and he is a bengali bharhmin. Baas pyar hona chahiye baki saab theek ho jata hai. :-) They are an amazing couple I say.

As soon as he arrived everyone else,"Congrats dada congrats!! Shadi Mubarak!!" Virdi, "Dada yeh le daru pee!!" Dada,"Saale Virdi koi baahar se garmi mein aata hai, everyone says pani piyo and you say daru peeyo. Saala surdar!!"

I reallized that I am a sardaar again. :-) The besharm Me.

Pic: Shubham Kisses the ring. Aapne aapko woh kisi Ronoldo se kaam nahi samjhta hai. He was a good player I say.

Bhavani and Abhishek arrived from Bombay and everyone once again said, "Bhavani you are fat!!" hahahahaha. She was like one girl in a group of 10 guys and was a great sport. :-) Work as a big shot financial consultant in a big company.

Pic: Arun, Kelkar, Bhavani, Morde and Shubham.

We were staying at a old british jamana ka hotel and it was amazing shanti there. Very calm. There were these small small puppies and everytime you went near them, they came and started biting your shoes. Mast ekdum. :-)

Pic: The doggie gang

My cousins stay in Pune and I also met them. For a very short time. Bahut aacha laga mil ke. :-)

Pic: Satpal Jeejajee, Simrat Didi, Mandeep and me stud me.

This was taken when the bride and the groom were entering the reception place. Beautiful photo. Everyone looks so happy. Is marriage the ultimate thing for a couple in love? This photo made me think. :-)

Sabita had this silly white flower in her hair. Dont know why. But it never fell off, even though she was doing so much "jhatka matka" dance later in the evening. :-)

Pic: Sabita's cousin from Kerela, Shubham, Sabita, Sabita's Mom, Sabita's chotu cousin and Sabita's big cousin. (Jolly good, I say what. These mallus have a lot of cousins)

We called Morde around 6 PM, "Where are you Morde? What time will you reach the party??" and he said,"Abe main aabhi Chinchuaad mein hoon. Yehan pe client se milne aaya hoon" We were like, "He is very professional man. He got sometime and he made sure that work is done. Good man he has changed lots." We were full impressed.

Come to the reception place we find Morde with some girl and Morde said,"Friends yeh hai tum saab logon ki Bhabhi." We were like "WHAT??????? KYA BAAK RAHA HAI?????" We were all shocked and surprised. And very happy. Bhavani, "Uffff. Thank god. Finally"

Then some story here there and we came to know more about her. The name is Priya and she is a doctor who is now doing her MD. Later we were like,"Client call?? Good man. The client is happy we all can see" ;-)

During this time Kini called from Oman and we gave him the shocking news too.

Pic: Arun, Rohit Morde, Priya, Me, Pritam (peeping in and giving more info about Morde and Priya. Morde proposed with a diamond ring in hand and on one knee. Fulltu senti), Kini on phone, Bhavani and Kelkar

We gave the couple some gift and got the chance to go one stage.

Pic: Abhishek is standing extreme left, Kelkar, Me, Bhavani, Sabita, Shubham, Arun, Pritam, Rohit and Priya

Morde and Priya got major senti and were dancing on some romantic song. :-) hehehe. They both looked very cool together.

Khush raho aabaad raho. Yehan raho ya Hyderabaad raho.

Dada and Sabita dancing Dhick Chick. :-)

This is Shubham's parents. Shubham's mom is very pretty.

We drank and danced and drank and danced. :-)

Came back to our room at some 1.30 in the night and again shanti. We had to wake up at some 4 AM as we had to take an ealry morning flight back. I dont know why Abhishek felt like reading the newspaper. "Virdi slaps forehead"

This was the first marriage of a friend I attended after IIT and it was total nostalgia and total fun. Looks like we left the place just yesterday.

It was amazing fun and dost ki shandi mein dance karne ka maza kuch aur hota hai. Hence proved.

Shubham and Sabita we all wish you a very happy married life.



Janefield 2:52 PM, May 01, 2006  

nice pics praaji. do your friends know you have made them all famous?! :P

Vikram 3:02 PM, May 01, 2006  

KF peeke kitne din ho gaye... sigh...

Good pics yaar... looks like you had a good time...

best wishes to the new married couple..

Rohit Talwar 3:46 PM, May 01, 2006  

SERIOUSLY! Maine bhi kitne dinon se KF nahi pi hai. :(

Oye! Tu to ek dum shmarty boy lag raha hai.
Wishes to the couple. :)

And.. arent the shanti wale rooms bugging at times? :P

ritzkini 4:12 PM, May 01, 2006  

sigh...i missed it..sigh..i missed it..
Guess you guys had a good time..sighhhhh...
*shubham chatterjee sad face*
Bahut mazaa aayaa yaar...baat karke..wish i was there..
but rohit !! shit man,after spending so many nites toegther !! the lab..dagaa...dhokaa...he'll pay !

shobs,  4:46 PM, May 01, 2006  

:) nice pics. being frds all these yrs and then everyone moving on the next phase in a person's life... must be a great feeling to see ur frds like tht...
PS:- u look good man! face looks like 1000 watt bulb;) did u get a facial done ? or is it wht they call luuuuve??:D

trups 5:10 AM, May 02, 2006  
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trups 5:13 AM, May 02, 2006  

areee it wasnt aise hi tht he was called "gore gaal" :))
kyu be virdi

oye nice pics :) best wishes to the couple :)
and marriage is not the ultimate thing for a couple, its juss the start of it :)

ps: c u soon ;)

Sayesha 5:49 AM, May 02, 2006  

AWESOME man! Sounds like so much fun yaar!! Virdi, hum dono bhi apni shaadi mein bahut masti karenge, kya? ;)

virdi 6:01 AM, May 02, 2006  

The Chosen One>> :-) Thanks... Now I want to be a photographer...

My friends are already famous... These photos dont make any difference to them...

Vikram>> KF jaisi koi nahi... :-)

I had a great time... :-)

Rohit>> KF jaise saaachi mein koi nahi... :-)

Saala main toh sahib ban gaya... Sahib ban ke kaisa tan gaya... Yeh suit mera dekho.. Yeh boot mera dekho...

After hearing all the bakwas and all the hoking and shoor sharaba for years... You can easily love to stay in shanti wala rooms for years... Do nothing just stay there shanti ke saath...

Kini>> We missed you man!!!

Rohit saala mast nikla... He proposed to this girl on one knee and gave a diamond ring and all that... Fultu filumy... :-)

Shobz>> PS:- u look good man! face looks like 1000 watt bulb;) did u get a facial done ? or is it wht they call luuuuve??:D

Abe I didnt do any facial... But take bath with "santoor sabun"... meri twacha se meri umar ka pata nahi chalta...

And it is love I think... :-)

Trups>> he he he he.. Gore gaal ki bachi.. Tu ruk tujhe batata hoon...

and marriage is not the ultimate thing for a couple, its juss the start of it :)

sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyy likha ekdum awesome !!!

See me sooooooooon...

Sayesha>> Yes Yes... Ekdum too much fun... :-)

Yes hum aapni shandi mein bahut masti karenge... Tu aapni shadi mein aur main aapni shadi mein... Khi Khi Khi Khi Khi...


Sayesha 6:03 AM, May 02, 2006  

Kya yaar Virdi... dil tod diya... and here I had plans of proposing on one knee with a diamond ring and all that... fultu filmi... hahahahahaha! :D

Waise, sach mein aapki twacha se aapki umar ka pata hi nahin chalta... bas early 40s ke hi lagte ho :)

Rays Of Sun 6:21 AM, May 02, 2006  

Nahi..aapkee twacha se aapka umar pata hi nahi chalta:P
Mast pics Virdi..But bride is missing at your side:)

virdi 6:48 AM, May 02, 2006  

Sayesha>> Hey hey did you buy that diamond ring??? You can give it to me... I really don't mind... Khi Khi Khi...

Waise, sach mein aapki twacha se aapki umar ka pata hi nahin chalta... bas early 40s ke hi lagte ho :)

But Sayesha, aapki twacha se aapki dhalti uumar ka pata chalta hai... Aap aab retire hone wali ho na??? Above 60... :D

ROS>> Bhagwaan leave my twacha please... OK I use Rin Supreme to take bath...

But bride is missing at your side:)

Maanne saram aave chori... Hai-O-Rabba...

:-) Woh bhi hoga... Woh bhi hoga...


Sayesha 7:43 AM, May 02, 2006  

//Woh bhi hoga... Woh bhi hoga...


Sheesh I thought 'HOGI'!!!!

Hmmm... ab Kini khush.

virdi 7:54 AM, May 02, 2006  

Sayehsa>> Abe duffer... This was some advert in India... Its like ICICI bank toh saab kuch hoga...

Like baacha paida hoga if there is ICICI bank.. Some shit like that...



ritzkini 4:48 PM, May 02, 2006  

/*Hmmm... ab Kini khush.*/
Kini why khush ? kini always dukh !
kini only khush when baaki sab hush !

Abe..2 things..
1.Icici bank said "Hum hai na"..
The Tata AIG ad said "aunty,uncle,pata nahi kiska baccha"
atleast they did when i left..

2.Please plead with mr.arun varadarasan..that..his father is rich..he's rich....his kids will be rich..
So why not get rid of that stupid "short people..mushroom" somethign quote t-shirt...

The Girl Who Sold The World 6:19 PM, May 02, 2006 made your friends famous! Wishes to the happy couple...bechare, shaadi ke bandhan ke maare. :P

@Sayesha: Oh gosh! He spelt your name wrong...see, he made your courageous! "Sayehsa" (sahas= courage? hai na?).

Abhishek Upadhyay 7:33 PM, May 02, 2006  

//Hum dono apni shaadi mein maje karenge. Tu apni shaadi mein main apni shaadi mein.


Man you rock

Sayesha 6:31 AM, May 03, 2006  

Mere naam mein typo??????

Jab Sayesha ko gussa aata hai toh Jupiter par jwalamukhi phat jata hai! :@

Abhishek Upadhyay 8:25 AM, May 03, 2006  

Sayesha, Saboo ki badi behen.

Virdi: Virdi ka dimag computer se bhi tez chalta hai.

you two make a good company.

If you dont mind .....word verification hata na.

virdi 10:45 AM, May 03, 2006  

Kini>> Abe two things...

1. I don't care which advert it was...

2. Arun atleast takes bath these days... And Morde said the first thing as he saw Arun out of the airport, "Arun please change your T shirt"

Another thing, if people like Arun also start spending then what would be the difference between a sardar and a tam bram !!!

The Girl>> He he he... Shadi ka bandahan ka maara mera dost...

Sayesha dont listen to her... Woh un do logon ke beech mein daraar lana chahti hai jo shadi karne wale hain... I mean me with a different girl and you with some different guy...

AU>> :-)

Sayesha>> Jupiter ki bachi... Jwalamukhi fat jayega but Virdi Chachu ka dimag bahut chalega... and I mean your papa is not Jupiter but it is some kind of muhawara I think...

AU>> Mera dimag computer nahi Abacus se teez chalta hai... :-)

Yes sure we two make a good company...

S&V Inc. (Sayesha & Virdi Incorporated)

Ok will remove the verification...


Kusum Rohra 1:22 PM, May 06, 2006  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kusum Rohra 1:24 PM, May 06, 2006  

Fundoo pics, and i totally agree yaar ki shaadi main naachne ka majja hi kuch aur hai.... er virdi, woh jo tu baba jaaribooti ka lep lagata hain na woh leke aana mumbai please :)

P.S u still hven't removed the word verification.

And ek aur P.S : I am very angry haan *grr* tenu bilkool time nahi hai, last 3 weeks se !

The Smiling Girl 9:58 AM, May 24, 2006  

The best part about this post is the smiling faces of all the ppl in the pics and the doggy wala pic...
And you found the airhostesses in GoAir hot, Virdi???
U must be lucky then.. coz we just didnt like them on our flight to Blore and back, Chennai and back... And just to prove that world is a small place, we got the same set of airhostesses in two of our flights.. (From Chennai and To Blore)... :)

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