Saturday, May 31, 2008

India VS Pakistan

I was watching this video online and it made me feel proud.

May be India hasn't become as great a nation as Mahatma Gandhi or Pandit Nehru or Sardar Patel or Bhagat Singh or Subhash Bose would have dreamt about, but yes few of the systems in India are great.

Like in India the Army cannot run a country. The Army, Navy and Air Force are our defense systems and every Indian thanks them every second for protecting our borders, but they are not above the people. The people elect the government and the Defense Minister, Prime Minister and President are above the armed forces. This hasn't happen in Pakistan.

This video here shows the leaders of Pakistan talking about the political scenario there and they talk about India and asks Musharaff Saab to look towards India and learn from India. How India has made its political scene so strong that whatever happens the Government will be run by the people and not by the army. I am sad to say that out of the 60 years of Independence more than 50% of the time there has been dictatorship in Pakistan.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Love this Photo

Its a very old photo taken in Feb 2005 during my last trip to Amritsar...

I just love the setting of this picture... Misty day winter day in Amritsar, me all head covered, trying to be nice & hands folded... :-)

Perfect !!!


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Roti, Kapda, Makaan Aur Sachin Tendulkar


India played exceptional hockey in Malaysia and came second in the tournament which had 4 teams playing in Olympics. There were seven teams playing in the Azlan Shah Tournament: India, Argentina, New Zeland, Pakistan, Canada, Belgium & Malaysia. New Zeland, Pakistan, Canada & Belgium have qualfied for the Olympics and these teams were not the top 2 teams in this tournament. So now the question is "are the teams who are playing in Olympics the best 12 teams in the world?"

What I think is that the 12 teams which have qualified for Olympics are not the best 12 teams in the world. Teams like Argentina & India should have qualified. Ok we got the chance and didnt qualify but teams like Belgium & Canada will never be able to compete against the odds of Australia , Netherlands or Spain.

The system of qualifying was so horrible that International Hockey Federation had to ask the world champion "Germany" to play the Qualifiers. They lost to Belgium in a Tournament and so they had to play the qualifier. Utter non sense. Same with India & Argentina. the performance of the Argetinian team in the past few years wasn't looked at and canada qualified based on some minutes of madness by Canada. Argentina qualified for the Champion's trophy which is going to happen in few weeks time and their performance in Azlan Shah Tournament was exceptional. Don't they deserve to play in the Olympics?

What should have happened is that the top six teams should have qualified directly to Olympics. So Australia, Pakistan, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and Korea should have made it directly to the olympics based on the performance since the past 2 years. Every Continent level tournament & world level tournament is rated in the International Hockey Federation. Good thing. And the next 12 teams from 7th to 18th rank should have played a mini world cup kind of thing. The top 6 teams qualify for the Olympics. As simple as that. no host country nothing of that shit. Play the tournament and qualify.

Now some might say "It is possible that Argentina & India could have come 7th or 8th in that tournament" Yes it is possible but they would be having more opportunities to defend their place. One bad match wouldn't allow they to not qualify.

Lets hope the IHF takes note of this mess and the best 12 teams of the world play the Olympics and the World Cup in future.

Ok all said and done... I saw some videos of Sachin Tendulkar online and thought of sharing them here... Enjoy...






Saturday, May 03, 2008

Thank You "Aaj Tak"

I hate this Hindi news channel Aaj Tak but when they exposed the Indian Hockey federation General Secy "Jyotikumar" taking bribe , then I thanked every person working for Aaj Tak. I knew we could now say, "Gill और उसके पिल्लों का पाप का घडा भर गया"
And thats what happened.
On 28th of April Indian Hockey federation was thrown away, Gill and his nonsense was asked to get lost. Some of the earlier players were made the members of an adhoc commitee which will run the Indian Hockey for the time being. We dont know how much successful this will be but we are already witnessing some changes right away.
  1. Today they have announced the team for Azlan Shah Tournament and the team looks very young. Most of the guys are from Indian - A team, they are not looking at winning this tournament but are looking at making a good team for the future. This adhoc commitee wants to see what the Indian team is doing in 2010 & 2012. So lets look at the younger players.
  2. They have got a new head coach A. K. Bansal who was the coach of Orissa Steelers. Coach Bansal has also got lots of support staff, which includes Rick Charlesworth and Joachim Carvahlo.
  3. Good thing is that they haven't thrown out the earlier coach. But the bad thing is that they have made him an Observer, now what the hell does that mean?
  4. It means that the current hockey administrators trust him for few of his qualities but don't believe in him completely. This doesn't mean that Carvahlo is bad or worse. Its just that they want him to assist the new coach.
  5. May be they want Carvahlo to help the players gain the best fitness. We did see that the players under him were leaner and fitter. Carvahlo and Bansal would work together with Bansal's brain and Carvahlo's work ethic they can build a better team. And to help them both we have the legend of Rick Charlesworth.
  6. Rick Charlesworth has been made the adviser. We dont know how much of his ideas would be taken seriously by the head coach and the observer lets wait and watch. Hopefully these three can clear this कचरा of Indian Hockey.
Few of the things Indian government has to do is "BUILD MORE THAN 100 TURF FIELDS IN THE COUNTRY." If we don't have more turf fields we might just not be able to see India playing the Champion's Trophy ever.
Another thing is that Rick Charlesworth has said which is very sad but true "India should understand that we are not the top 12 teams in the world"
Lets hope for the best for Indian hockey!!!
आमीन !!


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