Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Roger Fedrer is GOD

Awesome Amazing !!! Roger Federer's BEST shot Ever !!!


Monday, February 19, 2007

Russel Peters Here We Come

We got first row tickets for the Russel Peters Show happening in Bangalore. Tooooooooooooo much. Jaloon Saalon Jaloo. Russel Aa Raha Hoon Main....... Chakk Chakk Chakk Chakk !!!!

We watch, "Eklavya" in INOX. I have never seen a theater better than this in my life. Satyam sucks infront of INOX. There is bloody carpet everywhere. Beautiful lighting. Sound is lovely. Some Tvs showing how many tickets left in ever theater for everyshow. Super food. Naachos are just too much. Suddenly everyone speaks Hindi. :D I think the Madrasis suddenly thought of speaking the lauguage they read in school. Way to go Madrasis.

Eklavya is a very different movie. Not a hindi movie types at all. Just one song and a two hour movie. Excellent acting by everyone. Specially Saif and Big B. Saif really looks like a prince. But one person who really worked hard on his acting was Jimmy Shergill. He did a decent role. Direction was tooooooo much. Locations are too much. Colors and everything looks very very royal.

The story is the part which bring the reality happening in the existing royal families. Wifes need to have babies to chalao the "Vansh". Brothers fighting and jelaousy for money. People who work in the Maharaja's palace, have their families working there since generations. Vidhu Vinod Chopra made this movie for himself and I think he is not bothered about the reviews. Mast movie hai.

But for people who want to see dhishum dhisum this is not a movie. Planning to see Black Friday today. Too many movies :-) Mast mazaaaaaaa. khi khi khi khi khi



Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Break from World !!!!

Me and Trupti thought of taking a break from everything, so we packed our bags and landed up at The Park for a few days. Its was a phenomenal break and we were in the lap of luxury for two days.

Great food, great room, magnifecient view from the hotel room, pool side dinner, lots of booze, dance at the disco. Full unwind.

Bright early morning sun light coming in the room... The view of Nungambackham High Road from our room in the evening was nice... But too much traffic and honking I say...

Check out the TV and the poster they had put on the wall.. Its because the hotel today stands at the place, where one Gemeni Movies Studio once stood... Too many posters where there all around the hotel... Also they have the restauran named 601, because the hotel's address is 601, Anna Salai, Madras. Too coll concept man.. :-) Loved the place... Superb time we had...

Full senti types with the curtains pulled...

Lighting in the room was soooooooooooooo good. They took care of the minutest details. They even provided with thread and needle. He He He

My biwi relaxing. :-) We fulltu relaxed. And on saturday night we danced till we dropped dead. Pasha is decent. The crowd was energetic. Music was bad. The dance floor was too small for 100 manicas in the disco. Khi Khi Khi Khi :D
Believe me the place is not as costly as it seems... A full soup to starters to main meal to desert food for two, costs around 1200 to 1500... Decent I say... Mast Maza Kiya aapun log...
Now I need to go to "The Park" and get the money they promissed for doing the publicity...


Friday, February 09, 2007

They have scrwed up Adyar

When my friends and I first moved out of college the only place we thought of living in Chennai was Adyar. It was close to IIT, had tons of greenery, very clean, pretty quite, decent eating places, not very crowded and above all had the beach and IIT close. When ever we wanted to have peace in live we would go to the beach.

But recently Adyar has become a mess. Way too much traffic. You cant cross the bloody Sardar Patel Road or Latis Bridge Road. The bike and car drivers are always honking. What can they do if the traffic is so bad??? Ok hoinking doesnt help but may be they are in a hurry. Everyone is in a hurry in India these days.

When my friends and I first settle, we had few eating option and were pretty happy with it. Sangeeta for south Indian and north indian food, Coronet for biriyan and all that stuff, Pizza hut for the continental thing. Sala now a days you have so many restaurants in Adyar you and your baap will get confused. And if you think Besant Nagar is part of adyar then the number of restaurants might cross 100.

There is too much chaos in Adyar and on top of that government is giving permision to VLCC, Cafe Coffee Day, Maverick and these kids of lukury shopping and eating and beauty salons and spas. And above all they now have Nilgiris, Food World, Subiksha and Reliance Fresh all in a radius of 1 Km. Non of the places have decent parking place. Its chaos around these shops. Kachara they have done. I walk from home to office. Walking on the footpath happens seems to be mountain climbing expeditin, need to find the right place all the time to keep my foot or else i might land in soup. hazar stalls on the footpath and people parking the bikes and cars on the footpath. All because thesee big shops dont have any parking place. Buggers man !!!

One good thing Adyar people seems to be nicer than other places of Madras. May be because I know the streets and alli galli of Adyar.

Whatever be right now I feel like living in some small hut in ECR away from noise and pollution. I really dont mind travelling 10 Kms everyday if the road to office doesnt have a traffic jam. Driving is also a pain these days.
Chalo let me now rush to office.


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