Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Romy Veerjee extends Virdee Parivaar

I alyways wanted to adopt a girl. I mean I always wanted to have a baby girl but yes adopt one too. But sometimes I feel, I wont be able to perform the duties of a good father towards a child who is not biologically mine.

But right now I just want to get inspired by this man. He is my cousin brother Harbinder Virdee. We all call him Romy Veerjee. We lived in a huge family of 8 kids and he was the eldest. My dad's elder brother's son.

In the courtroom with the judge. Just look at the girls. He He He He He

Romy Veerjee was in India, in May this year to take Anjani with them. They finally got the adoption legal according to US norms. Congrats veerjee and bhabhiji. Everyone in Kharagpur is proud of you :-)

Anjani and Suhana on the judge's chair

And I just wanted to share this news with everyone and anyone who wants to get inspired. News Covered by Local Nespaper in Lyon. Click Here.

One Big Happy Virdee family



Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Death In Gaza

Watched "Death In Gaza" few days back. Its a documentary about a western film maker James Miller who was killed by Israelis in Rafah.

Rafah is in the southern Gaza strip (Palestine) and bordering Egypt, so there is loads of arms being smuggled into Palestine for the Hizbullah militia who are fighting against the Israelis. The Palestinian government doesn't stop Hizbullah as they are fighting the gorilla war against Israeli army. Palestinian government thinks its a war against oppression and imperialistic US and Israel.

Initially the documentary was to be made keeping in mind the kids of Palestine. What they want to do today? Why the kids are ready to die today for the country? Why do they all want to become martyrs? Why they think being a martyr is more than anything today? How the kids help Hizbullah in the gorilla war? But the movie ends when James Miller is shot by a Israeli bullet (not by accident I say).

Its a very thought provoking and a very sad movie.

The movie shows how Israeli army tries to flush out the militants from the hideouts and during the shootings kids are killed. Focuses on how mothers are crying in front of their 10 year sons to not talk about being martyrs. Focuses on how kids play games keeping in mind that the Israelis are bastards and they should be killed.

I always had a soft corner for Israel because they have been struggling since dark ages. But after this movie I think Israelis are getting a treat of the fruit of hatred they are growing in small towns of Gaza. Don't know - cant say, but Israel is an imperialistic country which is trying to bring pain to the next generation of kids in Palestine.



Thursday, November 09, 2006

Convert Videos for Your IPod

Here is the Print Screen of my I-Tunes. Well the funda was that I had been trying to get conversion toools all across the internet and didnt find one. Ok Ok I found a lot but non was free. Every tool said I need to pay some $30.50 or more. Some shit like that.

I just searched the Apple site and wolllllaaaa, I saw the new I-Tunes. Say hello to I tunes 7.0.2. Now this has got a lot of additional features. One of them was which I had been looking for. There is a conversion tool, with which I can convert all the videos in mov, mpeg, 3gp, wmv, wav, vob, 3gp, asf format to mp4 format. Check out my I Tunes. :-) Today I am a happy man.

There is a flaw. The conversion thing is very slow. Like a 5 minute .mpeg video takes some 50 minutes to convert into .mp4 format. Below is the print screen of the conversion happening in I-Tunes. Today I am a happy man.

Just wanted to know if we can download some videos on ITunes in India. When I connect to ITunes Store, they show some Apple Japan page. If anyone has any idea please do let me know. Till then conversion (or rather slow conversion) zindabad !!!



Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Read The Paper, Don't See News on TV

I am pissed. I am fucking pissed.

I watch shit on TV. Infact there was shit on TV for ages, just that I didnt see. I used to watch sports. I started watching a thing on TV called News Channels. Believe me they show shit on TV. I mean these news channels show god damn anything.
Sa Re Ga Ma reality show proceedings. TV reporter : We have reached Chuntu's house. Chintu is going to sing today. Chintu's mom is praying. We all should pray. If you want to vote for chintu then please SMS CHN to 2525. Lets all pray for Chintu.

2 questions. Why the fuck is this channel not showing news? Who the fuck is interested in this reality show? India????

Aaj Tak
This fuck all news channel is showing Big Boss reality show proceedings. Ok Big Boss is some shit show where some shit losers are kept in a house for 3 months and then every week someone is kicked out. Its like the reality show in europe, called Big Brother. Big Brother is nothing but full of sex and it comes live on TV.

People my concern is not with Aaj Tak, but with news channels showing whats happening in Big Boss. There is a bar dancer, a bihari actor, etc, who the fuck is concerned with what is happening to them in a house?? There are bigger things happening in India.

Star News
They show who is the champion in a laughter show on Star TV. They show for 72 hours live telecast of a kid who fell in a hole. Don't make a huge issue out of nothing. To be true why cant they go into the deep villages and find out why farmers are dying in Vidharbha, Andhra, Tamil Nadu??? Is it because of drought or because of bastard money lenders?? Please find some news which is of national concern.

This is not what we all want. I dont want my kids or my younger brothers and sisters to see this shit on TV. I would want to watch some comedy or some sports thing on TV. But yes there are some duffers who want to see this. So go see.

My deepest concern is that news channels should show news and not whats happening on ZEE TV or Sony TV. I think the next thing could be Star News showing what happening in "Kyun Ki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi!!!!"

Me and my friend were talking sometime back and she said Aaj Tak was showing something called as "Naadan Don". It was a story about some kid in Gujrat, who ran away from school because he didnt do homework and created a scene of getting kidnapped. Who was blamed?? The Director of Don and SRK. I think I would first slap the reporter, then the editor of Aaj Tak who made this story and secondly that kids father. Reporter was slapped because he brought this news, editor was slapped because he said "Ok this can be shown on national TV" and the father because he is is not a good father. I am sure the kid was taken to the movie by his dad and also sure that the dad doesnt know what are the kids subjects this year.

So all said and done I just want to say is "PLEASE SHOW NEWS ON NEWS CHANNELS!!" and there is a humble request please don't show Dharmender commercials; where he says "Jeevan Sariya. Malik Ki Meher! Meri Mohar"

Jai Raam Ji Ki



Thursday, November 02, 2006

Office Parking

This is kind of office parking we all can only dream off but my office provides. You park your car in the lift and then move away. Zoooom your car goes up in some 4th floor. It is wow. :-)

Was very busy with a marriage so was not able to post anything for a long time. Well it was my marriage. :-) Got married to Trupti on 27th september. Yahooooooooooo... I am shadi shuda insaan. :-)

Check out our wedding photos.

Wedding on 27th September

Reception on 28th September

Our first Diwali together 22nd October

Thanks from both of us for the good wishes :-)



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