Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Read The Paper, Don't See News on TV

I am pissed. I am fucking pissed.

I watch shit on TV. Infact there was shit on TV for ages, just that I didnt see. I used to watch sports. I started watching a thing on TV called News Channels. Believe me they show shit on TV. I mean these news channels show god damn anything.
Sa Re Ga Ma reality show proceedings. TV reporter : We have reached Chuntu's house. Chintu is going to sing today. Chintu's mom is praying. We all should pray. If you want to vote for chintu then please SMS CHN to 2525. Lets all pray for Chintu.

2 questions. Why the fuck is this channel not showing news? Who the fuck is interested in this reality show? India????

Aaj Tak
This fuck all news channel is showing Big Boss reality show proceedings. Ok Big Boss is some shit show where some shit losers are kept in a house for 3 months and then every week someone is kicked out. Its like the reality show in europe, called Big Brother. Big Brother is nothing but full of sex and it comes live on TV.

People my concern is not with Aaj Tak, but with news channels showing whats happening in Big Boss. There is a bar dancer, a bihari actor, etc, who the fuck is concerned with what is happening to them in a house?? There are bigger things happening in India.

Star News
They show who is the champion in a laughter show on Star TV. They show for 72 hours live telecast of a kid who fell in a hole. Don't make a huge issue out of nothing. To be true why cant they go into the deep villages and find out why farmers are dying in Vidharbha, Andhra, Tamil Nadu??? Is it because of drought or because of bastard money lenders?? Please find some news which is of national concern.

This is not what we all want. I dont want my kids or my younger brothers and sisters to see this shit on TV. I would want to watch some comedy or some sports thing on TV. But yes there are some duffers who want to see this. So go see.

My deepest concern is that news channels should show news and not whats happening on ZEE TV or Sony TV. I think the next thing could be Star News showing what happening in "Kyun Ki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi!!!!"

Me and my friend were talking sometime back and she said Aaj Tak was showing something called as "Naadan Don". It was a story about some kid in Gujrat, who ran away from school because he didnt do homework and created a scene of getting kidnapped. Who was blamed?? The Director of Don and SRK. I think I would first slap the reporter, then the editor of Aaj Tak who made this story and secondly that kids father. Reporter was slapped because he brought this news, editor was slapped because he said "Ok this can be shown on national TV" and the father because he is is not a good father. I am sure the kid was taken to the movie by his dad and also sure that the dad doesnt know what are the kids subjects this year.

So all said and done I just want to say is "PLEASE SHOW NEWS ON NEWS CHANNELS!!" and there is a humble request please don't show Dharmender commercials; where he says "Jeevan Sariya. Malik Ki Meher! Meri Mohar"

Jai Raam Ji Ki



jane,  6:56 AM, November 08, 2006  

hahahah! news channels have become comedy shows yaar. like videocon came out with a new tv which had PIP (picture in picture) some centuries ago, these days one tv channel is promoting another! news channels have become spoof channels only. better to watch cyrus broacha on cnn ibn on 'the week that wasn't', u get more gyaan on current affairs than what the news chanels show on prime time. the best part was during the telecast of sony tv's 'jhalak dikhlaja', aaj tak was showing almost the whole show and at the very same time!!! paucity of news in india or what, anyone??? sheesh!!

as for baroda's 'naadan don' the kid said he got the idea of escaping from school after watching the movie. lol!

jane,  6:58 AM, November 08, 2006  

oh and thanda dharam rocks! :P now if only dev anand (sev anand on the comedy show ha ha ha) will do ads for 30 plus! :D

Strider 3:14 PM, November 08, 2006  

The one I watch (NDTV) thankfuklly sticks to news ...

But my all time favourite source of news is of course good old TOI!!
It just isnt my day if I cant get my hands on TOI in the morn...

Aur cool down yaar...
agar achha nahi laga to we can say duck you and change the channel ;-)

virdi 4:06 AM, November 09, 2006  

Jane>> Arre yaar all these stupid shit should be banned from coming on national TV...

Strider>> Times of India???? That newspaper is page 3 on every page... They have a naked model photo on the front page everyday...

The most boring and the most news printing newspaper is The Hindu... I know this newspaper is good but it is boring at times... And I just hate Times Of India... If possible they might even sell the space on the editor's page... Its adeverts on ever page yaar !!!!

Strider 7:49 AM, November 09, 2006  

thats "The put-you-city's-name Times"

@Hindu .. I agree too ... Don't know how people manage to read it first thing in the morning day after day :P

But TOI is not that bad yaar (not withstanding the ads of course) ... The edit page is pretty good!!

Sayesha 10:33 AM, November 10, 2006  

//Chintu's mom is praying. We all should pray.

Hahahahaha! I CANNOT believe they show this on a news channel! :D

humbl devil 5:51 PM, November 10, 2006's become the biggest farce on indian tele...

star news was once telecasting a rescue operation before the one for that kid...know who was being rescued???

a kitten from a tree in amritsar by the local fire

and the only time i watched zee news while i was sifting through the channels...they were showing a piece on celine dion...what was funny was that she was repeatedly referred to as 'celina daayan'...

that was funny indeed...

Naresh 10:52 PM, November 10, 2006  

Prince episode was an example of News channels making money out of public misery. They started covering it better than Israeli news captured Ariel Sharon fighting death in ICU. Thousand dumb idiots found this to be the best chance to be on TV and created a mess in rescue area. All they did was to make rescue work difficult. Now TV channels didn't request people to not assemble in the area. Morons I say. During the proceeding, ZEE TV reporter went to Prince's mother and asked her - "How are you feeling?" The lady was overwhelmed to be on TV for the first time and chose to be polite in answering. My grandma got irritated and answered the reporter's question with "£$@#@. Put your own kid mother fucker. You will know how it feels."

"I am sure the kid was taken to the movie by his dad and also sure that the dad doesnt know what are the kids subjects this year."
Bachche paida kar ke bhool gaye:D

Anonymous,  9:12 AM, July 29, 2007  

Yes.. the news has become ugly and media has become a complete business. i hate timeofindia a lot. Read this:

Apart, also look at .. its a same concept at to indian news. I am not sure how much success this can be, but it sure is a new approach to news. Atleast, we (maybe, just a hope), we are saved from TV news and other futile newspapers.

rashid1891 9:18 AM, December 01, 2010  

The one I watch (NDTV) thankfuklly sticks to news
It just isnt my day if I cant get my hands on TOI in the morn...

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