Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Does this mean I am getting old?

I suddenly find myself forgetting things and being absent minded a lot:
  1. Leave home at 7:00 to take a 7:18 train (to Liverpool Street) on platform 4, but instead go to platform 2 and sit in the 7:21 train. The 7:21 train is a slow train and the 7:18 one is a fast train.
  2. Go to a shop, buy some stuff, take the change and walk out. Forget the stuff at the counter. This has happened twice.
  3. I don't always carry a book to read on my train journey and recently got interested in reading one. Forgot it twice on the train, went back and got it. Once this book was in my bag and I thought that I left it back in the train. Went back, checked around the seat and then checked my bag again. Ah here it is. :-)
  4. Leave stuff (keys, wallet) somewhere in the house, come back after 5 minutes and have no clue where did I keep it. :-)
  5. Once I left home on my bike, reach station and found "oh, I haven't got my keys"; but interestingly I absolutely remembered on this occasion the place where I have left my keys!
  6. I have forgotten my phone back home few times.
  7. Wife asks me "Do you know where is ........................"; my brain goes absolutely blank.
But on the positive side, I have never forgotten where the TV remote is. "Wink"
I am the man of the house and I control what everyone watches on the TV!


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