Tuesday, April 27, 2010

You have to work...

The worst thing about working is going to work & the best thing is the day they pay your salary. :-)
Well actually I hate my journey these days and so I am quite peed-off that I have to go to work.

This is my morning schedule:
  • Get up at 6:15
  • Come out of the bathroom at 6:35
  • Get ready by 6:40
  • Throw breakfast down my throat in 5 minutes
  • Get out of the house at 6:50.
  • I always keep few extra minutes in my hand, just in case.
  • Bike to the station & reach at 7:05.
  • Train leaves Cambridge station at 7:15.
  • Reach King's Cross at 8:05.
  • Take Northern Line from King's Cross to London Bridge & then the jubilee line to canary wharf.
  • Reach office at 8:35-8:40. To do all this in time I need to iron my clothes in the night & keep them ready.
If anything is not in place, I am sure to reach office late and the rush in the London underground is worse than the Bombay Locals.
If I reach late it also means that I might have to leave office late. And then the whole day is a mess.
Many a times the modern Jubilee Line doesn't work and I just hate it! To get in the Jubilee Line train there are 2 doors and each has to work perfectly. What if anyone doesn't operate? PROPER MESS! Canary Wharf station at 8.30 AM and 5.00 PM is like India. No one is polite and everyone is in a hurry!
The travel time these days to the client office is around 1hour 45 minutes, one way ,door to door and I don't mind the time, the problem is changing trains. I just hate it. I feel so tired when I reach office that I don't feel like starting work.
And if I work at my office on Liverpool Street then it's 1:30 door to door, with no changes and I can study or work on the train for an hour.
As one of my club-mates pointed out few days back. It's becoming mechanical now; wake up, eat, journey from Cambridge to Canary Wharf, work, journey back home, eat, sleep, wake up, eat...
But I do look forward to Trupti's cooking every evening. :-)
Right now I am very eager for the 3 day weekend and looking forward to having fun with Sehaj & Pavit. :-)
Had a great vacation in Morocco but I need more rest. ;-)
On the train again going back home! Such is life, when you are unemployed, you want to work 8 hrs a day. And when you start working you look forward to vacations. But if you want to have your vacations and spend money, then you have to work...


Monday, April 12, 2010

Survived the Winters

Flowers at Cherry Hinton Road
My neighbour's Cherry Blossom tree
My neighbour's Cherry Blossom tree
These were the harshest winters in England since the invention of V8 engines and I survived them. Being here and going through the pain of winter weather for 3 whole months was an amazing feeling, thank you very much; I don't want that feeling any more. I mean ever in my life!
So when I went to my local super market on Saturday morning, I could stop admiring the spring flowers.
The temperatures touched 15 deg C this weekend and guess what did the Brits do? Removed their clothes, got sun burnt & fired up coal for their barbecues. Not a bad sight at all. :-)
Look forward to the summer weather and some bank holidays. ;-)


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