Wednesday, March 21, 2007

About Cricket (and its controversies, obviously)

India lost. Pakistan lost. Inzy retired. Bob Woolmer died. Dhoni's house under construction was brought down.

India lost because of the following reasons:

  • Poor fielding
  • Zero Yorker
  • Zero slower balls
  • Stupid, out of form, fat and unfit Sehwag
  • Horrible captaincy of Dravid
  • Poor and unimaginative bowling
  • Awesome Bangladeshi fielding
  • Awesome Bangladeshi temperament
  • Horrible planning
  • Too much advertisements by cricket players and less time for preparation
  • Dhoni dropping a sitter

Very simple. No one is blind. Sehwag carries more money on his shoulders. Pepsi, Dabur, blah blah blah have invested their money no him and how could BCCI let go of a person who is a major money gatherer for them?

People like Kaif derserve to be in the team, but they are not handsome as Dravid or Dhoni. They dont have the same charisma. Cricket is not just a sport is about money now. BCCI earns $1 billion every year. Its a bloody billion dollar company now. They know he is not as good as he was few years back, but he still gets money for them.

Right Indians? I am right, so just shut up.

Pakistan lost because of the following reasons:

  • None of the players were doped. They need dope to perform.
  • Inzy didnt have beef curry for breakfast.
  • Afridi had too much beef curry and was too full to play.
  • Every Pakistani player had their feet on ground but head flying too high.
  • Pakistan didnt have any bowlers (first time someone can say that; I've seen Pakistan defending total less than 125. Wasim, Waqar would've still beaten Ireland that day)
  • They didnt have Shoiad, Wasim or Waqar.
Bob Woolmer died. Now how did that happen??? Team loses and the coach dies. How many times has it happened?? Well, I remember once it has. In 1990 footbal world cup, some player from Equador scored a self-goal and they were relegated in the 1st round. The player was killed in a restaurant, SHOT IN HEAD!!! Bob Woolmer was drugged or poisoned by some maniac who lost millions in betting that day??

Stupid game I say. But its fun. Cricket is now not just a game played by 10 countries. Its spreading.



chatterbox,  7:59 AM, March 21, 2007  

Very well written. And very well typed by me *ahem*

Also, the state the team is in now, I think is Indian coach is to be blamed too. Or maybe no one pays any attention to him. After all, it was the same coach when Dada was the captain and the boys did fairly well. My suggestions:
1. Listen to the coach.
2. Get Dada back as captain.

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