Thursday, March 27, 2008

Race Saason Ki !!!

  1. There are two brother X & Y
  2. There are two girls XX & YY
  3. X likes XX.
  4. Y is a drunkard.
  5. Y says “I will stop drinking if XX marries me”
  6. X asks XX to marry Y.
  7. YY likes X.
  8. Y hates X.
  9. Y plots with XX to get X killed.
  10. X dies after he is pushed from the building by XX.
Inspector A and assistant B comes in.
  1. X & Y’s father has insurance worth $200 Million.
  2. If X dies Y will get $100 Million.
  3. After XX kills X, she would have got $20 Million.
  4. But YY marries X secretly.
  5. YY is now a widow and gets $100 million.
  6. Now YY will get $100 million.
Basically Y plots with YY and wants to get X & XX killed. So that there is no money sharing with XX. Inspector A wants to spill the beans but can shut up if given $25 Million.
  1. Y thinks X & XX are dead.
  2. But X plans with XX & inspector A to get this thing done so that the Insurance money of $100 comes out of the bank.
  3. And after lots of hiding X comes out in the open plains.
  4. Y is angry that X is not dead. But in the record he is dead.
  5. YY is sad. XX is happy. X & Y have a CAR RACE and Y & YY die in the crash.
  6. XX is now the widow of Y and she gets his $100 Million.
  7. So now XX & X have $ 200 million.
  8. Inspector A gets $50 Million and promises never to meet X or XX again.

दीमाग का दही कर दिया है अब्बास मस्तान ने !!!

Johnny Lever comes for 1 scene for 5 mins and don't even think of missing this scene. :-) Movie was crap but now my neck is twisted... Too many twists you see...


Abhishek Upadhyay 4:51 PM, April 04, 2008  


Yaar you have describe movies in best manner.After your gyan on Matrix this was another best thing.

Anonymous,  5:16 PM, April 23, 2008  

I saw this movie, but this write-up totally confused me... But then, I love the movie... Dont tell you didnt like looking at the hot women! (I am not talking about Sameera!)

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