Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Trip to Kukke Subramanya...

There is this small temple near Mangalore... Its called Kukke Subramanya... Me, my wife and my mom in law went to that place... It was really really beautiful... The place and the whole ambiance... :-) Loved the whole trip...
Out guest house was very close to the temple and the whole setting looked like some picture scene... I am just posting the pictures...
At the end of the trip i knew 1 thing... my mom in law is a real sport and quite funny at the end... Khi Khi Khi Khi Khi Khi


Mountains Behind (this is the best pic)


Temple From Afar


Ms Taggart 5:14 PM, April 23, 2008  

Hey, you almost went till my native place! :)

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