Monday, January 14, 2008

Few Videos from the Nakuru National Park Trip in November 2007

We visited the Giraffe sanctuary and you could actually feed the giraffe. :-) This is Prateek Vyas and I am taking the video. Giraffe looks like a real girlie animal. Very calm and very sweet child kinds. But sometimes they also give the "Zidane Head Butt" and that really hurts. Giraffe has this very thick saliva and when you wash your hands after feeding them, it is like you are trying to remove Fevicol from your hand. Kind of Grosss !!!

I took this video from top of the picnic hill inside the Nakuru National Park. Now because this is a picnic hill you can find thousands of Baboons roaming around and trying to snatch your food from your hands. So if you want to have picnic then you should sit in your vehicle and have your food in an enclosed space. Bloody Naughty Baboons. But the lake looks awesome from the top. You find the white white kind of things around the shore of the lake, that is the flock of various birds which come at the lake everyday and fight for fish. Millions of them !!!

Pelicans flying around the lake. They have huge beaks and try to eat more than they can put in their belly. At the end of the video you can find a guy with a huge camera, in the earlier post where I had added some photos, if the photos are good they must be the ones taken by that camera, some Nikon D 80 thing.

There were some 5 billion Flamingos. As soon as we landed at the lake, we found them shouting at full volume. Prateek took this video but he is moving his camera very fast. It feels like I am going to fall rotating round and round. but just listen to the noise of the Flamingos. There were some 3-4 other kinds of long legs birds also. :-)

Aah this was bloody good. We found few small animals running around and then in one bush we found a leopard. The leopard crossed the road and we all got shit scared. You can find our cameras going click click and Rishi shouting "Rajan take Photo!!!", "Issac Issac start the car and lets run" (Issac was our driver).
The leopard looks like it is some 100 mtrs away from us, but because we were using pathetic cameras it looks like its very far. Actually its some 20 mtrs or so away from us. It was scary!!!
Also we were at one end of the park and if we ever got into any dangerous situation help would take around 20-30 minutes to arrive.

The whole of morning and afternoon we were trying to find Rhinos, but we found them only at around 4 Pm in the evening. From 10.30 AM to 4.00 PM one of my friends kept pestering the driver "Take me to the place where I can find Rhinos, Issac drive quick if I dont see Rhinos I am not going to pay you. Issac faster take me to the Rhinos" Oh man, what can poor driver do if the Rhinos are hiding??? I guess the driver would be the most happy guy after WE saw the Rhinos.

Prateek's hands move very fast and sometimes which watching a video you might feel dizzy !!! ;-)

Wifey gone to meet her mommy :-( Soooooper boring Ghar pe !!!


Janefield 6:46 PM, January 16, 2008  

good 2 c u blogging again

Canary 5:12 AM, January 17, 2008  

Where are you? Looong time!

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