Sunday, February 10, 2008

Economic Growth at 8.5 % !!! So What????

Its been a terrific economic growth rate in India at 8.5 % if we look at whats happening across the globe. US and UK are facing a huge economic down turn and recession might come into the West any day. People in the US are not able to pay the house EMIs and their medical bills. Poor Americans. So sad for them. Here have a tissue wipe your tear. Now fuck off.
But in India we are doing pretty OK, when it comes to growth. The Finance Minister says it would be 8.5% for the year 2007-2008.
  1. We have Indian companies, acquiring companies in the West and showing their strength to buy more.
  2. Rupee is stronger
  3. We have Malls all across the big cities
  4. Indians have more mobile phones than the land line phone connections
  5. Indians drive big cars
  6. Indian car manufacturers have brought out real cheap cars with good innovation
  7. Lots of jobs
  8. IPOs of some companies never heard of are making the common man getting richer & he really doesn't care as long as his portfolio is 200% higher than what he invested
  9. Sensex might go up or down but economy is stable
  10. Inflation is lower than that of a poor African Nation, for example Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda, Somalia, etc
  11. We haven't had any Hindu-Muslim, Sikh-Hindu, Christian-Muslim, Buddhist-Hindu - Muslim riots, in last 100 days
  12. Aaah there hasn't been any killing in the school since past 1 month
  13. etc etc etc

Lets not get forget we are all fucked up. We have forgotten, WE as in me, you, social reformers, social activists, politicians, IAS officers, etc etc everyone has forgotten that Indian is no less than Somalia or Burundi or Viet-Fucking-nam or any other fucked up African nation because of the following reasons :
  1. Farmers are committing suicides in the states of Punjab, Maharashtra, Andhra. Why?? Because there is no rain and the irrigation system is not available for the farmers. What have the leaders done in more than half a century??? They have not been able to build canals yet !!!
  2. There is bad sanitation and public transport system, not in 1 city, not in two cities but across the country. Its fucked up every where !!! I cant piss in the city of Madras in a public toilet because there are NON !!! And where there are you can only puke not piss !!!
  3. Half the country is illiterate !! May be more!!! But the government says its 30%. Screw you Indian Government, just because a farmer can sign his name doesn't mean he is literate.
  4. The government says there should be no child marriages but now they want to reduce the marriageable age of the guys to 18 years. NOT INCREASE BUT DECREASE IT !!! Question : What will the guy who gets married at 18 do to feed his family??? Or will he ask his dad for money??? Or it is NON of your concern??? अरे वह शादी कर रहा है , इस में सरकार क्या कर सकती है?
  5. What happened to the reduce the growth rate of population??? What happened to the One couple one child idea??? All down the drain???
  6. What about electricity to all the villages??? What about Roads connecting all the villages in India??? If a flood comes in Orrisa the supplies reach there after 10 days??? This is the infrastructure development in last 60 years?? People in Bombay local trains cant travel without smooching the person standing next to him. Why?? Because everyone stands so close in the local train that you have to inhale his breadth.
  7. What about One Country??? Sala Tamilian says Tamil Nadu is for them GO BACK NORTH INDIANS, Marathi says Maharashtra is for them GO BACK BIHARIS AND UPITES, Sardar says Punjab is for them GO BACK BIHARIS!!! What is taking the asshole Dr. Manmohan Singh to not come on TV and say "Mr So & So, what you are saying is absolutely wrong. You have no right to say this. India is one nation and whjat you are saying is against the constitution. Its the fundamental right of every Individual to live and work where ever he wants to." Is he hiding behind the Pallu of Sonia Gandhi???
  8. Why doesn't the Government do something so that culprits are brought to terms; Who are involved in 1984 Bhopal Gas Tragedy, 1984 Sikh Riots, 1992 Babri Masjid Demolition, 1993 Bombay Riots, 2002 Gujrat Riots, etc etc etc??
  9. Why doesn't the government pass a bill saying "Anyone who has cases against them and are under CBI scaner or judicial probe is awaited, can never stand for MP, MLA??" Why is it so difficult for the government?? Because even the people who will pass this bill are under the CBI scanner???
Then I have few words for the government of India.
  1. Don't say economic growth of India means India is developing. Say the industry is growing and the big companies are becoming bigger and rich are enjoying more. Poor are anyways dying.
  2. Say that we are a failure, it is the manufacturing, IT, Finance, Textile, etc etc industry because of which the Forex Reserves of India have grown.
  3. Say that we really don't know what to do with $1 Trillion. Say it, there is no harm in saying "I really don't know. I am screwed in my head!!! We are morons who are running this country. We might even screw up the growth with our horrible policies"
  4. Say sorry to the victims of tragedies I have counted above. Say that "We haven't given you justice, we are sorry"
  5. Say that "Just because the economy is growing doesn't mean everyone is happy. There is a lot to be done in every rural village in India." Tell us what do you mean when you say LOTS TO BE DONE.
  6. And last but not the least "REDUCE TAXES!!!"
  7. I really think VAT is not necessary if I eat a Burger or Pizza. Who the fuck are you to charge money from me if I eat whatever I want to eat??? Someone grows something in his fields, someone else processes it, someone sells it, someone buys and eats it. Who the FUCK ARE YOU to ask money from everyone???
As Indians I think we are just too tolerant against the government and are too scared of the Politicians.


Anil 6:23 AM, February 11, 2008  

Well written.. brilliant... Now please run a spell check on the post and delete this comment :-)

Btw, I posted a link to this from my blog.

Jay Rulz! 5:51 PM, February 11, 2008  

Strong, reaally strong sentiments... I have given up worrying Virdi, I personally think that nothing would change in this country, atleast in my generation!!!

virdi 4:06 AM, February 12, 2008  

Chappa ji >> arre spell check ko maro goli... sala ek toh hindustan mein junta doosron ki galatiyan nikalne mein bahut mahir hai... its not about you but also about you... you and I cant help it... Hey look his hair is so funny, look that guy is an asshole.. arre yaar junta should chill more... anyways... thoda gusse mein hoon...

Jay >> Its not about me or you worrying... its about me looking and saying "the garbage truck came 2 weeks back, why havent they come???" and when the truck does come no one goes up to those guys and asks them "boss why are you not doing your duty? why havent you come since past 14 days?"
you know why we dont ask? because we are least bothered and we know this garbage picking company is owned by DMK or AIADMK... the state government wants to make money even wehn some people pick the garbage... Oh comeon Karunanidhi, atleast dont make money from my leftovers !!!
Similary we are least bothered about bad roads, bad water supplied in taps, bad buses, bad auto drivers... we just dont care... we always think "mujhe kya farak padhta hai yaar??"

Priti 4:58 PM, February 16, 2008  

i belive whatever progress India is making is because individuals are struggling to make their lives better...
nobody at policy maker level is worried about India, not only that they are not contributing to take the country forward...they are actually pulling it back...

kaise log hain...india barbaad ho raha hai...and they are watching movies...jodha-arbar ban karo...

sab bakwaas

probably a very different set of laws should be made against the irresponsible and 'criminal-mindset' holding policy makers...


Pallavi 5:50 AM, February 17, 2008  

oye virdee...i didn't know that behind that sardar demeanor there was an angry young indian too..:)..

on a serious note: good questions and yes we need more of these pointed questions i think!

and again on not so serious note: whats the reasoning behind using NON for none?

virdi 11:16 AM, February 25, 2008  

Priti >> very correct
Pallavi >> abhi we need to think on these point??? enough time wasted in thinking yaar... as indians we should try not to break the rules... thats the biggest help we can do to our country and society...

padeshan 2:53 PM, May 27, 2008  

sahi likha veedu,

saala apna liye je raha hai sab lok, oh yes including me .. thoda bhi dusro ke ke liye waqt nahi hai ..
kuch karna padega ....

mere khayal se social entrepreneurship is the way to go .. jiyo aur jeene do .
mein vaada karta huun I will do something for my country soon

Anonymous,  1:46 PM, May 28, 2008  

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world!"

Think solutions....because everyone is having the questions!

Supraja 8:50 PM, July 13, 2008  

I think he just did! Good enough for a start.

Sucharita 9:45 AM, October 21, 2008  

Nice post..but situation in India has given all of us enough of questions and comments, only thing we do is ask too many questions and give lamba chawda bhasan...but the fact is what we are doing about our country ??

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