Thursday, February 07, 2008

Two Decent Movies

Eastern Promises

Its a story about a girl who works as a nurse in a hospital. Her life changes when a 14 year old girl delivers a baby and dies. The nurse gets hold of the diary of the 14 year old girl and tries to understand what problems she faced during her short life.
The 14 year old girl is from Russia and so is the nurse's father. She meets people and tries to read through the diary. With this she gets herself into the trap of Russian mafia working in the UK. Among the mafia is also a person from the Russian police who is trying to destroy the mafia. She finds that out and they both come close. How it all ends is a different story, but the way the story is told is bloody brilliant. It’s a must watch.

A History of Violence

This is the movie made by the same director who made Eastern Promises.
The movie starts in a small motel where two guys kill the motel owner very calmly as if they are buying a chewing gum. These two guys are now out of cash and are passing through a small town. They go in a coffee shop owned by Tom Stall and ask him for cash. Tom Stall is a nice guy, has a pretty wife and two children. After being asked for cash, Tom says, "Sir we don’t really have enough people coming to this place we don’t have much money", but they start molesting the woman who works there. That’s it, Tom kills both the bastards and becomes a hero in America in no time.
Everyone wants to come to his coffee shop and talk to the hero. But then after few days some 3-4 guys from Philadelphia come down and call Tom "Joey". There is this huge confusion what’s going on and all that. They ask him to come to Philadelphia and settle the score. Tom Stall keeps telling that they are confused and he is Tom and not Joey.
Tom's family becomes very terrified with these guys showing up in the mall and any place the family members go. These guys then show up at Tom's house and he kills all three of them.
He gets injured and tells his wife that he is actually Joey and he had left those guys long back. This Tom guy was in-fact a serial killer and used to work for a gang in Philadelphia. He had some unfinished business and he had cheated this gang and ran out of it, so that he can start a new life.
His wife gets very wild and feels like he has cheated her and had never told her this part of his life. She feels he is a serial killer who is now showing his split personality and might cause harm to the children some day. She doesn’t leave him but starts ignoring him even if he is in the house.
But even after the death of the three members the Gang leader keeps calling him to Philadelphia and wants to meet him. Tom goes to Philadelphia and meet this gang leader who is no one else but Tom’s brother. What happens during the meeting and after that is to be seen in the movie.
It is one of those movies, which are slow, but very gripping and keep you at the edge of your seat through out the 2 hours. Must watch again!!!


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