Monday, June 11, 2007

Indian Government Sucks !!!

Today's India is an awesome place. You have jobs for everyone, better roads, superb airports, soaring stock exchange, foreign exchange coming in everyday, great transport facilities, better sports facilities for kids, everyday a better education system. Everything looks so great when we talk about what is happening in India on the brighter side.
But when we see on the darker side, the growth has not helped every Indian. It has made things worse for most of us. We have seen more and more farmers dying of hunger and poverty in AP, Punjab, Maharashtra, we see people being run over by rich bastards every night in cities of Bombay and Madras, we see cities like Delhi suffering from 8 hours of power failure everyday in summers, we dont have sanitation and water for all, cities like Madras still don't have a desalination plant for water supply to the city and we have to buy water from tankers every week, some ass killed 50 kids in Noida and police is not able to tell if he is the real killer. I mean are the people of India such big idiots that they can't take care of these things? How can they allow such a bullshit to happen?
Its been 60 years since our Independence. Its a decade more than half a century. And every house doesn't have clean water, healthy sanitation and electricity, basic hospital facilities, basic education till class XII. I ask the question how can the knowledgeable and educated allow this to happen? While the government promises a lot it doesn't give us the things it had promised. The question is "What can we do?" but more than that I think the question is "Why am I not doing anything?"
I think its the end of living in peace in India. There is not a single city which is without a problem and where we can live with comfort. If I have to pay Rs 1 Crore and live in Amby Valley with comfort and luxury, I would say the government has lost miserably again. They are not able to provide basic amenities at a nominal price to every Indian.
Just pained with the policies of the government which is making the rich richer and the poor have now come under the tires of the cars. Forget about we saying "they have come on roads". I dont think its going to improve anymore. Its going to become worse. We are importing rice and wheat this year. Prime Minister Singh the poor dont have food to eat, what are you going to do with the software, put it their ass and say shut up??
The protests against the government of India's policies and false promises have gone up in recent times, we have seen problems with farmers in West Bengal, students against the Quota Reservations, Gujjars against Rajasthan Goverenment, etc. Yes there are some people who are still awake and take no bullshit against the horrible Government but some people like me and you are just ok and relaxed reading blogs and working in AC offices. We wont rise till something happens to us and our dear ones. Don't know till what time we can escape the poor policies but I am just loosing patience.
PS: Update on Deepu's Good Results. JEE mein thoda bad luck AIR 6076. AIEEE 2025 (AIR), 31 (TN). Superb Deepu Ji. :-)


Jay Rulz! 11:34 AM, June 12, 2007  

The country is so corrupt, even if i or you or we want to do something what can we do??? revolution??? riots??? public litigation??? virdi, do you honestly think any of the above would work???

awestriker 4:29 PM, June 12, 2007  

like we always had brain-drain(ofcourse,given a chance you too wud like to settle in UK), now india is sufferring with grani-drain..india's agricultural practices have become old,there is no innovation on the farming side.with unpredictable nature,its debt which rises, bends the back and forks the like out of modest of farmer tend to be city-wise as they get more lucrative pastures to bask and breed. even farmers are promoting it...IT, ITES and development have has made a big rift between the halves and halve-nots..with increase in our consuming power..more rural class people tend to leave farming and join services supporting the rotting with gluttony urban india..amazingly we indians spend around 50% of our income on food...fat-ass are we, crushing the poor under them...

shobz,  5:13 PM, June 14, 2007  

congrats to deepu! :)

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