Monday, May 28, 2007

Buddhist India

I wish India was a Buddhist country. There was Buddhism in India and then someone thought we should have the "Char Dham" Kedarnath, Badrinath, Jagarnath, etc. Then came the Mughals and converted half the population into Muslims. Then some converted to Jains. Also some Hindus thought we should fight against conversions and Sikhism started. Look in what horrible mess we are today. My forefathers were screwed in the head and they screwed up my generation.

Today the problem India faces is bloody religion. I wish no one was bloody Hindu, or Muslim or Sikh or Christian. There was Buddhism. Bloody one religion. Simple. No one would have time to think what the other person is doing and I have to do it better.

"Aurangzeb - The Ass" had to build a mosque at that very place where Raam was born, in some 17th century?? "L.K.Advani -The Bigger Educated Ass" had to bring down that very mosque, in 1992?? Then we have bomb blasts in Bombay. Thanks to the biggest Ass - Bala Sahib Thakrey we have riots in January 1993. Jai Maharashtra My Ass !!!

Indra Gandhi was killed by a Sardar because Gandhi took the tanks in Golden Temple. Arre if there was only one religion then there wouldn't be the issue of Khalistan and then there wouldn't be any radical Sikh leader. Bhinderwala was a curse on Sikhism I say. Now the sardar killed Mrs. gandhi and we had 1984 riots. 2000 sardars got killed, no one was punished after 23 years. Thats about a quarter century. What a shit country I live in !!!

Today I heard in news there is some temple in Kerala where non Hindus cannot go. And if non Hindus go they have to make the temple pavitr. My question to those sons-of-guns is who are you to decide that I can go where I want to or not??? Ok you decide its your house then why isn't the government taking action against those bloody priests for creating racism???

Now we also have a problem with the bloody babas in India. Chandra Swami, Narayan Swami, No Swami, Yes Swami, Bull Shit Swami, No Bullshit Swami, Blanket Baba, nanga Baba, no Nanga Baba, all kinds of babas. There is one baba dancing naked in Allahbad's 12 year Hindu festival called the Kumbh Mela. No one stops them. If FTv shows naked dance its against our culture!!! Hey I&B Minister "Kiss My Ass" thats your right, I give you the right !!!

Ok back to baba. There is some baba in some bloody city in interior Haryana and he wears a dress looking like the 10th guru of Sikhs. The sikhs feel offended and say he should say sorry and blah blah blah. Riots in Punjab, one person dies, few injured. Listen sardars and the priests of SGPC, there was one lady called Bibi Jagir Kaur, she killed her own daughter, were you not ashamed of her??? How did she become the SGPC head?? And is the 10th guru so small that some baba can look like him?? Bloody half of Punjab drinks every evening because the wives have to serve chicken to their husbands. Did your 10th Guru say get drunk every evening??? almost all of youth in Punjab doesn't follow religion by either cutting their hair or trimming the beard, what happens to you SGPC heads when you find this??? Why don't your say, "Any Sikh boy found cutting his hair or trimming his beard wouldn't be called a sikh!!!"

Thats why I say I wish I was born in a Buddhist India. At least while driving on the road I wouldn't run into Mandirs and Mosques. At least I wouldn't be woken up everyday with a tune I dont like to hear. At least when a road is being constructed, there wouldn't be a Mandir in the middle of it and construction would start only after the case gives an order. At least there wouldn't be politics in the country based on Religion. I hope Buddha is born again and converts every bloody person to Buddhist!!!

Bloody stupid country and stupid religions. And they say , "What protects India is its culture!!!"

Protects or kills??? Change it to : What is killing India, is its Culture!!!!



jane,  7:18 PM, May 28, 2007  

Hear, hear!! Wahe guru aur wah wah!! :P Oye shaava shaava and all that. Fully agree, shabaash on a serious post filled with bullshit and nanga babas mentioned! :P

Hail Virdee Baba!!!!! :P

praveen 9:50 AM, May 29, 2007  

wow i told u I am amazed as I've never heard you in such a serious tone but its true...and its true that religion is splitting everyone apart... Is that what our religion commands us to do..To hate others and to show d isrespect...hai ramm

Jay Rulz! 6:28 AM, May 30, 2007  

There is a lot of agression in your recent posts... ???

rajeev 10:32 AM, May 31, 2007  

Hi Virdi,

Some heavy work load meant I have just been skipping through things on my rss reader. So no 'congrats' and 'best wishes' made it you in a commnet, even though I was happy reading about it.
same with 'insha allah' to 'Deepu's JEE result'

But this one made me stop and visit your page. I agree whole heartedly with you. The communists were right when they said that "religion is the opium of masses". And in our times, politicians know very well, how to rouse mass hysteria on religious lines. This DSS stuf too looks to be politically motivated - with SAD losing in Malwa for the first time with DSS backing to congress. I hope we will someday become truly secular and leave religion to individuals.

How do we know 2:13 PM, May 31, 2007  

You go Virdee!!! But why Buddhism? Then we would have Stupas in the middle of the road! ;-p

Who was it who said "Religion is the opium of people"

virdi 3:46 PM, May 31, 2007  

Jane>> Yeah main I am just pained with this religion bull shit!!!

Praveen>> Religion is one way to talk to god... How can anyone just use it politically we should learn from our leaders...

Jay>> Yeah man!! Too many things happening around... Hence the bloody aggression...

Rajiv>> Poora politics hai sir!! Agar sach mein kisis ko kuch farak padhta hota toh yeh DSS wala banda yeh sab karta hi nahi... How come SAD suddenly thought what he is doing is bull shit??? he told on TV I have been wearing these kinds of clothes since decades...

How do we know>> Yaar no need for Buddhism also... I was saying Buddhism so that there is not these religions... Most of them are all politically motivated Babas and Bastards... Lets the be all christians, Sikhs, jains, anything but one religion... Or no religion at all...

Jane,  1:13 PM, June 04, 2007  

whr is the post on YOUR GOD????? :)))

Bivas 7:00 PM, June 06, 2007  

Very strong words...similar sentiments in the last few posts as well...
agree to an extent with u thr.

The Black King 10:15 PM, June 07, 2007  

Religion will need to exist as long as we humans need to convince ourselves of the supernatural and salvation beyond all misery. But you've pointed at a very deep-rooted problem here. Well written!

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