Monday, May 07, 2007


We went to watch Spiderman 3 on Saturday night. And I was dressed for the ocassion. I was wearing my web tshirt. He He He He He He He

Sumita and Trupti were all enthu about jumping on the sticky spiderweb in Satyam. You see Spiderman is keeping an eye on me that I am taking the photos like he does.

Trupti giving pappis to Spiderman. And I became Peter Parker for sometime. :-)

There was this huge spiderman cut out in the Satyam parking and everytime I wanted to click a photo the security guy came and said "NO PHOTOS SIR!!!" abe duffer abe idiot, this spiderman is not a celebrity like Hritick Roshan he is just an imaginary superhuman, why are you stopping me?? Buggers man. So I finally took the photo without even listen to the security guy because he was not able to convince me, "OK TELL ME, WHY I SHOULD NOT TAKE PHOTOS?? " And we took hazar photos inside the auditorium.

Well Spiderman 3 is too emotional. Too Many villians. Too many fights. Too many things and too much to make me go back to theater to watch the movie again. And Tobey Maguire weeps like a kid. Come on dude you are a super human. You are god's gift to mankind stop crying like a kid.

To add to everything Satyam was refurnished and remodled like a set of the movie "WAR OF THE WORLDS" I dont know why and who had the weirdest idea but it looks bad. Anyways Spiderman is good for kids. I would watch Spiderman 1 & 2 back to back rather than watching the whole movie. Would watch only the stunts.

Weird UFOs all across the Satyam roof.

Chalo got to sleep now. Zzzzz... When we all sleep he protects us. Ya whatever !!!


praveen 7:33 AM, May 09, 2007  

hey dude..u still blogging from the library eh...i heard from m any ppl that spidey 3 sucks so didn't even waste my time watching it. Worst than a hindi movie I heard..lolz

Anonymous,  10:22 AM, May 09, 2007  

hahahah super fotos da! love 'em! cool cam in fone altho i hate that fone :P the movie was good in parts except for all the hindi phillumi style rona dhona by the so called superhero. super funny that was! and it was tooooo long. for pete(r parkers) sake even our hindi movies these days are getting shorter at 2 hrs!!! toby mcguire is such a wuss in his emotional expressions..howlarious! :)) never liked kirsten dunst much anyway. the true superhero in this movie was HARRY!!! :D


chatterbox,  1:13 PM, May 09, 2007  

Yea that Dunst girl was such an attention seeker! Go get lost in the jumanji!

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