Saturday, May 19, 2007

Give Up Max - The Boss

There is this new Tamil movie coming in May end. Its called Sivaji - The boss. Firstly Tamilians have no idea of H. The name it Sivaji and when u ask "Hey what is this new Rajni movie??" they say "Its Shivaji" . Boss its Sivaji and not Shivaji. Use the letter H properly. English laguage has 26 and not 25 alphabets. Thanks.

Ok coming to the point, "Why does someone have to look ugly to get noticed?" I mean Rajnikant is not good looking, why does he have a blond wig? And why does this girl who ever she is have a golden hair and has the least amount of clothes? Just because we Indians have this weird thing in our head, which makes us think that the Americans and Europeans make love all the time? So lets ask this girl to have a Blonde wig and less clothes.

Costume designer: What is the girl's dress??
Director: Give her a bra. Go get dressed. Dont button your jacket. Its a costly bra people need to see it.

The question is "Hey director are you BLIND?? Any fool can say this guy who happens to be an actor and people in South India follow him like god (who happens to do a lot for the poor and needy) doesnt look great with the blonde wig!!!"

I have no acting skills or directing ideas, but I can tell that he looks like an idiot in the posters. Now another question "Lets hope (I am just hoping), Rajni with blonde wig is a firangi in the story, HOW THE FOOOOKK CAN HE SPEAK TAMIL???"

Who is this girl??? Why is she not wearing any clothes??? And then if a Tamil Female actor says, "its ok with girls and virginity..... blah... blah... blah..." Why the fook are the Tamilains so pissed??? Why dont they burn down posters of this bra wearing female???

Why is some lawyer in Tamil Nadu putting a petition against Richard Gere & Shilpa Shetty for a peck on the cheek, also against Hritik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai for kissing in Dhoom 2. The question is "Will this stupid lawyer who is so jobless and has so much time to watch Movies and think of such ideas, now file for another public petition shit against this female actress???" I think he wont, because if he does that he would be hurting the feelings of "The Talaiwar" and most of them would burn down the High Court of Madras.

Anyways I hope this bloody film is a bloody flop. And people understand its better they watch meaningful films and the people producing such movies also understand people are not duffers. Its nothing for or against Tamil movies, its like saying, "We the people are intelligent enough not to take bullshit anymore!!! Whether it is blonde or red!!!"



chatterbox,  8:56 AM, May 19, 2007  

hahahahaha yaar look at the first pic... us mein wo peeche waali ladki dekh... ENOUGH SAID!!!

and heroine kitni gareeb hai yaar kapde hi nahi hai uske paas pehenne ko :( ADAPAAVI lol

Kaka,  12:59 PM, May 19, 2007  

its not blonde or red yaar..the color of the bra is hot pink!!! OMG!! put on yr rose tinted glasses and see properly ahahahhaha :P it has fish scales on it also. wonder who the fantastic fashion designer is. and chk out rajni saar's orange colorful jacket. even manish arora cannot top this kitsch, mannnn.. TOO BLOODY MUCH EET EES!!!

and if you can dare to wear a saibaba wig, why can't rajni saar wear a blonde wig? huh? huh?? huh???


aise hi re...tera taang kheenching re...

/signs off with my most phamous FAMFLET (tamilian pronunciation) distribution step...

Anonymous,  10:04 AM, May 20, 2007  

not everyone watches movies with the intelligence quotient like urs.. remember.. the movie is made to reach masses.. and those masses dont understand logic.. they jus love the man for wat he is.. to build logic in those kind of ppl will take ages.. but it will evolve over time..

and these are the same masses who have also approved movies like Nayagan and kannathil muthamittal..

give it time.. what u expect might jus happen :)

shobz,  7:04 PM, May 20, 2007  

well said virdi! i feel like slapping all these hypocrites! u see them all gawking on the streets and then start talkin abt how women are supposed to be dignified!!! when i was living thr,i saw this huge hoarding with a man in an underwear for vip or some ad n some one actually had taken the effort to pin up a piece of cloth on his hip!!! n with all due respect to Rajni he shoulnt be paired with a girl younger than his daughter! i think she was that sweet girl from boys.. atleast looks like her to me from teh pics u put up..

virdi 8:56 AM, May 21, 2007  

Chatterbox>> Only one word for the choreographer, ASSHOLE!!! and this heroine doesnt have the balls to say "I will do this , i will not do this!! poor she!!!

Kaka>> dont say anything to my wig!! I can ask Sai Baba to give u Shraaap !!!

Yes the girl's dress is horrible... worsht !!!

Anon>> Thanks for the IQ but I have also watched movies like Babul (walked out) and Namaste London... I dont know why I went to the theater...

Well my funda is Rajni is a good actor he should understand that what I am doing is stupidity.. The director should understand that what I am asking this mass follower's hero is stupidity... He may have huge fan following but they might say "What is this??"

My point was very simple, "Why??"

and you said give it time.. what u expect might jus happen :) yeah lets hope they make good movies and we have fun watching good movies..

Shobz>> oh so you are alive??? Good Good!!! :P


Ravi 10:00 AM, May 21, 2007  

Virdi, though I do agree on most of what you have written (in fact I had to laugh at times too though I am a Tamilian myself ;-)), how I see it is like this : Rajinikath has got this huge mass following and you should watch his movie durign the initial weeks and its real hysteria. I am sure you would enjoy that hysteria as well (ofcourse its all a pain at times with what the fans end up doing). Most sadly people go to extreme ends of displaying their fanatism like ruining their lives for the sake of "thalaivar". That is bad but otherwise if we view entertainment as just plain entertainment, then its kind of okay to have that fun. What do you think?

Crazy Dhakkan 10:47 AM, May 21, 2007  

//Anyways I hope this bloody film is a bloody flop.

LOL! You have a new fan in me! hahahhahaha!

And how can you forget those bans those channels.. that axn and all..! heheheheh

Much fun coming reading your posts! :D

virdi 11:21 AM, May 21, 2007  

Ravi>> Man I had a foolish friend, he didnt shave for weeks since the date of Chandramukhi was announched... Like the date was announced on 10th March that the movie will be released on 30th March... that bugger didnt shave for some 3 or 4 weeks...

I asked him and asked, "Boss everything ok back home?? Parents and all fine??"


I nearly killed not him, MYSELF!!!

Crazy Dhakkan>> I have something for the govt of India... I mean how can you blame the govt??? And why is the govt so foolish...

The Information and Broadcasting minster says "This kind of non sense will not be tolerated in living rooms!!

Parents happy, "my kid doesn't watch non sense"

Kid goes in his room watches porn all night and says to the minister "Take That You Sucker!!!"

shobz,  6:35 PM, May 21, 2007  

pot calling the kettle black! :P

awestriker a.k.a iKirty 8:12 AM, May 22, 2007  

I am happy with my Bingo :)

Awe ke dohe....

Docu, Laugh riot dekh dekh kar critic bhaya har koi,
Jo Rajani kee movie dekhey ek bar, Sara fundaa samajh main aye.

Ache movies aye gaye, public ko bhaye na koi.
Rajani ke movie main kya hoye, Kabir bhi na samjath paye !!

The Freakshow,  11:51 PM, May 30, 2007  

Well said my friend. This whole romance with blonde and white is nothing but internalized racism. Combine that with objectification with women and u have this new movie whatever its name is.

anil 3:28 PM, June 10, 2007  

well article
visit rajani's article about sivaji

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