Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mere Yaar Ki Shadi Hai

Rohit Morde.

Please check out the video here. It is from a party on 24th April 2004 where the MBA 2004 batch and 2005 batch went for some beach house party. Morde dives into the water after some 40 attempts and then dances like a maniac. Yes he was drunk!!! At the end of the video there is dance and some intelectual talk going on and the most intelectual inputs about "Brain cells manstipation and constipation" are given by Mr. Rohit Morde.

I dont think many people know him. Some of us here know about Ritesh Kini.

Ok Rohit Morde was with us in MBA at IIT Madras. Met him for the first time in IIT Kanpur GD PI session. Looked a pretty decent chap with some head over his shoulders and when we first interacted he was "We all should wear tie to the class" and all of us were, "What??? Why??" He repositioned himself ever week and came back to the initial farme of mind after every 4 weeks. All said and done he is a saga, an epic, mahabharata, no one can copy him. He is god of all gods in stupidty.

He called up girls in NIFT and generally visited them, like "Main yehan se guzar raha tha soocha tum se mil loon" Well NIFT is no way in the way towards IIT if you are even coming from Timbactoo or Honululu. Morde would all of a sudden came out with comments like, "Mera baap army mein tha. I am son of the soil. Yeh desh mera hai. Ek jam soldiers ke naam"

He was pretty talented in sports. He never won anything for the hostel or for himself. His greatest achievement was scoring a goal in footer in 6 a side match against Jamuna Hostel Fifth Team. He played cricket, hockey, volleyball, basketball, badminton and few other sports and believe me he always said to the opponent, "Every dog has his day, today is your day"

His sense of humor was awesome. Once asked, "Morde we find you have got two new t shirts and a new pair of jeans, where did you get the money from??" His answer, "My dad sold a tank to the Pakistani army!!!" Now there is only one person on earth who can think of that.

We used to have these assignments and generally used to hang around in the lab late nights. Morde was usually found sleeping while his other group partners used to work. Suddenly he would wake up and say "Junta put enthu, we have to finish this tonight. Fight maachaaa" and again go back to sleep.

He and Kelkar came third in the annual Business Quiz competition called "Trial by Fire", organised by the TV Channel - CNBC. They both got a PC as prize. Cool eh?? :-) We were watching the telecast of the competition on TV (which was defered live and by then they had come back) and found out that Morde couldn't pronounce Anna Kornikova's name properly. He called her Anna Kornika on camera. When asked by everyone, "Abe Morde yeh kya?? Anna Kornika?? Yeh kaun hai??" Morde said, "Abe tum logon ko samajh mein aa gaya na?? Message delivered" We were like WHAT THE DUCK!!!!

The best thing about Morde was his never say die attitude to impress girls. He had the biggest advantage of having a bike with an ARMY sticker behind it. And girls used to come running to sit on his bike. Like "My price charming has come on his toota foota bike" Our hostel and the girls hostel had a common mess and to impress the already impressed girls, Morde used to put 5 creams whenever he used to go for lunch or dinner. One was for his lips, one for better skin, one was sun screen (even in the night), one for better glow and other was some coconut brand called "Banana Boat". He used to wear these florescent blue or green colored shirt and wear goggles, while going for food and we used to tease him "Kya Morde Party ja raha hai kya??"

In the initial days Morde was found washing clothes and we called him Dhobi for some 6 months when he finally said, "Look guys I might have a girl now and I dont like you all calling me Dhobi"

Morde got engaged on 10th of June. This post is dedicated to his sincerity to patao girls, to the never say die attitude to play the sport which he didnt understand the rules of, to his stupidity, to his bike which I borrowed for 1 month, to his dance, to his surf excel, etc etc but to above all his dog Kajal. Yes, this duffer even told us stories about his dog and how he and his dog used to climb hills when his dad was posted in Srinagar. He told us stories about how some Subedar Santa Singh gifted him a Karah when his father was posted in Bhatinda, what all he used to do when his father was posted in Udhampur. Bahut pakata tha yaar. But jo bhi tha humara dost tha. Aacha dost tha, hai aur rahega. Never betrayed the trust of friendship and affection.

Morde yeh jaam aap ke naam. Cheers.



sugar and spice,  9:51 AM, June 29, 2006  

yes yes i know him! :)) i've met him too!! abe yaad hai culture curry! he came with bhavani and abhishek and after hi hello he was like, aree yeh mere saamne mirror dekh kitna badaa wala hai =))
hasne ki baat hai cuz tht was not mirror, but it was glass wall and he was seeing ppl sittin @ other side of it! and was sayin mirror!! lolzzzz

then he ordered for Bacardi, in Blackberry flavour :))

oh puhleez :))

virdi 9:54 AM, June 29, 2006  

hahahahaha... yes yes wahi idiot hai... that was just glass and not mirror...

and he entered the restaurant putting on his goggles... I asked : "Morde why goggles?? you are inside the restaurant!!!" Morde reply : "Bahut garmi hai yaar !!!"

I was all hakka bakka...


fao san,  4:57 AM, June 30, 2006  

hey, sardar...your writing is becoming quite stylish, re! good work, me lad! :-)

ritzkini 5:43 AM, July 01, 2006  

Banana boat !! yaad aaya !
remember when he drank the after shave lotion ??!
saaala cartoon tha...

ritzkini 5:44 AM, July 01, 2006  

correction...cartoon hai..

virdi 6:44 AM, July 01, 2006  

Fao>> Ahem ahem ahem... Woh aapun ka style hai...

Kini>> Abe he was too much yaar... and then he also tore his shirt while he was doing disco dance in OAT... remember???


ritzkini 6:01 AM, July 02, 2006  

haan haan..
wahi dance jisme shubham ne bola tha...
"morde ne dance jo kiya...people around him were flat ! haath pair aise chalaaya ki sab ke sab gire !"
:D shot..he is dancing like he received a sudden 1000 KV jolt !!!
And..that placement video...his hands were used on the chessboard na...kitna khush tha yaar morde...
"My fingers on a video ! my fingers on a video !!" karke...
and his "khaalee peelee" and "what fa ?"
Alag hai...

ritzkini 3:56 PM, July 03, 2006  

And..the coronet dinner ?? remember ??
Murder :"Neeche...sarson ka saag and makki di roti is written as today's special"
Waiter : "Saaar..veg items...chilli gobi,chilli this that...etc...blah blah..."
Murder: But..neeche...sarson ka saag makki di roti is written..
*rest of us..holding our heads...kab-khayenge-? expressions on faces...*
*Me..northees are crazy man...*

Canary 11:52 AM, July 05, 2006  

Am back after a loooong break..
How have you been ? :)

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) 4:18 PM, July 11, 2006  

Wish your friend congratulations and good luck from me as well :-)

adi 6:20 PM, July 15, 2006  

Loved your blog..It was awesum.

I had a similar kind of friend... used to get up at 2 am and ask " koi biscuit khayega?" and in d morning he used to come to us and say " koi mera MARIGOLD BISCUIT
kha gaya."
thanx a lot for reminding me of him.

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