Sunday, September 23, 2007

I am sooooo excited

India Pakistan Finals. Of a World Cup tournament. Don't care if it is hockey or the smallest form of Cricket, I am so excited and so scared.
I might have a heart attack. I have oily sweaty palms. I was talking to my friend on Gtalk, while watching the match on TV. Both of us were excited and when Yuvi was hitting sixers at will against Australia, we just kept sending messages, "OOOOOOohh Shit !!!", "SIXXXXXXX", "Chakkkkkkk", maza aa gaya match dekh ke.
I hope we play well. I am happy even if Pakistan wins, but just didn't want the Goraaaaas to win the World Cup. Thats it !!!
the security at my client's place is from Pakistan and he said , "Sir ji Aaab hoga Mukabla. Dekhte hain kaun jeet ta hai. Hum aap ke Yuvraj Ko Nahi chalne deenge"
Man I am so scared !!! Biting nails as usual while thinking about sports.
Chalo sota hoon.


Anonymous,  5:42 PM, September 24, 2007  

India Won. Happy??

virdi 9:44 PM, September 24, 2007  

Yyeahhhhh !!!
Chak De Indiaaaa !!!
Bbbbuuuurraaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh !!!
I wish I was in India. Man Seriously. Would have drive my car all night with the Indian Flag Flying high.
Awesooooommmmmeeeee !!!
I am going Crazy here !!! Pagal Ho raha hoon Main !!! Dimag Kharab !!! Dimag Ek dum Kharab Ho Gaya hai !!!
Pagalpann !!! Aawarapannn !!!
Bbbbbbbrrrraaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh !!!

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