Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Play Monty Duncan

I am a great fan of English cricket because of the county and because different kinds of people playing there today. Although they have great fan following they still are not world beaters, just like India. We can see from England that, yes sports indeed does bring people closer. Monty Panesar - Indian Origin, Kevin Pietersen - South African, Sajid Mahoomad - Pakistan. People of so many religions playing together in an European country.
I am a great fan of Monty Panesar because of two things. First is his killer instict and his dedication towards spin bowling. (He is a horrible batsman though) Second his belief in his culture and religion. He has proved that believeing in religion is as important as having belief in ones prefession. He has his beard and supports a turban, which is very sacred according to Sikh religion. Felt a little embarassed.
I also believe he should be in the England team today and playing and not carrying drinks on the field. Ashlie Giles should be sitting out. Also Chris Read should be keeping wickets in place of Geraint Jones.

Read this Joke on BBC.

Duncan Fletcher: now Geraint, are you sure you are not going to keep droping the ball and getting out to silly shots ?
Geraint Jones: does it matter - im the best ever !
Duncan Fletcher: Paul, now this is a tough one, are we going to pick Monty or go with your room mate and drinking mate Giles ??
Paul Collingwood: yeah thats a real hard one, gonna have to be Gilo i think, now any one for scrabble ???
Duncan Fletcher: yeah that sounds good to me, Monty be a good boy and fetch the red bull

I also have photo of Monty Panesar on my desk. Its a mask which can be cut out. He looks funny though. Check this out.

You can download more posters from this Link

And now my parents are behind me, "If Monty can grow his hair and can be a gur sikh staying in England, why can't you?". Everyone, "He stays in a cold country and doesnt sweat like a pig where as I do"



Strider 10:50 AM, December 07, 2006  

did you watch the second test??

man aussies are awesome aren't they?

Canary 11:07 AM, December 07, 2006  

my question is after so much humiliation, how cud sourav come bak?!

sugar and spice,  11:51 AM, December 07, 2006  

oye 4get monty, if amrinder can grow his hair n tie turban, y cant u?? :P


- twaddi votti :D

@canary, hi :) Lets give sourav another chance shall we?? :) He's been a good captain, gave youngsters like kaif, yuvraj and pathan chance to represent India, and has good record as a captain too. Though mohd azharuddin too had, he blackened Indian crickets's face with his involvement in matchfixing. At least Sourav didnt do that :) Lets give him benefit of doubt, and a chance to play; he's been good :)

Abhishek Upadhyay 6:07 AM, December 08, 2006  

As much as I know Pigs dont sweat :) I wrong?

virdi 6:11 AM, December 08, 2006  

dont know man... never checked a pig... never touched a pig to find out either... ;-)

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