Monday, December 18, 2006

Kabul Express - Aacha Film. I-Like is Stupid

Kabul Express is a laugh riot.

Arshad Warsi is too good. He had these oneliners with weird faces that made me laugh a lot. He has one scene where he and a Taliban fighter argue about who is the best all rounder?? Kapil Paaji or Imran Khan. With a gun on his head and trigger in the Taliban fighter's hand, he has the balls to talk and even argue, how Kapil was better than Imran Khan. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.

They ask for a taxi and they get a ride on a tank. They ask for breakfast or lunch or dinner or a snack, they always get "Kebabs". Arshad carrys a pack of cigarettes and everyone in Afghanistan love Indian cigarettes and he hates sharing them. The movie is fun. :-))

Story is too good. Its more related to international politics and how Afghanistan has become a victim of it. How the children are suffering. How reporters can do nothing but hope, hope that one day the world would look at the cold desert of Afghanistan and be bold enough to say "yes we have brought misery to the people of Afghanistan". The photography is pretty good and would really appreciate the crew as they had the guts to make a movie in the war torn country.

There are no songs. Thankfully. Back ground music is by some new guy.

John Abraham should do a lot of stage dramas to improve his acting. He looks like a tree stujmp being paid Rs 3.0 crore for traveling to Afghanistan. Expressions man exprssions. Girls love you because of your looks but start acting now. Please.

The movie has emotional touches. The Taliban fighters emotional bondage with his daughter. Its also talks about the emotions of a non Indian muslim (with an AK 56 with him) telling an Indian muslim "you people don't understand Islam!!" Dont want to tell the story, unlike Babul this is pretty good. :-) The movie is a must watch.

Arzoon told me abt a website where I can download some mp3 songs and mp4 videos for free. Just wanted to discuss that. The site is It has an exe file which when downloaded, adds a side bar to your I-Tunes.

You need to make a profile in I-like and then you will have things like; profile, playlist, friends, related, etc etc. If you get a new msg from I-Like or friem friends you can read them by logging in I-Like. You can add friends and then exchange music. Also once you are on the site you can download few songs which are free. You can listen to a lot of songs online. Like they are all stored in the database of I-Like. You can find people who have the same choice of songs as you have. If you are playing a Pink Floyd song it will tell you that you can also listen to Doors, Eagles, Deep Purple, Rolling Stones, etc.

If the song being played has a video you can view it through YouTube. You can't download songs for I-Pod.

Observation: It is a site good for people who have less songs, who want to exchange songs with fellow listeners on I-Like. I have tried it for two months and doesnt seem to test my grey cells. If you have a wide choice of music then it might be very helpful for you to exchange songs. People with a niche music following would not be of much help.

Conclusion: Not really of great help, I would prefer asking freinds in office for mp3 and mp4.



jane,  5:06 AM, December 18, 2006  

arshad warsi is an awesome actor. he simply rocks in anything he does, even anchoring bigg boss! :D the music vdo of this movie is superb. arshad's expressions are amazing, his dance moves, etc, he has so much rhythm in his body. i love that scene where he's scared of a flickering light bulb, he looks like a little kid! :))) dyiinnnnngg to see this movie. news channels gave it only one outta 5.

thisisme 11:55 AM, December 18, 2006  

hmmm...i think i shud watch this movie..and maybe john cant act..but still i wud luvvv to see him in this one..n arshad..well he is GUD anyday :-)

Anonymous,  8:27 PM, December 18, 2006  

or install Limewire from

Rohit Talwar 1:32 PM, December 24, 2006  

Bhai mere Uni exams khatam hone de - saari movies dekh dalega apun x(

Ah well, or use torrents!

s,  4:05 PM, December 27, 2006  

hi is trupti alrite?

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