Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy Birtday Chakkk Ji

Happy New Year everyone.

New year's eve was very special for me and it was also Trupti's birthday.

Sumita came home around 7.00 and Kelkar's (Indrajeet and Archana) were home around 8.30.
while Kelkar and I went out to get food for the eve, amrinder and deepu were on a secret mission, "TO GET BHABHIJI'S CAKE READY"

We watched some Tv and we all laughed at some Bihari dancing on TV. What all these guys show on Tv for the new year's eve. Anyways the Kelkar's discusssed how much they were in love in IIT and how much fun they are having now. Both of them drunk. He He He He He.

Kelkar even got some red wine from Nasik. It was good.

One suggestion. If you want to order vegetarian food "EDEN AT BESENT NAGAR" is the best. Lovely food they make. Please try the Methi Butter Naan, its delecious.

At 12 Amrinder got out the fireworks and also the cake. Trupti says CHAKK lots and so her cake read "HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHAKKJI" hahahahahaaha

Sueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeper fun we had.

Happy Birthday Chakji

Cut the cake soon. We are hungry.

Thoda Khao Thoda Feko. Yeh switzerland ka cake hai.

Drunk gang.

Fireworks at 12 in the night.

My biwi in her new dress. Masttttt.

one happy couple I say what


Happy Birthday Biwi. Oye Chakkkkkkkkkkkk.

Please check out the latest KBC Promotion Advert. Its the best advert I have ever seen. And for people who are Shahrukh fans they will love it.



trupti,  5:38 AM, January 04, 2007  

thank you bhaviji :)

and I was the only sober one that nite, you all were DRUNNNNNKKK! BEWDAS!!! :P :P

Anonymous,  12:42 PM, January 04, 2007  

awwww such a sweet post! :-)

oye mr and mrs bewdi (hahaha rhyming with virdi hahahaha) mast party tha, thenkoo! altho' i'm still slightly khaffa that budday was kept secret from me :(

wasn't the food from dhaba express?? it was better than the previous day which was from eden.


Rohit Talwar 6:23 AM, January 06, 2007  

Ah! Birthday wishes for Mrs Virdi! Couple looks happy for sure!

Have fun in 2007 man! :)

trupti,  10:47 AM, January 06, 2007  

food was from eden only, both days :) only non-veg stuff was from dhaba express.

rohit talwar,
thank u thank u! :)

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