Thursday, January 25, 2007

Happy Republic Day

Super Message on republic day. I forgot what every color signifies in the Tiranga. Its a cool message Rebublic Day message. :-)

Now for the joke of the century, it has to be a Bush Joke...

George W. Bush is sitting at his desk in the Oval Office one morning meeting with some people when a staff member comes in and tells him, "Mr. President, 3 Brazilian soldiers were killed yesterday."

George sits there, stunned. He buries his face in his hands for a minute. The others in the room are puzzled. They don't know why he's so shaken up.

Bush finally he looks up at the staff member and says, "Um... How many is a brazillion?"

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha... Give Up Maxxxxxxxxxxx !!!!



jane,  9:22 AM, January 26, 2007  

beautiful pic..happy republic day to you too :-)
jhanda ooncha rahe hamara!

Thisisme 1:18 PM, January 30, 2007  

Its never too happy republic day to u :)

Lisa Francisco 3:44 AM, March 03, 2007  

corny and funny...i like the joke


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