Wednesday, January 10, 2007

IIT Madras MBA Student Gets $90,000 Offer

Some guy from IIT Madras MBA deparetment landed up with a huge package of $90,000 foreign placement in Bloomberg. Read the news from "The Economic Times" here. IIMs may have serious competition from the IIT MBAs by 2010.
Also the department has put up its placements report. Please read it here.
Also, I sent the photos cliked during PHL on 5th and 6th Jan to Rediff. They posted the photos. Check them out here.
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Anonymous,  1:06 PM, January 10, 2007  

Interesting Read though there seems to be a lot of competition from unexpected avenues.

TCS is offering close to 70K USD to people who have done their MBA from Pune univ and similar universities and have 2 - 3 years experiance.

Somehow assuming more than 35% of the aboe said money will go in as tax..dunno how the offer is considered great.

Bloomberg incidentally is not one of the greatest of payers in te industry. DC and many other CONsultancy firms including F& S like yours can pay beter..dont u think so???

virdi 1:21 PM, January 10, 2007  

TCS is offering $ 70K to people from Pune Univ... Horrible Company I say...

The offer is considered great because I say it is great for an Institue which is known for its Technology and not at all being considered a Management Power House... 35% goes in Taxes everywhere man...

Bloomberg is one of the greatest players in the field of Market research... Gartner is the best... F&S pays that much??? I didnt know that.... Click here to find the salaries of F&S in UK...


are your from Pune Univ by any chance and working in TCS??? ;-)

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