Thursday, September 14, 2006

Indians Finished 6th in a pool of 6 Teams

We lost 6-1 to Holland in the final league match in world cup hockey. With this, India did the worst performance in the world cup ever. Losing all its matches and drawing one match against the minows South Africa.

Saaauttttttthhh Africaaaaaaaa??? We drew with South Africa?? They play rugby not field hockey. We are hockey world leaders. How can we draw with them??? My dad would curse everyone in nthe team and the coach and the IHF mother fucking chief KPS Gill. Well dad we were never a great team in modern hockey.

Ok we won 8 olympics golds so what??? We didnt win anything once the modern hockey started. We didnt win a single champion's trophy, neither the world cup. So there is so problem with the way we play our hockey. Simple. I can see that.

This is how we can make India win the champion's trophy. Just shut up and listen KP S Gill. Start hockey league. Not PHL its a joke. Have 3 leagues, like league 1, league 2, league 3. Every league has 10 teams. Develop clubs and small stadiums with 1000 seating capacity for the teams with the help of corporates. Start the league after diwali and end it in March. Its not very hot in India during that period and cricket is played during that period. If you want to popularise the game play it during the cricket season and compete with it.

The teams must travel to the club like in European Leagues. Away game and home game. Involve some airlines in this. The airlines might not need to spend a penny on advertising. Hockey is still popular enough a sport that people can follow it.

Today we do have some existing clubs and teams. Air India has a great team, so ask Air India to make a turf for the team. Air India is fucking rich enough to have three teams. Show the players some money. Say that the prize is 10 Crores for league 1, League 2 it can be 7.5 crores and league 3 it can be 5 crores. Clubs of football like East Bengal and Mohun Bagan also have hockey teams today, they also can set up turfs for the club if they need to participate in the tournament. The clubs can sell the merchandise and all that. Small tournaments can happen round the year. Popularise the game. Bring money into it. Once the money comes in you can have more foreign players coming in. More exposure to Indian players. Clubs can have a free hand which player to buy and which player to sell, who is the coach. Come on Gill do something. Since the day you have been the Indian Hockey Chief we havent won a single tournament at world level. Our best performance in Champion's trophy has been 3rd in 1983. If you cant do anything for the show you are running you need not run the show. Believe me I can do a better job.

Today every Indian player should be motivated to play rather than just stay on the field. One of the former Indian captains, Ashok Kumar, said, "It just did not appear as if the team had gone there to play seriously. We were let down because of a lack of proper game plan and uncertainty in the team." When we go in the field we dont have proper game plans because there is no one in India who has played on truf since childhood. But we have great coaches across the globe who can help us. Believe me Indian very never good in modern hockey.

We should first stop blowing trumpets of 8 olympics golds because non were won in the modern era. (ok 1980 gold was in modern era but there were teams like Cuba, Nigeria, etc etc) The game has taken a 180 degree turn.

We should look towards hockey as a country which is trying to learn and not like arrogant bastards. Yes we still have a great pool of great players but were are no where compared to the great three, Australia, Germany and Netherlands. We should first get a decent coach and then, try to win Champions trophy in next 3 years. If we can achieve that then we are on the right track. And please Mr Gill give some meat to the players, they look like they are not fed. Feed the poor players. Give them someone who can say, "this is nutritious diet, dont eat this, eat this, etc etc"

Inter IIT is being held in IIT Guwahati this year and no one knows the status of the hockey field there. If the university games are not taken seriously, we can never play hockey seriously either.

Jai Raam Ji KI...



rajeev 8:32 AM, September 14, 2006  

Well written Virdi !. When i saw ur earlier post about what India needs to do to make it to semifainal- I had a feeling of Deja vu. I did that kind of thing all the time when I was ur age and always had to give up half way through the league stage. I hope Gill 'saheb' reads you and decides to keel over and somebody pasionate becomes incahrge.
Till then- lets keept he faith and keep hoping .

rajeev 8:34 AM, September 14, 2006  

And btw, inter iit !!! thats only a time and opportunity to trvel and interact with other iitians - whoever took it seriously as a sporting event ? (not in my time anyway)

rajeev 9:08 AM, September 14, 2006  

Hey Virdi, don't make me feel ancient with the 'sir' thingy.
I agree, times have indeed changed. Imagine, going to IITD for the girls - hahaha. We had about 13 in our batch (87 -91 that is), and not one that will turn a head.
And U know what, I married an IItian ;) - no details- keep guessing.

sugar and spice,  7:00 AM, September 15, 2006  

dunno wot to say here; but admire ur dedication for the sport bhavi :) seems more than the players themselves!

PS: my word verification was- izlovu - sounds like, "i love u"; how did blogger ppl know? :)

Anonymous,  12:00 PM, September 17, 2006  

hey Virdi,

Ramana here. Nicely said ..but i dont beleive it. All i can say we r missing is the Killing instinct. All the matches were lost in last 10 minutes. Can u beleive that?

doesnt matter if it is cricket or Hockey or something else, we lack CONSISTENCY. We dont close it properly.

England match is best example - we were 1-0 till and they scored 3 goals..can u beleive that!!! all taht we need is someone telling these hockey players to be down to earth and stop being head strong..either they will fight or someone will get shot etc etc..full of controversies. Jugraj, Santosh, gagan ajit..see teh controversies surrounding them..

Indian team is like REAL MADRID..everyone plays THEIR game plan..

rajeev 11:09 AM, September 18, 2006  

hey virdi,

one of my favourite uncles was a civil engg from KGP - DharamPal Sharma , must have been there around ur parents time.
On another note, whats the scene like for India in the dlf cup ;)

Canary 1:08 PM, September 22, 2006  

virdi jiii.. kya haal hai ?
me bak to blogging after ages !!

Jay Rulz! 7:50 PM, September 26, 2006  

no posts virdi, is everything fine???

Canary 5:24 AM, October 12, 2006  

Hey long time, u havent written...
come backk !!!

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