Saturday, July 08, 2006

"Da Vinci Code" Sucks, "Munich" Rocks

I saw the movie Da Vinci Code and Munich today.
Well something about Da Vinci Code looked very similar to the worst type of story telling ever seen on Indian Cinema. Ok Da Vinci Code is not Indian movie but we have made a very similar movie called Suryavanshi in 1992.
Something about Suryavanshi.
There is a guy who wants to find out what lies in the secrets of some valley, where there was a cult and finally he finds that he is the last surviving descendent of that cult. He is Suryavanshi himself, blah blah blah. Bad story writing, bad performance. Salman Khan trying to act with Sheeba. Yes there was some heroine called Sheeba also. Salman Khan has lang hair. He is an archeologist. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. I was a kid in 1992 thought it was a good dhishum dhishum movie.
Anyways about Da Vinci Code, first thing you notice is that Tom Hanks as Dr. Robert Langdonlooks ugly with lang hair and Audrey Tautou as French Secret Agent Sophie Neveuis trying very hard to put a french accent. In the movie they both are trying to find something related to history and they find that Sophie is directly linked to what they are trying to find. Amazing isnt it??? Bloody Dan Brown is a cheat. He saw Suryvanshi in Bombay goes back to US and then tries to find some facts from here there on Christianity, jumbles the facts and writes a book. And then some idiot named Ron Howard tries to make a movie out of it and fails.
Seriously I found "Da Vinci Code" pretty boring and slow. I would recomend people to watch "Munich". Its about a Avner, who is a Mossad agent and how he and his gang are hired to kill the Arabs and Palestinians directly linked to the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre of Israelie Atheletes.
Its a lovely movie. Like a documentary. The best scene is where there is a discussion between Avner and a Arab terrorist. The Arab tries to convince Avner that one day Palestinians will have their own country, every child wouyld have their own home and they would live very happily. Avner tries to convince the terrorist that it is not freedom struggle and the terrorists will gain nothing by killing Israelie people or atheletes. Beautiful scene it is.
ALso one of the scenes where they show how the Israelie atheletes were killed was very dramatic.
Well a little viewer discreation is recomended. Sometimes the shooting is too cold blooded and nudity has been shown in the movie.
Munich is a must watch.


sugar and spice,  10:11 AM, July 10, 2006  

great review :)
now i dont wanna watch da vinci code... waise book to maine padh li hai :)

and dan brown is a cheat??
hehe :-*

Vikram 2:48 PM, July 10, 2006  

Munich is one the best movies I watched this year!

I loved Anver's character, i was watching another documentary on Discovery about the real incident. They interviewed a couple of people who were involved in Munich from the Israeli side...

It was awesome... i don't mind watching it over and over again...

Vinci Da Code sucks i heard... never watched it... hehe

Anil 6:55 PM, July 10, 2006  

I agree with one exception: Audrey is really french, so the accent is real.

Also, the graphic violence is what makes the movie so good... it's like someone took a camera to the real events instead of simply dramatizing them. The scene where they kill the naked woman.. one guy tries to cover her nudity, but the other guy pulls her robe open because he wants her to be found that way... that was pure gold!

Arrowhead 11:50 PM, July 10, 2006  

Tam Hanks dan't look so bad in lang hair. It was a good change fram mast af his ather movies whare he has mach sharter hair.

Er...fake accent?

I quite liked the movie. Movie not being better than the book is a given. Still they have done well with the narration bit as well as the graphics. Read the book, saw the movie. Loved the book, liked the movie.

Munich is not out yet in our town. will have to watch it when I'm travelling.

ggop 7:33 PM, July 11, 2006  

Audrey Tatou is French :-)
Yeah, this whole Da Vinci code has created a cottage industry of tours in France following the movie, documentaries on history channel debating the "truth" and "fiction" in his book..

Will check out Munich. BTW, Pirates of the Carribean (II) is reportedly "paisa wasool".


virdi 5:16 AM, July 12, 2006  

S & S>> yes bloody cheat he is...

Vikram>>> too good movie it is... da vinci code dekhne ki jaroorat bhi nahi hai...

Anil>> Yes man... that was like, "you deserve staying naked, you dont even deserve a cloth" That was too brutal...

Arrowhead>> It was a good change fram mast af his ather movies whare he has mach sharter hair.

Did someone say fake accent?? ;-) hehehehe... aacha likha hai be... main aab seekh gaya... i will write a whole post in this accent...

Munich is not out yet in our town. will have to watch it when I'm travelling.

buy a CD and watch it man... too good it is...

G.G>> Pirates of the Carribean (II) is reportedly "paisa wasool".

I need to get my paise rupiah dollar pound wasool very soon... 21st July to be accurate...


Bulbul Gopalani 4:59 PM, August 09, 2006  

have u read da vinci code??? if u have there is no point in watching it.. and the hindi movie suryavanshi is a ghost movie where amrita singh is the ghost... she and salman were lovers in the previous life and now she wants him dead so that they can be reunited... i watched it when i was kid.. good movie... would love to watch it again... its a good comedy.

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