Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Inner / Outer World of Shahrukh Khan

Who is a Hero???

Well he could be any person noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose, especially one who has risked or sacrificed his or her life.

Or is he just some guy noted for special achievement in a particular field. I believe the second statement would be good for a star performer. In this case, Shahrukh Khan.

I watched this documentary "The Inner / Outer World of Shahrukh Khan", and it looked like he is just an ordinary man who has back problems, who has kids and loves them like any other father, who has lots of friends, who takes work very seriously and also loves having fun during work, who prays to god when ever he gets the chance, who tries to act funny at times and fails miserably, etc etc etc, like any normal man.

But on the other hand people just want to touch him and say "Wow this is unreal. I just touched his hand!!!" People just want to take picture with him. People flock in front of his car when he is coming out of his work. People go crazy when he performs on stage. People of the same age touch his feet. Women of his moms age dont leave him when they hug him. Elderly people just like that say,"Shahrukh beta quit smoking, it is spoiling your health" I mean what is he really?? GOD?? Hero?? Super Star?? Star performer??

For every mom he is the perfect son, who would give all the respect and love. For a girl he is a perfect lover, lots of love and lots of fun to be with, she would love to dance and go shopping with him. For a younger brother, he is perfect "Bhaiya" who would help the younger one in every possible way so that "Chotu" succeeds in life. For a sister he is the perfect brother who would respect the "rakhi ka bandhan" and protect her always. For a bad guy he is always the person to be scared of. He is the perfect human being ever made by GOD, but but but only on screen. When not on screen he is just an ordinary guy who is figting with so many things. He has his problems at home, at work. He doesnt get too much time to spend with family because of work. He misses his dead parents. Like any normal guy.

I guess he is all of them but not a hero.

Ok all said and done I just wanted to tell everyone in my way is that Shahrukh Khan is just a normal human being whose profession by chance seems to be ACTING and just see him as a normal human being. When he comes on stage no need to shout your lungs out. When you see him in a mall just say "Hi" or even better just leave him alone, dont start shouting "I love you Shahrukh and I want to marry you and I want to turn gay for you" He is just a normal human being.

I was shocked to see people in US, UK and Canada going crazy about Shahrukh, bloody even the goras. People having a drop jaw when they just see him in a shopping mall. "Haaan!!! Shahrukh!!!" :-O

By the way I don't like Shahrukh that much. Loved his work in Swades though. Thats it. but I would recomend everyone to see this documentary on his life. Good eye opener.

Oh b.t.w there is a catch, the documentary is produced by Red Chillies International Private Limited. The company is owned by Gouri Khan and Shahrukh Khan. Got the point??? ;-)


PS: Anyone who is planning to see "Being Cyrus" just forget it. Instead watch Munna Bhai MBBS on TV for the 67th time. Fulltu Entertainment hai bidu!!!

PS Kini: And shut up Kini my photo looks cool on the profile.


Sayesha 12:30 PM, April 09, 2006  

When SRK was here in Singapore, he made a joke about his back.

"I'm sorry I can't jump too much because I have a bad back. Actually, some people say I have a bad front too."

People just loved him for it!

When I met him, he across as very arrogant, but I guess when you're a celebrity, you have to maintain a certain distance from your fans, or they'll claw you to death or something! :O

shobs,  1:38 PM, April 09, 2006  

oye! u look like the guy from men in black! oh, not will smith! the other one...
hmmm... shah rukh khan... ok i know he is normal. i just adore him for his sense of humor.
he used to resemble a monkey a few yrs back. so i used to hate him and never was his fan. now after he has improved his looks, i wont say he is disappointing on that front either.
he is in acting and so has money i cant even dream about..
he is fit and growing old is suiting him and adds some amount of charm to his looks. i hope he has the presence like AB does when he is old enough..

n for the above reasons i dont mind shouting, "shah rukh , i love you!" at the top of my voice when i see him:D

Naresh 2:56 PM, April 09, 2006  

Me saw that program too bhirdhi bhai. A good catch pointed out by you.
The way he describes the silence in crowd is innovative.

virdi 3:36 PM, April 09, 2006  

Sayesha>> Well woh sab theek hai... But why promote yourself??? Like SRK has done here... Make a documentary on yourself??? Disgusting yaar!!!

and I guess there is a difference between attitude and arrogance...

ShobZ>> Girls!!!

Virdi slaps his forehead!!!

Nalla>> Abe saale Nalla... my name is Virdi and not Bhirdhi... Looks like I am from Shirdhi...

Shidhi wale Sai baba...
Aaya hai tere dar pe sawari...

Yes, looks like he is delivering dialogs rather than just some impromtu interview... ;-)


American Pi 5:01 PM, April 09, 2006  

Well, compare Shah Rukh's attitude to Sachin. When Sachin visited Singapore, he took the time to meet with all his fans - and his humility needs to be admired. In fact, when someone asked Sachin to give his autograph on an Indian flag - sachin said "I do not sign on the Indian flag"! Such respect for the country. It was very impressive.

Btw, your new profile pic makes you look like Stevie Wonder. :)

virdi 6:51 PM, April 09, 2006  

American Pi>> As I said SRK is just a star whom people love... Sachin is a real life hero...

SRK is unreal... Sachin is real...

SRK lives in plastic world... Sachin makes this world...

SRK acts as though he is god... Sachin is god...

You bloody ass... I look like that blind music director??? Horrible you are... b.t.w this photo was meant to be silly... Khi Khi Khi Khi Khi..

Rohit>> SRK is one of a kind burger whom only the girls can digest... ;-)


The Girl Who Sold The World 10:34 PM, April 09, 2006  

Shahrukh Khan? Ugghhh. I HATE that man. I mean, what the hell does he have? Looks are just okay, no hot-bod, not-so-good acting skills. What's there to be admired? :-? Weird.
And as for your pic, hahaha. It's........FUNNY. :P

Sayesha 11:53 PM, April 09, 2006  

Bhirdhi wale bhai baba,
Tera profile pic dekhkar apne Photoshop skills use karne ka mann kar raha hai.. ;)

Ms. V 2:30 AM, April 10, 2006  

Ok. Many things to say, maybe not related entirely to the post :p

1. I don't like SRK, but it's okay for him to make a documentary on himself. What about people who write autobiographies? It does not have to mean he's arrogant; just wants to let people know that he is a person other than his Karan Johan movie personas.

2. It's not really SRK's fault that people treat him like God. And when about 1 billion people do, it's easy to feel arrogant. I know I would!

3. Sachin is NOT GOD. He like SRK is just doing his job. He gets paid to play. He also gets paid LOADS in his billion ad endorsements. He's humble because with a voice like his, he can't pull off "cool" or "arrogant" :P

4. Do not abuse Stevie Wonder. He has overcome much more than SRK or your Sachin has. Being a blind BLACK man, he has made it big in the WHITE world he lived in. He is a real life hero. Plus he writes his own music and plays the piano so beautifully when he can't see a single key. You should be honoured to be compared to him.

5. Your pic is actually kinda cool.

6. I am done.

praveen 4:39 AM, April 10, 2006  

I mean what is he really?? GOD?? Hero?? Super Star?? Star performer??

thx dude...thx for coming up with this wonderul posts...even i dont get ppl who go totally crazy over stars..i mean i like em too but dont goo crazy...forget shah rukh for a moment...i'm sure you know how masses in tamil nadu act over their "superstar" if he's god or sumthing...he's just a old and balding actor anyway....

virdi 5:17 AM, April 10, 2006  

The Girl>> No the picture is not funny... Thrrrbbbbrrrt!!!

What's there to be admired?

I dont know, you girls know better...

Sayesha>> Don't use any skills of yours baba... Tu rehne de... Main tere aage haath jodta hoon...

B.t.w I think you are just jealous of my photo... Thrbbbbrrrrrrrtttttttt !!!

Buddha says: "Jealousy is the root cause of all evil my friend!!"

Miss V>> Ahem ahem ahem... Well I didnt mean to hurt the sentiments of anyone, saying that black musician... I just said like that... If I did hurt then sorry are there...

Just see this... Everyoneeeeee see this... Only a great person like Miss V can understand that the greatest person looks cool in the profile photo... Miss V chocolate dabba coming your way...

Only dabba though... Khi Khi Khi Khi..

Praveen>> hahahahahaha... Come to Madras and see how people go crazy when Rajini's movie gets released... The bathe his posters with milk and sandalwood water...



a jane,  5:54 AM, April 10, 2006  

These days people think its 'cool' to diss celebrities. From fandom to flopdom is the zamaana we live in. Ms.V has put it down pretty well. The real fan craze has to be seen to be believed in Tamilnadu. Building temples for celebrities, its the blooming heights wonly!!

I think SRK is to be admired for making it to the top of the heap in filmland, coming from a non filmi background and with no godfathers until he broke into the Yash Chopra camp. Even that is a mutually beneficial relationship. He had no parents to support or encourage him in his quest for a career in films. In fact, people pulled him down for attempting it. He was one of the few lead actors of his time to hold a post graduate degree and was a bright student. He could have chosen a career that had nothing to do with films whatsoever. Yet he made it despite his looks and build, which most people consider non-hero-ish. And yet, he is called the Badshah of Bollywood! The documentary shows him leading a normal ordinary life (of a rich man of coz :P) on purpose, to let the crazy world know that is he just a regular guy.

ritzkini 6:02 AM, April 10, 2006  

/*PS Kini: And shut up Kini my photo looks cool on the profile. */
Need i say more ?

PS:Oh! naresh = nalla ?! from Ganga ? Tullu's hostelmate ?
Hi nalle !
heard so much abt Nalla ki nalli..

trups 9:34 AM, April 10, 2006  

virdi dont lissen to anyone! u look cool wit d shades!! cuz u know... the shades r from... ahem ahem ahemmmmm ;-) thats the only reason ok? :P

oye srk is a HUGE figure... and people, VIRDI was jumpin up and down whn he saw SRK's house here at bandra!!! kyu be sach hai na bhavdeep? ;)

and if u wondering abt goras going ga-ga over him, u shud see how ga-ga the goras go over rajnikant yaar!!! not juss tamilians, even goras and JAPANESE r crazy about him!! ek baar to NDTV pe dikhaaya ki his fans from Japan learn his dance steps (eh?? what the heck yaar LOLZZZ) and come to India to catch a glimpse of him!!! seriously jobless!!! LOL

virdi 3:48 PM, April 10, 2006  

Kini>> Abe Nalla ka blog padh... He writes good... Abe Kini ki Babbli ke baare mein main kuch bolun kya??? B.t.w Nalla's good freind is Ajay Nagamuto, who happens to be the one who stole ur girl... Khi Khi Khi Khi Khi

Trupsster>> Shades?? Goggles?? Where?? Where?? I dont see anything... Who gave me goggles?? Where goggles?? I can't see anything... ;-) Khi Khi Khi Khi...

Thanks for the shades... :-)

Bull shit... I didnt even know his house existed on Bandra's silly road... I never jumped and all that... Abhishek showed it to me...

Abe Rajni ke sath there is a problem... Rajini is so black that I heard his shadow talks to him...

Rajini's Shadow: Are you following me or am I follwing you?? What the fuck is happening??

And I always knew that the Japs are crazy... And now you say they like the full make up and plastic Rajini... Thats proves them crazier...


Rohit Talwar 5:04 PM, April 10, 2006  

Nahi Virdee, teri pic funny nahi hai. Tu hayndshome lag raha hai re!

Deepa 10:22 AM, April 11, 2006  

An entire post dedicated to SRK ,with a conclusion
" I don't like Shahrukh that much "

Got the message V...!!!

ritzkini 1:17 PM, April 11, 2006  

btw..where did you buy those shades ??bol na..bol na..
outside dadar station,na...30 bucks na ?? "Ray-bun"..and "puleess"

virdi 1:34 PM, April 11, 2006  

Rohit>> Tu hi mera saacha dost hai... :-) Ek yaar hi yaar ki baat samajh sakta hai...

Deepa>> Hehehehe... Very samajhdaar... :-)

Kini>> Bandar ko chahe India se bhaga do aur Oman bhej do woh bandar hi rehta hai... Aukaat nahi sudhari abhi tak... But have you stopped wearing your check shorts or now??? Please stop it now...

Even the fungus say "Kini we dont want to die. We cant live here anymore. Please burn these shorts!!!"


Vikram 4:23 AM, April 12, 2006  

shah rukh khan is gay...

the reports about his "affair" with karan johar was out in the papers...

what a dumbwit..:P

sushrukh 4:15 PM, November 19, 2007  

SRK is GOD for us.Please don't make a fun of us.He's a GOD to billions of people in the whole world.Maybe some can go wrong about him but not billions of people can go wrong.If you don't like him,just don't talk about him.

JANU,  7:34 PM, December 01, 2009  

Horrible terrible & certainly a disrespect to Indian Cinema ...Bollywood is a dirty Escort Business in the name of Film Industry. The people working in such Industry are walking with their individual price tags on their bodies.... They are for sale day in day out, most of them can go to any extend just to gain (more) Money & Fame in exchange for XXX, Orgies, Pretending to be GAY, and god knows what else they do!! Parents are aware of this but even some of them disgust me as they are pushing their own child in some dirty Director's Hotel room or Bedroom and await outside once the deed has done, they walk away with some singing amount or a movie contract. Everything Everyone is on Sale in BW - disgusting!

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