Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Himesh Reshamiya Sucks Even More !!!

ok listen... first of all you shudnt be posting insults or inappopraite comments about any singer or anyone on the internet... what if someone writes that about you?!?!... n yehh saying Himesh sucks! i don't think so!! If he really sucks then why r ppl going crazy after himi have a freind that loves him OFFF!! why does he sing songs in so many movies? why do music companies release hiz cassettes and cd's? If he realy sucks than why is he a singer with a crazy voice? i realy dont think that he sucks infact i love him! n if you have some rude comments about him then perhapes you shud keep to urself! it seemz more better instead of putting up a web page on the internet!

and yehh you talkin about his appearance?!?! dude i bet he lookz way better than u! doesnt matter how he looks he sings better! u probably sing lik FATTEYE DHOL!! have you ever heard of a mirror?? yehh i bet you have and wen you looked in that it shatterd into tiny peices!

Someone put up these comments on my blog.

Hey who ever you are believe me there is a great world outside the world of Himesh Reshamiya. read more about him here.

And believe me I have heard about mirror but I guess Himesh Reshamiya has not heard about mirror.
Ja re ja Mooh Dho Ke Aaa..
Fir Kabhi Gaana Mat Gaa..

Now even the music channels have got fed up of this Reshamiya chap and want to make a spoof out of him. Great guys!!! Just check out the poster. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

You asked : "If he really sucks then why r ppl going crazy after him??" Oh you duffer insaan the people who are crazy about him are all rickshawalas and paan walas and Imraan Kissme!!!

Anyways I just wanted to share the poster. Himesh Reshamiya sucks anyways. Have fun with the poster. :-)


trups 9:47 AM, April 27, 2006  

hahahahahahaahah good one!
abe they showed him as hen they shud've showed him as donkey, cz he knows only how to bray!!!


Janefield 10:24 AM, April 27, 2006  

I knew you'd blog about this poster when you got the forward :D MTV rocks--literally--poster is too funny :)) as for the anon commenter, it was probably Himesh himself or Imraan Kissme!!! (hahahahah, loved that one!)

nan,  10:31 AM, April 27, 2006  

some children!

virdi 11:57 AM, April 27, 2006  

Trups>> hehehehe...

Jhalak dikhla jaaa...
Jhalak dikhla jaaa...
Ek baar aaja aaja aaja aaja...
Heee Haaawww Heee Haaawww...

Abe he is horrible... Thanks MTv..

The One>> Imran Kissme can only kiss Mallika Sherawat... Not u...

And yes it could be Himesh Aaja Chamiya himself... No doubt...

Nan>> Some aunty...


The Girl Who Sold The World 2:00 PM, April 27, 2006  

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Hadd ho gayi...pata nahin kahan-kahan se log aa jate hain. I used to think that all the fools of this world have committed suicide...guess one was still left who came and wrote that pathetic comment on your blog. ;) And the poor guy seemed to be linguistically challenged...but wait, he was a Himesh Reshammiya fan. What else can we expect from him? :P
Oh you duffer insaan the people who are crazy about him are all rickshawalas and paan walas and Imraan Kissme!!!
Hehehe...well said! Some people must be crazy about this duffer anon commentor too.

And the poster rocked! Kisi ko hai kya yeh beemari yahan par? :P

Rohit Talwar 7:14 PM, April 27, 2006  

loved this post!

This Reshammiya is such an ASS. Loser of the first order.

India mein kya kya chal jata hai re!


Vikram 8:18 PM, April 27, 2006  



Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) 9:24 PM, May 10, 2006  

LOL, though I disagree I must say your post and the poster were both hilarious!!

The Smiling Girl 10:00 AM, May 24, 2006  

Again completely in love with this post..
After all, feels good to know that someone shares the same feeling as you, in this big bad world.. right??
(Maine bhi isi ke upar ek post kiya tha.. isiliye itna uchal rahi hun..:))

Anonymous,  2:40 PM, June 19, 2006  

I just love Himesh's songs and his voice is rocking!!! How come u people are critisising him like that! U don't even have guts to reach where he is....Trust me here in Mauritius everybody absolutely everybody is crazy for him...his songs, his music, his voice is god-gifted...those who says he's donkey n all, maybe u haven't got a mirror out there, or u r just too silly and gross !!!!

Himesh has a great place in my heart, every girls out here are crazy for him...

Anonymous,  5:02 PM, June 21, 2006  

You stupid assholes!! u guyz got no fckin clue wot bullshit u talkin...himesh is a gr8 artist if not da best within da last couple of yrs!! Stupid ppl who criticiz him should go n get laid!! I totally agree wiz da comments frm anonymous frm maurice.

Anonymous,  5:37 PM, July 13, 2006  

Himesh is a very good singer, he has the talent, and he doesnt look bad, as a matter of fact, thats how people dress in the United States. The nasal voice is very good. Lekin ek baat batao, no one makes fun of Mukesh, as he sang very nasaled, lekin everyone makes fun of Himesh. Please Someone Answer my question...Why? Why pick on Himesh???

Anonymous,  6:17 PM, November 18, 2006  

Ye im back.. im teh one who posted that thing up there and then this so called fuckin fag posted it up here and tried to show me how ill he is and shit! ok yo what the fuck are you trying to do?? no really what are you tryin to do? Lets see your ass up on da stage, tv or anywhere i bet u cant evn sing. Himesh is very talented... n plus you know how you said tht only rickshaw ppl listen to him..i went to india just for this and people are crazyy about him anywhere you go and where you look there is Himesh's music playin and posters are on the wall. So i really dont know what the fuck you are tryin to say and plus go learn english first you fuckin reff. And yes for all you people who think you guyz look so cool by takin this friggin mother fuckers side dont look really cool either. So you know what shut the fuck up before i bombaclat you all! get tht? now fuck off!

chandru 3:42 PM, May 02, 2009  

Mr Reshmmiya is very much attitude about his work people like him because of his work and hate him because of his attitde.
I dont know why this man started acting infact he wants to be more famous. And gives chance to critize. I hate his music his voice and his acting
Our Bigest request to Mr Reshmmiya
do some different music but please do not act in your films.

Anonymous,  8:14 AM, September 28, 2012  

girl who sold ur world. .
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