Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I love you Massiji !!!

People you wont believe what happened to me today morning. There is this aunty of mine who lives in Phoenix, Arizona. We call her Massi Ji but basically she is my Tai Ji. Everyone of the family her son, daughter in law, grand daughters and my uncle come to India every year. I don't know why we call her massiji, may be because my elder cousins called her Massi Ji I also started calling her Massi Ji instead of Tai Ji. And now everyone calls her Massiji. :-)

Ok coming to the point. She calls up today at some 8.15 AM. Usual Hello Sat Sri Akal and all that and then she started, "Bhavdeep, what are you doing? You in office? I dont care whether you are in office or at home you have to vote for Karunya."
Me,"Wow Massi Ji. You are too well informed I should say. How did you know elections were going on in Tamil Nadu??"
Massi Ji: "Oye bandar, not Tamil Nadu - Shamil Nadu , you need to vote for Indian Idol."
Me: "What is Indian Idol to do with voting? There are judges there na? Dont they select the Idol"
Massi Ji, with all love and afftection, "No , beta its like you need to send SMS to some number and then your vote gets counted and if keep sending 500 SMSs to some guy, he will win. You have to vote for Karunya. He is from Hydrabad and he sings awesome. He has been great since past few days and there is some politics going on and the judges dont want him to win. So you have to vote for him"

Me, loking at the watch, "Massiji I will give you a call once I reach office."
Massiji, "Dont act too smart I know you wont call."
I just wanted to leave for office and quickly I said, "Massji I will send an SMS from your side!! Pakka promise."
Massiji," What??? Just one??"
Me, "Ok massiji 5 SMSs"
Massiji,"No No NO. We all have to vote for him and usko jeetaana hai. So just shut up and send 200 SMSs from my side."
ME," 200 SMSs??? Are you sure?? The TV guys wont suspect. I mean do 200 people in India watch this stupid nautanki??"

Massiji now understands that talking straight to Bhavdeep doesnt help so she tries to bribe her way through, "Bhavdeep beta. When I come this time I will bring chocolates for you!!! Chal now I also need to call your papa and ask him to send some 500 SMSs."
ME,"WOW you will bring chocolates only for me. Ok then massiji. Done. 200 SMSs from my side"
Sorry massiji I havent sent a single SMS because I havent seen that Indian Stupid Idol ever and more importantly I didnt know that each SMS would cost me Rs 6, when I said "I would send 200 SMSs". Khi Khi Khi Khi Khi.

Well I havent seen whats this Indian Idol crap, so I visited the site. There are just two people left in the scene. I voted for this Karunya online. See I just need to vote him few more times. I dont know who is the other guy.

Massiji proved again that we are Surdars. Calling from US and asking her newphew to SMS to some guy so that he can win a stupid Indian Idol. :D

I love you massiji. Tiggggggggggggght Jadooo Ki Jhappi.

PS: Massi Ji = Mom's Sister, Tai Ji = Dad's Elder Brother's wife. Chachi Ji = Dad's younger brother's wife.


Kusum Rohra 11:59 AM, April 12, 2006  

HAHAHHA, kya fundoo maassi hain teri :)

nan,  12:00 PM, April 12, 2006  

please dedicate this post to sue who is obessesed with that program

sue,  12:35 PM, April 12, 2006  

pls dedicate a day to spitting on nan.

a jane,  12:36 PM, April 12, 2006  

I want to meet your maasi, Praaji! I will join her in beating you up since you did not do her hukum :-)
Vote for Karunya! Vote for Karunya!!

Rohit Talwar 2:39 PM, April 12, 2006  


Badon ki baat mano aur vote karo puttar ji. :D

Vikram 3:04 PM, April 12, 2006  

hahahaha, pehli baar jab bataya tab itna mazaa nahi aaya.. hahahaha

awesome yaar... even i voted going to that site...

ask Massiji to get me chocolates too ok? wait.. i'm in the US.. hmmm... ok ask her to send me chocolates to my address.. ok?..

thank you,

yours truly

Naresh 3:05 PM, April 12, 2006  

Well written Virdi bhai
We can just guess the credibility of these Indian Idol kinda shows if this is how the results are decided - RIGGING is the word. In that case you can also contest. To ensure victory, we will run a mail campaign asking every IITian to vote for you (alumni fundaes) just like every other god-damned stupid mail campaigns. But I know you wouldn't stoop down to that level even knowing that yu can knock those jerks off the stage with that kind of support.

Secondly be careful. Massiji might have a peep onto your blog someday only to hasten your inevitable demise. Zara bach ke!!! Jo massiji chocolate deti hain, voh maar bhi de sakti hain. Relevant dialogue - "Abhi tak tumne sirf mera pyaar dekha hai, gussa nahi."

virdi 6:34 PM, April 12, 2006  

Kusum>> Arre massi nahi meri tai ji hai woh!!! Arre bahut fundu hai...

Whenever she comes from US she brings loads of perfumes for my Naani Ji... My Naani Ji is super duper fashion freak and now a days doesnt even use Indian brand ka perfumes...

Nan>> Yes Yes... She have me major gyan on g-talk about it...

Sue>> Aaaattttthhhhoooo !!! And one song for you... Sue kar mere man ko........

A Jane>> Yes yes!! You go quick quick, vote for Karunya !!!

Dimag ka dahi kar diya hai yeh India Idol

Rohit>> Arre yaar chood do... Massi Ji must be watching this on TV and she must have seen Karunya begging in front of TV... And unko thoda taras aa gaya... So she asked me to give some votes to the bikharai...

Vikram>> Yes yes I will ask her to send you some chocolates... But nice try... You can't vote for him from US duffer... Saala tu bhi nikla champak laal chiman...

Nalla>> Abe hero... Bhai I dont want to become a bhikhari in front of national television...

One of the most regular things on TV when these kind of shows go on... "Please mujhe vote de do... please mujhe vote de do... Agar aap vote nahi doge toh meri aandhi behen aur vidhwa sauteli ma jo is samay padosiyon ke ghar pe bartan saf kar rahi hai, bhook se mar jayegi.... Please mujhe vote de do... "

Dialogs taken directly from Andaaz Aapna Aapna...

And after they get the vote its always "Kauaa Chaala Hans Ki Chaal"

Tu kaun hai be??? Meri aab hawa kharaab ho gayi hai!!!


The Girl Who Sold The World 9:20 PM, April 12, 2006  

HAHAHAHAHA! *Pauses to catch breath*. HAHAHAHAHA! Hilarious!

I just went to that site and voted 28743859438636 times for that K-guy...whatever his name was. Chalo, now, tell your Massi ji that I don't want chocolates (I hate them)...tell her that I want ALL varieties of potato chips available. Would've asked for ice-cream but woh aate-aate thandi ho jaayegi. :P

Aur hamein pata hai what a Massi, Tai, Chachi is. :P Hum kahan ke angrez hain?

trups 7:22 AM, April 13, 2006  

this reallt happened???!!!!lolzzzzz phir to maassiji mast hai!!!!

dekh virdi tune srk pe post likha ki how ppl r pagal abt him... now imagine reality show pe aaye bande ke liye maassiji calls from saat samundar paar!! :O :O

aur tune kya bola unko, *in sunny paaji's voice* maassijii main vote karoonga maaassijiii

hai na?? :D ;)

Sayesha 3:48 PM, April 13, 2006  

Hahahaha! Massiji ko bol Kit Kat bhejegi toh I will also send teen-char sms on behalf of her! :D

Anonymous,  5:56 PM, August 16, 2006  

what does massiji mean, please?

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